Stella Dimoko ASUU Blames Minister Of Labour And Employment Ngige For Prolonged University Strike..


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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

ASUU Blames Minister Of Labour And Employment Ngige For Prolonged University Strike..

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, has blamed the Minister of Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige, over the prolonged strike, accusing him of showing what it called “disdain for Nigerian academics.”

The union said it was obvious that Ngige, through his recent utterances, had clearly shown his disdain for the lecturers and had failed to play the role of an unbiased umpire in moderating the imbroglio.

“He has now become the spokesperson to the Accountant General of the Federation and the Ministry of Finance, instead of finding a solution for lecturers to get back to work,” ASUU said in a press conference at the University of Abuja on Tuesday, adding that the minister was turning the wheel of progress backwards.

ASUU, in the text of the press conference read by its Abuja zonal coordinator, Theophilus Lagi, accused Ngige of setting the union on a collision course with other pressure groups in the university, and is currently on a warpath with the lecturers.

“In one of his comedies of error, Ngige told the nation that the striking lecturers had been paid salaries up to date when he knew university lecturers were being owed salaries for between Nine to Six months for no just cause. In another fit of treachery, the Minister during a recent Budget defense at the National Assembly, while upholding the existence of University Autonomy Law, attempted in vain to redefine its provisions,” the union said.

“Dr Ngige is, by now, a figure well known for a poignant penchant for speaking from both sides of his mouth.

“This is demonstrated by his irregular postures in the ongoing negotiation between the federal government and our union which, to say the least, betray his insincerity and irresponsibility as an appointee of the federal government.”

ASUU said that Ngige has been saying one thing during meetings with the union and another thing altogether during media interviews.

The union said the minister’s attitude in the face of the ongoing strike should be a source of concern for students and parents.

According to ASUU, with the former Anambra State Governor in charge of the negotiations between the union and the Federal Government, there is no sign of hope in sight, adding that the Minister is undermining the reopening of public universities in the country.

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I believe ASUU ojare,if Ngige wants to end the strike he will.He probably likes all the drama and attention this is getting him.


  1. When their kids schooled or are schooling abroad, what do you expect.

  2. This Ngige sef,I don't blame them-their kids don't school here,they know they don't have nothing to loose.Shioor.

  3. Short people and their ego issues. Minister please ASUU has acknowledged your importance. Solve the problem let our children go back to school.

  4. We lost hope in you guys already! Do whatever you like but you see 2023 ehhhhhh

  5. I hope Federal Government have stopped paying Lecturers, greedy lots!!!!

  6. That is what you get when you fill square pegs in round holes..Just take a look at ONWA short engine what can he do being Minister of Labour.. He is completely incompetent..Someone that is after who is ''Ikoyi boy'' and ''Mushin boy''... This whole Buhari government is a complete failure..Lack of co-ordination, careless utterances and complete disregard for doing the right time...

    1. Hey, Mr. man , you are talking in the nonsense. Why can't Lecturers embrace the IPPIS and get paid?, they want to evade tax abi?. Stop blaming the Federal Government blame the greedy lecturers that wants to eat their cake and have it

    2. Hey Mr Anonymous You can make your point without coming under my comment..Go and read about the IPPIS yourself before you spew rubbish here..You guys should say thing becos you feel it does not concern you well sorry it does concern you..Now run along you anonymouse...

    3. Anon 9:52, say what u know. Let me tell u, if u know d shege we are seeing from IPPS, u won't even encourage ur enemy to enrol. My pension contribution has never been paid since I got enrolled. I also recieve irregular pay with huge shortfalls every month since I enrolled. Its so bad that I can't even say what I am earning or expecting at d end of the month. I can't plan, and I can't complain. This govt is a scam


  8. Lectures are destroying this country, greedy lots

  9. Dear Sucre, Ngige's was just Inducted into the medical and dental council of Nigeria in October at Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University formerly anambra state University. So funny enough his children are here with us.


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