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Sunday, October 04, 2020

Wordless Post



  1. This is serious! So they bribe people to support them? When you thought you've heard it all...

  2. You see why Nigeria will never get better. I can beat my chest and tell you in all certainty that Nigeria is gone. There's nothing anyone can do to redeem it. I don't care what anyone feel about my comment. I say it without fear.

  3. I would collect and do the tweet in support of SARS. Some Nigerians are despicable and we need SARS to whip people to back sanity. We don't need to be handled with kid gloves. When Buhari descends on corruption all you idiots will still complain.

    1. I hope when you or a member of your family become victim of sars brutality, you will have this same energy.

    2. Ogun go kill all of them supporting SARS. that unit should be scrapped. πŸ¦‹

    3. I hope you will keep the same energy when they deal with you or any one related to you.

      My cousin brother was killed by sars for doing nothing. ONYEMAπŸ˜₯πŸ˜ͺ😒😭,keep resting with the Lord, amen.

  4. Some people are available for the devil to use them.
    SARS used to be response squad for armed robbery and kidnapping cases on the highway but now,they have turned it to a lucrative business where they share and make daily returns.
    Children should warn their fathers and brothers who are SARS officials cause what you sow,you shall reap.

  5. Corruption has really eaten deep into the crevices of the nation. At the end, everybody is a sinner. No one is innocent left for a few. The government is cut out from the kind of people it leads.

  6. Nigeria can't be good don spoil..#spotremover#


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