Stella Dimoko Beauty Entrepreneur Ese Eriata Says It Is Better To Have A Dog Than A Friend..


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Sunday, November 08, 2020

Beauty Entrepreneur Ese Eriata Says It Is Better To Have A Dog Than A Friend..

 Reality star and Beauty Entrepreneur Ese Eriata must be still hurting from losing a friend who was allegedly betrayed by a friend!!!


  1. It hurts when a friend betrays you. After going through similar betrayal by a SUPPOSED friend 12yrs ago, i've not been able to make any close friend because i lack trust

    1. Omo once u show me sign of nonsense,I unplug IMMEDIATELY and leave u out in d cold wondering. Twice beaten mhennnnn

  2. One of the problems with ladies friendship is that they easily make friends. So their friendship is easy come, easy go.
    Two ladies will just meet now, talk , exchange numbers and boom !!! They are BFF.

    Unlike guys, before a guy will consider a fellow guy as friend, they must have done some transactions/deal that require trust. If the deal come out fine and you are both trustworthy, that's when friendship will start.
    Coming to mutual friend, as a guy, if I introduce my friend A to another of my friend B, before friend B will consider friend A as his friend, he must confirm the level of friend A's trust from me.

    That's the reason guys friendship last longer than ladies friendship.

    1. Chike i like ur comment n it seems i wil use ur idealogy to build up friendship again

    2. In my opinion this friendship betrayal is only peculiar with ladies. Men are good. I agree with you Chike.

    3. You made a valid point, Chike. I used to be like that until I got bitten. I learnt the hard way. So now, I just have acquaintances. No BFF

    4. Guys just know how not to mix emotions with the goal at hand

      And they know how to pretend better

      A guy can be sitting with you eating & drinking yet plotting to sabotage you, steal your babe , toasting your wife or diverting business from you.


      Just ask for discerning spirit
      Even devil can pretend to be angel of light

  3. Her last paragraph is everything.
    Some just want to measure you out.
    There are allover this blog, they come with all their dirty secrets hoping to collect yours.
    Sadly, I got none but I "spoil small". Kikiki

    Some come to "rate your personality", tag at your career and weigh your worth. Utan!
    They love you not, keep your eye on their antics and give it to them squarely.

    Then what happens boom, they go silent, either block you or ghost you.
    Some change IDs and duck. Na dem full here.

    Truth is I have many friends from my childhood days in Bordeaux to Sussex, Yola to Portharcourt, Kaduna to Enugu, Asaba to Nsugbe down to my villa who are friends till date. I know happiness comes from girlie friendships a great deal, it isn't always pure, yeah true, some end badly, I was schooled on that but I have close friends still.
    I know the virtual friends and the real friends, they have distinct characteristics and never miss deadline because they're in a hurry with their shovel.

    Just shine your eyes and stick to the real ones. They become family in the long run and you Ese will enjoy it.

    Be guided!

    Stella's meme few days ago says:

    Have you seen some chats from your friends about you lately?

    1. Truly, not everyone in your face is your friend. Some want to know your level of success or failure. They just want to make sure you're not doing better than them. May God help us all.

  4. That's why I don't keep friends. Like zero friends. Heck, I don't even visit people. Give me a great book by Danielle steel and bottle of red wine, I'll just curl up on my favourite sofa and be doing and reading, reading and sipping. My kids and hubby are my ride or die.

  5. Very deep and true words straight from a broken heart.....

  6. It is better to have a dog than a friend? Well reason best known to you.

  7. I was betrayed by a very close friend. My half sister and I haven't been in good terms in the last 30 years because of him. He told my half sister stuff and she chose to believe him without making effort to talk to me. Today, I don't really have friends, l can't trust anybody. I have people l relate with, they see me as their friend but l am not. I am comfortable living in my shells and building walls around me. By the way dogs can turn on you at anytime, they can do anything when you least expect. So they are not better in any way.

  8. That's why I have more of male friends. Just 1 female close friend who I tell nothing sef.. I can't deal with the betrayals biko. Moreover 9 feel more enlightened and better with male friends..
    My two cents tho

  9. You had a bad friend.
    There are amazing friends out there, more loyal than a family member.

    1. Ese please give it a rest. All these alleged big babes and their dirty secrets, being partners in runz doesn't make us friends. Learn that sh*t.

  10. There are good friends but rare. The best type of friendship is long distance friends. Gist, laugh but keep your personal issues to yourself. Its better you confide in strangers than some friends.

    Acquaintances are different from friends. Keep that in mind always.

    Ese, you will be fine. You will heal.

    Men experience the worst betrayal from their friends but they keep it in. Your bestman will be all over your wife and girlfriend and they will have no idea and will be swearing for the man.


  11. That's your experience, God still gives true friends that stick closer than a sister. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

    1. I agree... if you so desire good friendship, one that won't end in tears or betrayal. Ask God...He always brings the best. From great spouses, friends, jobs, etc.

  12. When you have a friend that talks too much,gossips too much, becareful with such!!

  13. Not all, there are still very good friends, but very very very very very hard to find!


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