Stella Dimoko Lady Reveals How Young Prostitutes Begged Her To Help Them Leave The Street And Become Good Girls..


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Sunday, November 08, 2020

Lady Reveals How Young Prostitutes Begged Her To Help Them Leave The Street And Become Good Girls..

 The Lady standing in the photo was approached by some young Ladies who pleaded with her to help them leave their prostitution day Job....

They revealed to her how much they make after sleeping with up to 7 men per day.......

Sad story!!!

''3 months ago, a young beautiful approached me & pleaded with tears in her eyes to help her leave the street
She called me 4days ago, d reason am making this post now
I took her to a local restaurant (Mama put), we ate & drank , I made her feel so relaxed , so that she can h tell me what's really happened
She sleeps with 5-7 men daily ,& gets #500-100 per person
She took me to the brothel where she pays #1k daily
I met a gal with her 1 yr & 4 months old baby gal in d same brothel
I saw 4 pregnant ones
1 of them told me with tears that they want to become gud gals
Some of them are
Caterers etc
I beg my people
Lagos State


  1. This is so deep. My God grant you wisdom to solve this issue.

  2. Dis is so sad. Wen i finished serving. I decided to learn fashion designing pending wen i wud start work. Omo, dt was wen i knw ladies sleep wit men fr as low as 200 naira plate of food. D street is harsh o i never knew. I appreciated God d more and thanked God fr my mom. Wat i saw eh!

  3. If you have the resource you can assist them and they will be forever grateful to God and you.

  4. What have I not seen in Lagos?
    It's a sad situation really and the more NGOs are fighting the scourge called prostitution,the more these girls crop up.

    That useless brothel by the walls of Ipodo Market in Ikeja draws tears from my eyes. And it's been there for about 40 years and more.
    Too many underaged prostitutes in that axis, many homes they go for domestic chores in the mornings don't even know they emerge from brothels. One thing is,they all look the same and have particular dress patterns,skimpy and dry; obviously diseased from one infection or another.

    Some were born there and they continued along their mother's career. If she approaches you when you're buying those native spices from the Igbo traders to seek for escape or help, the way they abuse you from their door and drag the little girls inside eh,hmmm.

    Many wish to take off but to where?
    Your only option if you want to help is pretend to give her a side job or to send her to a skill acquisition center then sit her down and talk her out of it, far from their base if not their madams will so challenge or beat you up. They have a solid network spanning years and protected by senior officers of you know what organization.
    Reason many "are facing front" while the little young naive girls languish.

    1. My sister,you are so right and you be real ikeja babe,,
      I have known that brothel since 1996 cos ipodo market is where I buy almost all my fresh soup ingredients,,

      Your description of those girls are apt..

      May God help them

    2. Mrs Sanwo olu WAKE UP and be useful ooooo

      See project to make true impact not eye service no impact TV photo op

    3. This xhirted p seems I know you. You be proper ikeja babe. Do you know Helen and pat .?

    4. Only from Ipodo street to Apena street has like 5 brothels.
      Did the Gov's wife tell you she doesn't know of their existence?

      The gbana and eldorado dey smoke is leftover of the ones they hide for some big men and useless military officers who come at night. No mind them.
      Just don't be caught in that area from 9pm, you'll be included as one of them.

      Anony 15:27.
      I don't know any Helen but know many Pats. The biracial one is my brother's wife, my sister in-law is one, my children's tutor is another. Many like that. Which of them exactly and why are you in anonymous mode?

  5. It is well,which ever way,ashawo should be the way forward..i droped out 4m school bcs i refused to go into runs to fund myself,nd even the work that i learnt ,there was no one to open a shop for me as a young Girl..but i never think ashawo as an still hoping in GOD.

  6. As you are helping them, shine your eyes too

  7. Hmmm
    Really sad. Their willingness to change is a step in the right direction.

  8. Oh dear ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    Is there any way we can help?

  9. So sad

    Please provide help to them as much as you can. They deserve it.


  10. Oh my God.
    Things are happening in lagos...

  11. God has chosen you for a mission, put on your armour and do the work. God does not make mistakes in who is chosen. Seek charities and women focused NGOs for help and direction. Stay humble odors the best that you can.


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