Stella Dimoko Nigeria's Army Chief Buratai Fires Back At CNN Report On EndSARS Protests Lekki Tollgate Shooting....


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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Nigeria's Army Chief Buratai Fires Back At CNN Report On EndSARS Protests Lekki Tollgate Shooting....

The Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai has responded to CNN's investigative report on the killings at the Lagos Lekki tollgate on 20,10,2020, and maintains that the Nigerian Army was professional in its conduct.

Soldiers deployed to Lekki toll gate were accused of shooting and killing End SARS protesters at Lekki toll gate,But, the 81 Division of the Nigerian Army had denied killing protesters .

CNN had released an investigative report showing how soldiers shot at protesters on the fateful day.

Buratai said the Nigerian Army will never operate outside the rules of engagement
 “Let me assure you and all Nigerians that the Nigerian Army is a professional Army. We follow our rules of engagement. Nigerians should feel safe.
“We abide by rules of engagement and the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria.''

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  1. What's this one saying? Shameless evil set of animals.

    1. Did not expect anything less from them. Jubril will still tell you there was no end sars protest in Nigeria,that it was all propaganda. Bunch of seamless government.

    2. From their oga to the least, all of 'em na liars personified

    3. Don't worry, Tell ICC that when they come for you. 😊

  2. Very terrible set of liars. Let's even assume that no one died (even though it's an obvious lie), why shoot armless, harmless and peaceful protesters?

    What is the reason one shoots at another? To incapacitate or kill, right? Was that a rule of engagement, Mr liar? You guys shot sporadically at innocent Nigerian citizens asking for their rights and you're here spilling balderdash.

    God must surely pay you all (your cohorts, supporters and defenders) in your own coin......nonsense.

    1. Don't worry my people...He will speak all these grammar when he faces ICC or when we have a ''Jerry Rawlings'' kind of leader that will deal with all these people...They can keep lying but there is a satellite that has captured everything..Abeg 2nd base.

  3. Shameless and useless people

  4. Feel safe bi bawo, so these people actually takes us for a fool... God please whatever we have done wrong forgive us.
    We don't deserve this kind of punishment

  5. What is the rule of that said engagement. Who order the killing of innocent protester?

  6. One of the hall of shame of NIGERIA just replied... baba if I may ask what is the meaning of the term "engagement" because we are not safe anymore

    Like I always say, Nigeria cannot stay as a country anymore, is either we buy and resell Nigeria or we go our separate ways....this thing called NIGERIA cannot work, let stop deceiving ourselves...

    Until the men at the top start fighting themselves, osinbanjo should fight tinubu, tinubu fight sanwo olu, president fight senators, senators fight house of reps...if not like this we go dey dey... restructuring cannot work gan sef

    It just like a girl who is in a toxic relationship and you ask her to hold on and let her restructure the relationship, it cannot work, she needs to leave the guy the fuck alone and start at fresh, nobody say starting a new country won't be difficult...go ask toke when she left maje alone... it was hard but she left, dated nigga for 15 years, married for 1 year and half, she Left nigga 5 years ago and see my babe living the life of her head in just 5 years, now compare the 5 years to 15 years of her staying with maje...

    It obvious we need to go, everybody dey your dey make I dey my day, it is not so much of a big deal, at least it is better than associating ourselves with those animals From the north all in the name of one Nigeria...God my skin crawl


  7. Buratai make thunder fire that mouth you used in saying professional and rules of engagement. What stupid and nonsense engagement on unarmed protesters? Why not use such professional tacts and engagement on Boko haram,Fulani bandits and herders.

    Don't worry, you all won't escape what's coming.

  8. Does he think he is talking to cows? How dare he utter such nonsense when he knows he's lying.

  9. The stupid statement did not even address the shooting! How did I end up in this zoo?

  10. Bunch of evil beings.

  11. No one expected the army to say otherwise. Evidence on video is supreme.

  12. God would strike them one by one

  13. People anyone that see eesah,abi wetin be the idiot name. Should totally ignore. He thrives on attention. God will punish all our evil leaders that's all I have to say

    1. I agree but sometimes it's so hard 😫!!
      I.e yesterday 🤕🤕

  14. I just saw some comments on the CNN report on Twitter and they are quite interesting...

    The report on Lekki Shooting by CNN is filled with the same unconfirmed claims that have been proven to be starved of facts & truths.

