Stella Dimoko Actress Jennifer Obodo Advises Her Colleagues To Go Under The Knife After Childbirth + Says She Is Lonely


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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Actress Jennifer Obodo Advises Her Colleagues To Go Under The Knife After Childbirth + Says She Is Lonely

Nollywood actress, Jennifer Obodo 
bemoaned her fate in an interview with Inside Nollywood and says being alone on a cold, wintery night has not been easy. ...

“I am 100 percent single. It is only when I play a role of a married woman that I wear wedding rings. So, coping with lonely, cold nights has not been easy, because sometimes you need someone special to talk with or cuddle. But the Lord has been my strength. I am yet to find true love.”

Now that big boobs and heavy backside are becoming the new norm among actresses, the light-skinned script interpreter has listed conditions that would make her go for liposuction. “I love my body and I am confident about it. Whoever doesn’t like my boobs or ass like this should avoid me. I have all it takes; my height, beautiful smile, legs and complexion give me edge over others in the industry. 

For now, I can’t do any liposuction. Going under the knife when I haven’t given birth is just a waste of time. I can’t go under the knife without giving birth to all my kids. I would also like to advise my colleagues; if at all you want to do it, wait until after child birth, then you can do all that,” she stated.

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Are you kidding me?This beautiful woman is single and lonely?WHAT!!!!


  1. Stella it’s not all about being beautiful but having a good character and not setting for anything because you are lonely might be her reason of being single.

    1. I did my tummytuck while having my last baby before my doctor closed up my cesarean section. My husband also does it for some of his patients on request here in Nigeria.

      You won't believe I have ever been pregnant.

    2. @sapphire do you pay extra for the service.

    3. Experts say is nkt advisable to do the 2 procedures together. Give your body time to heal from child birth so you will know the actual amount of fat you want to remove.

    4. I think I will do this! Planning on having my last baby next year,will definitely do this

    5. So she's single because she has a bad character??? Funny You must be the type that get married and think they're better than their single friends .

    6. Abeg, it's not about character either. If it was by character, then all marriages would have little or no problems. I know ladies with horrible characters who are married and single ladies who have beautiful characters and vice versa.

      This marriage thing eh, it's by God's grace and finding the right person for you

  2. Omo I fully understand what she means o as a single lady. You will think you're alright and fine being alone and not know what you're missing until one guy cuddles you and it is not until he has to leave that you feel that loneliness and miss the warmth. Ignorance is bliss tho

    1. Ignorance is Bliss

      Hence the danger of formication
      The body that doesnt know the stimulation intercourse gives cannot .miss what it doesn't know

      Those have repented high five and kudos it is another level of discipline

  3. the numbers of actresses don pass the population of this country; Aunty Stella pls when next u are posting abt an actress pls make sure u put Two of their movie titles for the sake of us wey be novice

  4. You have to first of all love yourself, fall in love with your Maker else you will always remain lonely even when a man cos. Marriage does not make one not to be lonely, ask married women some of them are married but still lonely no one to cuddle them at night.

    At the point of waiting for the right one, find peace, love in your creator than shouting loneliness. Going under the knife is a thing of Choice, alot of people do that because of low self-esteem.

  5. Stella is asking? Come Lagos e go shock you.

    If you want to see something near airport and see hot hot single chicalas or in new new beauty salons in Surulere

    Many are shapely, exceptionally beautiful,good career and yes, good character but I don't just know what the problem is o.

    Have you met some of your single? bvs
    You'll shudder.

    God please honor Jennifer's request.

    1. The problem is the number of eligible men who are ready to settle down are less than the number of eligible women. Most young guys of nowadays want to eat their cake and have it, some even after marriage

  6. Wahala for who single Dear Anuty Stella please forgive me, let me tell her the truth, her mother and herself have destroyed so many people's marriages. New and old marriages both about to wed and she crying of been single, while not cry to your babalawo to find you a rich man (since that what you want) than destroying others people's own and home.

  7. The evil you do is living with you taking other people husband


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