Stella Dimoko Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 50


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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 50

What is going on with Bank 'Agents' trying to scam people?

These Scammers are not relenting as they keep devising new means of defrauding unsuspecting victims. Even with all the awareness going on, they tend to focus their targets more on the elderly ones and the not so educated ones. ..

On my way to drop an elderly client at her destination during the week, I noticed that she kept receiving calls from someone who claimed to be a customer care representative from the bank. She received calls twice from the fraudster telling her to send her ATM card details to rectify some anomalies in her bank account. 

I told her to hand over the phone to me when the guy called the third time and i told him straight away to go and look for work and stop scamming people. 

My mechanic who recently opened a bank account was almost a victim also. He showed me the various text messages he has received from these scammers and I enlightened him on ignoring such, telling him to always visit the bank if he was not clear on any issue concerning his banking needs. This reminds me of what happened to me sometime last year when a certain lady claiming to be a customer care representative kept calling me from the bank asking for certain details about my ATM card. I played along initially because I wanted her to waste her airtime. After a while, I told her I was aware of her game plan as “dog no dey chop dog”. 

I also decided to get naughty by taking it a bit further getting friendly with the girl. We eventually became ‘friends’ and chatted frequently. I ended up inviting her for a date in a restaurant. On the day we were to meet, I got to the venue before her and positioned by the window to have a good view of the surrounding environment. When she called that she had arrived, I saw her come down from a cab and walk into the restaurant. Oh my goodness! What I saw was a far cry from her profile pictures. 

This girl na real ‘LOKI’ (a slang for local girl) and didn’t look fine at all. Immediately, I lost interest, put off my phone, blocked her and left the restaurant. It was a bad idea after all trying to date my scammer. I no fit for any yeye entanglement abeg...

Anyway i have to be careful now too of how i give out my Bank details to customers who order for my services,maybe na to dey collect cash better because more alerts means more calls from scammers...I don't want to say it but it looks like most of these bank workers are working with these scammers and get a cut..........Otherwise tell me how they get such private details to call...tell me!!

*All i see there be say you nearly wan gbensh the person wey nearly wan scam you...Thief jam this wan oyibo dey call same shit different toilet...LOL
Abeg i no cuss you ooooh...


  1. Got a call like that. She said the details I filled at my bank was incorrect. Account I opened years ago and I had had no issues whatsoever. I told her not to worry, I will go to the bank first thing the next morning to take care of it. Never got a call from them after that. Too many scammers out there. Best be alert.

    Oko Ashewo ,you no 'fit for any yeye entanglement'🙄 Taaa. If she was not local as u said, you would have gone all out!

    1. Abi nau if to sey she no local him for follo gbensh. People can take risks sha.

    2. Oko Ashawo, na wa for you. I no blame you sha. You never marry so carry go. Nothing do you.

      Meanwhile, I like the fact that Stella didn't cuss you out 😁😁😁😁

  2. Today's episode on things that never happened. @the 4th and 5th paragraph.🙄
    If you don't give out your bank details to customers, na you go hear am na.
    At least, I did a little bit of Uber/bolt biz during the lockdown and know how it works.
    Not every customer pays with cash and there's nothing you can do about it!

  3. Stella o😂😂😂, may be he would have gbenshed the scammer lady sef if not for her look. Wehdon oko ashewo.

  4. Wey the ashawo gists bikonu??? This post is losing its taste. I love the ashawo gists abeg, for a long time now na only cock and bull stories you dey bring come. Ehn for what naa???

  5. Scammer jam scammer.
    Its good to be careful always.
    Oko ashawo, na God save you, if you no collect disease, dem for still scam you with the babe laslas.

  6. Wher you not worried she will steal your things and run? Na wa for tou

  7. I pity most aged and uneducated ones with bank acct. They are at the mercy of scammers if no smart person is around them to help

  8. Majority of young men and women no get joy again. Scammers everywhere. Please be on alert while receiving any call that relates to your account details.

  9. The bank staffs are their informants, intact na dem dey do am.
    Nigerians are wicked. Very wicked.
    They tried this rubbish with my mom and my aunt.
    Its either they ask for your atm pin or they send you an OTP and demand for it with the aim of registering you on online banking app and then siphoning all your funds. People need to be very very careful these days.
    They try to corner dead peoples money left in their bank account if the relatives are not fast.
    Abeg naija is like a dump site, bad people bad things

  10. They hacked my friends account and took her 200k ,till now the bank couldn't do anything about it

  11. Oko ashy🤣🤣🤣🤣so you japa leave pussy

    1. No be small thing 😋🤭

  12. Wow! This life is indeed full of plenty surprises!

  13. Wow! This life is indeed full of plenty surprises!

  14. Na so! Na dem, every time sending stupid sms. They can only deceive the gullible ones

    1. Some people are just wicked and lazy and I sure they are mostly young and probably among shouting the elder ones should step aside aside for them to ruin the nation the more. Imagine a new account of a young boy first salary was hacked on Wednesday, thank God for God and prompt move and the bank was able to stop and it was early in the morning of when the salary was paid. I find it very difficult to believe some of the staff of the banks are not involved.


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