    The report is nothing more than a propagandistic effort to put Nigerian government in bad light. It is prejudiced and imbalanced.

    Stephanie Busari, is the lead person in that report. Her attachment to Alhaji Fayawood and PDP is not hidden. Same with her hatred for Buhari and everything APC


    CNN didn't show any of the wounds that were on DJSwitch's live... They know a rational, informed audience would ask how high calibre bullets inflicted low calibre injuries.. They know they have enough dummies in Nigeria to swallow any dodo that's fried with oyibo vegetable oil.


    I still lived in Las Vegas a few yrs when one lunatic shot into a crowd from a hotel window several hundred feet away, killing 50 people. The Nigerian Army and police at point blank range shot into a crowd and @CNN has one uncertified dead and one brother who can’t find him.


    Lagos is in a CNN monitored trap.

    Either fold your hands and let hoodlums destroy the state.. Or clamp down on violent and armed thugs and be labelled a massacre-er... Ironically by the hypocrites who have the worse violent death record on the planet.
    Both by police and citizens

    Interesting comments 🙄

  15. He said the Nigerian Army is "A Professional Army"

  16. Instead make dis anupam cover him face with shame..he still dey yarn dust ..chai! what a nation???

  17. On 5 Feb, 2003 Colin Powell as US secretary of state under Bush, sat in front of the United Nations & said Saddam had nuclear weapons. @CNN kept beaming 'satellite' images of nuclear tubes said to be constructed by Saddam. 19/20 March 2003 they invaded Iraq & killed Saddam. Till today not a single nuclear rod has been found in Iraq, Sadam is dead, 17 years later Iraq is still at war while Powell & Bush are living out the rest of their lives in luxury & peace.

    Obama, Sarkozy, & Cameron in 2011 claimed Gaddafi/Libya has WMDs. After considering their 2003 mistakes they got agents embedded in ground to 'send imagery' of slaughter by Gaddafi. The same CNN was used to beam nonstop documentary of how evil Libya under Gaddafi was. 19 March 2011 US & UK while firing more than 110 missiles into Libya, French fighter jets bombed everything in sight. October 2011 Gaddafi was killed. Till date Libya is still at war. Iraq war gave birth to Isis, Libya war brought Isis to Africa. Libya a one time oil rich nation, a country once rated as the richest in Africa is now riddled with abject poverty & different militant groups.

    The western media told us how dangerous Russia & Putin are. They painted the KGB as next to satan. They used the media & Hollywood to depict Russia as a country crawling with spies ready to abduct or kill you. I went to rush & saw a beautiful country with party hungry people. No wonder the US wasn't happy with them hosting world cup. They made people think Russia will bomb any country that knocks them out of the event. 🤣

    US will tell you that Dharavi in india is the biggest slum in the world, they will tell you that India is the rape capital of the world, they will tell you of how india is poverty capital after Nigeria. They won't tell you that 90% of the fashion designer companies in New York have their leather works created in the same Dharavi! They won't tell you that Indian medical tourism has beaten that of the US 90 to 1. They won't tell you that all the noise about silicon valley is just noise, bulk of the apps given to them to develop is later sub contracted to app developers in Bangalore India.

    America & their media will tell you how dangerous china is but won't tell you that china has not invaded any country or going around destroying countries. If there's a country I have come to not trust over the years, it's the United States of America. And their powerful media. When they mean to destroy you, only God can save you. If in doubt, ask Venezuela the country with the highest natural resources but not allowed go have a days rest by the US. Till date, every call to investigate US claims that led to invasion of Iraq & Libya has fallen on deaf ears. Which country is next on their list? Your guess is as good as mine.


    So keep dancing to their drums you hear, na you and me go suffer am

    I'm outtie

    1. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa









  19. But he hasn't said anything nau. Was the Nigerian army there? Yes or no? On whose order???? Which one is "rules of engagement" and "professional army"?

  20. Professionals indeed. May God jugdr you all.

  21. Sons of perdition. They see the sun shining and yet insist that it is not shining.

    1. It's tiring.
      See that one up there .
      Well not today Satan!!

    2. Hahahahahahah I love your proverb

  22. Professional yet ordinary Boko Haram has been defeating them and they cannot even order "shoot at sight" at Sambisa.

  23. He is careful not to have his visa revoked.

    Foolish buratashi

  24. Burutai power is transient and one day we will pay for all our deeds either good or bad.


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