Stella Dimoko Viral Video Of President Buhari's Media Aide Discussing End Sars Protest Was 'Doctored'


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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Viral Video Of President Buhari's Media Aide Discussing End Sars Protest Was 'Doctored'

   Who are these people trying to cause chaos everywhere?This is wrong!!!


  1. Why are they afraid. Are they not the ones that started doctoring and nursery videos

  2. Whether its today or 1yr ago Femi Adeshina still shares d same sentiments he had in dat video.
    Seeing d man alone ticks me off, btw him and Lauretta dont know which ticks me off d most.

    1. They're both irritating humans with enslaved mentalities that will haunt them on the long run...Femi Adeshina and Lauretta Onochie are both the worst of this Government's era, frontiers for wrongdoing!

  3. Oh Nigeria! My mother land, land of confucianist. May God help us not be confuse

  4. Nigeria youths are making me super proud I just hope our efforts will not be in vain as for you Femi, I have nothing to say about you doctored or not these are words you will say come rain come sun shine but remember,time is still moving everything you stand for now will it haunt you tomorrow? You should ask yourself that!

  5. The youth protested about End Sars
    The government ended SARS
    The youth wanted reformation of SARs
    The government is working on it

    The youth want more
    This is beyond End Sars
    The youth are angry
    Nothing works
    Prices have skyrocketed
    Corruption everywhere
    Few people enriching themselves

    While revolution is good, i hope everyone knows the pros and cons of it.

    Northern youth are not protesting. If these gets out of hand, it will turn to a full blown war like what happened in Libya. It will be Southerners vs the Northerners. As we know and history has shown us several times, when the war start, some of our South west and some South South brothers will sell their birthright and attach to the northerners. As usual, it will be Igbos vs Southwest and Northerners. I hope history never repeats itself and our Southwest and Southsouth brothers have repented.

    Lets critically look at the downsides of wars. It takes years for a country to recover and sometimes nothing will be achieved. Most foreign countries will aggravate issues by selling their weapons in exchange of crude oil. When the war is over, you will still remain a third class citizens, things worse than before and receiving aids from foreign countries. Libya is yet to recover and has become a lawless country. Most people advocating for these are living outside the country. When the war start , it is the poorest of the poor that suffers. The ones living outside want the war so they can be given refugee status abroad. These are few of the disadvantages.

    The protest have been peaceful so far but very soon, it will be hijacked, politicized and with never to be met agenda.

    Lets think of our next step carefully. Do not be moved by hype. Women are raped in war, children are killed in wars. Most importantly, the borders will be closed for you to escape. Are you ready to watch your children slain during the war?

    And guess what, at the end of the day, the rich corrupt people that escaped outside the country will come home, give peanuts to the people impoverished by war and become leaders.

    Lets channel our aggression to voting the right person. Not Atiku, not Buhari. Someone different. Someone who has not been corrupted by the system of this government. Lets come out enmasse next election and use our power to vote.
    Lets call on our justice system to do something. Lets call on Efcc to do their job because asides from prosecuting yahoo boys, we see so many Corrupt arrested governors walking free.

    Call our old people passive, foolish and all but it is only the people who have not witnessed the effects of war that will clamour for it.


    1. Thank you for these wise words. A stitch in time saves nine. Stupid government though.

    2. Beautifully written, and so true too!

      I am no coward, I sure know when to back down and allow reason to thrive.

      Well done KING XOXO

  6. God Bless you XOXO MYSTERY.

  7. God bless you XOXO MYSTERY. You've said it all.


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