Stella Dimoko Nigerian Man Celebrates His Horse' Birthday....


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Monday, November 02, 2020

Nigerian Man Celebrates His Horse' Birthday....

 Haahahahahahahahahhaha..Happy Birthday Horse


  1. Don't be surprised he is banging the horse, perverts everywhere

    1. My thoughts exactly!

    2. You have a very mind!
      Tufiakwa You

    3. You are a very sick person and need help. Same goes for the other clown up there who agreed with you.

    4. So the person that is celebrating his horse and you that did not see anything weird about it is not sick?. You are a psycho!!!

  2. His horse,his joy and his business 😅😆

  3. Chai!! The Horse, is even looking hungry.
    It isn’t easy to maintain a Horse. See as the animal look like hungry and sad Nkita. Please, feed the Horse.
    Everyone wants to trend by force.

  4. Lmao. The people wey normal for this country no pass 10. Me and 9 others only


  5. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. He must think this lame attempt at comedy cracked me up. Mtcheeeewwwww

  7. Hahahahahahaha
    This is hilarious
    We only see this happen abroad. Naija don't dey copy them

  8. The daddy should have displayed whatever his horse eats like apples. Which one be this coke and fanta wey dey there

  9. People who love animals love animals. Being kind to fellow creature does not mean you have any perveted thoughts towards them. That kind of reasoning is how people end up thinking themselves so unworthy of love that they either find a man to buy it from or barter in their bodies and then send in chronicles of abortions.

    Some would see a woman who can't feed her kids and then pay that same woman money to talk to a loving God on their behalf. They would even start chatting with a fraudster and paying him for attention and instead of cutting him off, they fall into the hands of another fraudster who somehow obtained the phone number of a paying mugu from the phone of a Yahoo woman whose M.O. operandi is lying with God's name. That would be the ploy to introduce their mugu to a new format with new actors. That is how she is going to get kidnapped or pay a hefty Ransome for someone else. Seriously, is it not obvious that they knew she was getting fidgety so they introduced this angel to 'save' her from them? That one would soon start seeing visions or needing help. Block them and do your devotions with our daily Bread devotional which is good for baby Christians, you won't hear word. Go online and find reputable non Naija church plans for bay Christians, no, your plan is to come to meet a fraudster with a short fuse so you can break up a relationship that never was in person. Sorry I'm ranting but I am just tired of these stories of people not seeing how their mindsets individually and collectively is what is responsible for their reality. Ordinary showing love to your own pet in your own way, you interpret it for something unthinkable. Jesus who spoke about good shepherds carrying calf on their shoulders- what would you have called him?

    Not everyone thinks that innocent animals are just for evil spirits to possess when they are not ending up on your plate. Not everyone goes through life being desperate and manipulative. Some people love animals and plants who have no way to repay them. Happy birthday to the man and his horse. I wish them many happy returns together.

  10. He's sure having sex with that horse.


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