Stella Dimoko Judge Dissolves 20 Year Old Marriage On Grounds Of Stubbornness,Hate Speeches And Constant Fighting.


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Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Judge Dissolves 20 Year Old Marriage On Grounds Of Stubbornness,Hate Speeches And Constant Fighting.

20 Years cohabiting?WHAT!!!!

A Customary Court sitting in Ikole-Ekiti, on Tuesday, dissolved a 20-year-old marriage between one Taiwo Olominu and his wife, Ajibike over irreconcilable differences.

Olominu, 53, had told the court that his estranged wife was the mother of his four children but that they were not married according to customs and tradition.

Although, the petitioner said that they had both been responsible for the upkeep of the children, he, however, stated that he was solely responsible for the payment of their school fees.

He prayed the court to dissolve the marriage with Ajibike, claiming that she was very stubborn, not submissive and lacked respect for him and his family members.

Olominu said that he had approached the court about 12 years ago for the dissolution of union but decided to withdraw the case because of family intervention at the time.

He told the court that he was ready and prepared to vacate the house for his estranged wife and the children, since it was a jointly-owned property, to allow peace to reign.

Delivering judgement, the President of the court, Mrs Yemisi Ojo, dissolved the marriage on grounds of stubbornness, hate speeches and constant fighting.

Ojo, who noted that the respondent failed to appear before the court to give her evidence, granted the prayers of the petitioner and pronounced the marriage dissolved.

She ordered both parties to go their separate ways, as they had only been cohabiting and not legally married to each other.

Ojo also ordered the petitioner to vacate the house, being a property jointly-owned by him and the respondent, to allow the woman and the children to continue living there, for peace to reign.

She ordered that Ojo be responsible for the payment of the school fees of the four children produced by the union, while the respondent must take charge of other aspects of maintaining them.

She said that the petitioner must make his place of residence known to his children to enable them visit him whenever they so wished...

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I don't understand and need explanation from Lawyers in the house...My question is,if the Judge said they had not been legally married but only co-habiting,then what did she dissolve?


  1. Replies
    1. The judge only stepped in and settled the quarrel brought b4 her by the man. At least she won't just throw his petition out, would she?
      Good to know their cohabiting was successful for 20years, better than some marriages that brakes down within months. It also impressive that they jointly owned properties; something our over wise couples of today never do. Many in present day already prepare for divorce b4 the wedding. They marry only to reproduce but every other matter like money is "my" "my". Many of today's legally married couples are just cohabiting as **** noted in yesterday's chronicle.

    2. Theres nothing to learn pls. stop attacking people
      . This couple have fought for years, do you have any idea the lasting effects on the kids...

    3. I don't know about Nigeria o but in the US I know of something called the common law marriage. It is very very legal. Even though the couple may not officially have gotten married, but due to the long duration of their partnership and kids involved, it is considered a common law marriage and is very very legal. Am sure most of you are not aware of this but you can google it.

  2. What she dissolved?
    She dissolved sugar 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Every blame is on the woman for allowing the man to have sex with her and impregnate her without marrying her properly. Men love sex but not marriage. Ladies should stop cheapening themselves to men.

    1. And you have forgotten its not every woman that wants marriage in legal form either. And some last a life time as partners. They are in live but don't want the burden of giving it a title.

    2. Obviously anon isn't talking about those kinda women you are making a reference to, whom only exists in fewer numbers.

      Anon advice isn't for them but for those who see the beauty in being married in all its entirety.
      Funny this your comment about not wanting "the burden of a title", is coming from someone like you who feels the exact opposite when it comes to being married. Smh

      Thanks 11:05 men and women should close legs till marriage.

    3. Yes I love being married but I know some even on this blog who talk about having their kids with attachments. It's their preference and has worked for some so I respect it.

  4. Ultimate sperm donor

  5. She dissolve cohabiting!

    The wife is actually doing majority of the responsibility on the children.

    School fee is per term while feeding and others are daily.

  6. How can two persons decide to leave as one then allow a third party to separate them?
    This is a pussle i find so hard to understand.

    1. If he had left without officially dissolving the union, she can drag him to court for disappearing on her, especially as they have children or can start coming to his new house to start drama. They probably started living together and having children and everybody (family, friends and community) deemed them married. This is officially informing everyone that even the presumed union has been dissolved.

      Sorry for the wife, at least he has been mandated to carry the kids' responsibilities and she got a house out of the situation. Some that were married at all levels are left high and dry with nothing and even lose custody of the children as well.

    2. Tbabe dont tell me you cant comprehend...even Jesus said to give unto Ceaser what's Ceasers.

  7. Lol.. She dissolved their cohabiting

  8. She “dissolved” the common law marriage.

  9. This one na aproko charge and bail ukwu mango judge o, what are exactly is she dissolving if they were never joined legally to begin with. ?


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