Stella Dimoko Couch Convo - What A Man Can Do.......


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Monday, November 09, 2020

Couch Convo - What A Man Can Do.......

 Why do men cheat and think its OK?

Why do women cheat and get punished?I cant answer all these questions but..............

...I know that what a man can do,a woman can do better.......

A woman confessed to her husband that she cheated with one of his friends and  his sister was called in.....

She said he was sleeping in the room and the friend slept with her in the living room...........

She is crying that she does not want to die so she confessed but he fainted..

Listen to the drama on my Instagram HERE

What do you think?


  1. Na wah for u, Stella. As i no dey insta nko? Post everything here, haba Mana.

  2. He only fainted na, he dint die. He will wakeup.

    Most men who cheat will die if they know their wives are cheating on them too.

  3. Because they think they are bigger than God. One even said men do not need to have virtue🙄 they think heaven is for women alone.

  4. This saying is the cause of all wahala. What a man can do, a woman can do better is nonsense. Nobody is superior to nobody. Nobody does better than nobody. Women cheat stupidly, men cheat stupidly. I don’t understand why people think women cheat better, it’s nonsense talk.

    This type of talk is why gender war will never end. Men always forgive their cheating wives! Ask the women in your comment section that have cheated. They just don’t want people to know while for women, they can loud it that their husband cheated easily. You think you want to be in a social gathering and someone tells you your wife moans like a dog and her punani stinks and you have no comeback. Even if you do, no supporter for you comeback, only people giving pity comments. Someone that you are spending money on, hyping up as loyal and doing all for.

    For women, the ego isn’t always there because some women will even be the one to say ‘my husband only wanted to f@$k you, he doesn’t love you’ and women bash the other woman too in support. It’s different although it doesn’t mean it’s right for him to cheat.

    Anyone that cheat is just stupid. They are not smart, they didn’t cheat better, they are just plain stupid.

    1. This is nothing but the bitter truth.

  5. He will wake up,why did she confess sef,some women sha. if you do shit keep shut and take it to the grave cos all these men cant take half of what they dish out

  6. Women cheat more than men. But they are the ones that cry out about victimisation.

    You call all men dogs. Are the men fucking themselves or fucking women?

    Women (especially married ones) cheat the most. They are just good at hiding it.

    Men are accused of being cheaters alone because they are the ones that make the moves.

    However men don't cheat without women. So it's 2/2.

    Women need to stop playing the victim game. They cheat more than men.

    And yes...before you argue with me. Think deeply how many times you've double dated. Given your heart and attention to other men via social media and how you've sent nudes and selfie innocently to men.

    That's also cheating.

    1. Which women cheat more than men? Keep telling yourselves that.

  7. I just listened to them on Instagram and I can tell you that the man is totally heartbroken... Men are scum but women. ... Hmmm.. Fear them

    1. Men are scum, while women are monsters. These days women especially married women are just dogs who sleep around without control. From what we read here alone, it's safe to say most married women fuck around with all forms of silly excuses. I blame the man for fainting, faint over what? In a nation where the chances of woman cheating is above 65%. In the last 9 years I read tens of stories of women who forced another man's child on their husband with close to 95 % of the women here encouraging them to take the secret to grave. Last Friday, there was another idiot here who was hanging out with the guy that impregnated her because her husband travelled. The society is messed up, men and women competing with each other, cheating recklessly like fools. The women who born in the from the late 80s are mostly write offs, they cheat senselessly while deceiving themselves that they are better @ cheating than the men. They sleep with their colleagues, their pastors, gatemen , drivers, neighbours, father and brother in-laws, they fuck their landlord and church members. Some go online to look for fuckmates. I read all this here in the last nine years. I am not talking about what l have l have read elsewhere, the experiences of friends, colleagues, family members, neighbours, just the confessions of married whores on this blog.

    2. Yeah, the man look like a good man. He does not deserve that treatment from the woman. And they are expecting the 5th child.
      The man is really unhappy that the 4th child(5years old) is not his too. I think that is the reason for his fainting.
      Well, he should accept it, if the table is turned, they will tell the woman to take the child as her own. Oga stop fainting o, because your children need you.

  8. Women hardly cheat!!over 98% of women that cheats were made to.A woman was created to love wholeheartedly.that us why men think women are easy.I belI've for every woman that cheats there is an iota of the man fault in it.if you sincerely care for a woman,she gives you are all.THE SECRET of every woman is:CARE!!no matter how hardened a woman can be...if she finds care beyond what she is getting. .sincere care:she would be magnetised in that direction.

    1. Listen to yourself, how can you do what you don't like because of another person. Any woman who cheats always wanted to cheat, possibly she was even cheating years before the idiotic revenge sex. No decent woman will cheat because of her husband /boyfriend. She would rather work out of the marriage /relationship instead of demeaning her humanity because of a silly man

  9. For the daring ones, in every aspect of life, you can do just whatever you need and want to do.

  10. Stella that wasn't his sister he called. The lady owns a platform on Facebook where people can call in to seek for advice. Stella u don forget Monica? The lady who was teaching people esp ladies how to lock their husbands inside bottle, that had some online brouhaha with some other ladies in Italy that involved jazz etc. Monica was the one the coupled called. The man said hisfriend fcuked his wife on corridor while he was sleeping in the room. That his last child belongs to his friend.
    Now his wife is pregnant with another child and she said it belongs to her hubby. The man sounded so pained. I doubt if he will forgive her. She is from esan while the man is from Rivers state. It's painful sha

  11. I just listened to them on Instagram and like I once said, women are becoming champs in the art of cheating. Just that they are good in concealing it.

  12. Men cheat for no reason while a woman cheats to find a replacement. Some men are not there for their wife, so are too busy for her, some cannot satisfy her sexually and not ready to try making it up.

    A woman only cheats when she want to replace you but a man cheat without reasons.

    Cheating is wrong for both sex but if you must do so walk away from your marriage with that person, there should be a law to treat men and women same way if anyone cheat.


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