Stella Dimoko President Buhari Reportedly Begs Youths To End Street Protests And Dialogue With Government...


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Monday, November 02, 2020

President Buhari Reportedly Begs Youths To End Street Protests And Dialogue With Government...

President Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday urged Nigerian youths to shun street protests and engage his government in meaningful discussions on police reforms.

Buhari said Nigerian youths should engage his administration in discussions that would bring about comprehensive reforms to end all forms of police brutality against.

He spoke in his message to the maiden National Youth Day celebration, observed on November 1, which coincided with the African Youth Day celebration.

Represented by the FCT Minister, Muhammad Bello, Buhari assured that his administration has heard the pleas of Nigerian youths.

A statement by his spokesman, Garba Shehu quoted the President as the Federal Government ‘‘now wants to hear concrete and practical ideas.

”You must realize that protests cannot last indefinitely. My government will not lift a hand to stop or suppress you.

”However, the fact of the matter is that other forces and actors will seek to take over your protests that they may redirect them in ways you did not intend and perhaps do not agree with.

”Every successful protest movement the world over has understood that there comes a time when activity must move from the street to the negotiation table. That time for you has come. Do not be afraid of this reality. You should welcome it.”
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  1. Is Buhari in Nigeria? After you sent soldiers to kill innocent people, what street protests are happening now? What meaningful dialogue has the government initiated with anyone talk less of youth?

    I really can't wait for all the willful wickedness to go back to sender and their generations.

  2. Another style of writing... Obviously from another desk! Damage control things... Too late though

  3. Are they actually scared of ICC, Amnesty international and travel ban?I thought they rule the whole world and there's nothing anyone can do to them 😀😀😀😀 jokers,no one is having a dialogue with you until you tell us why you killed peaceful protesters or are you planning of killing the rest?

    1. You seem to lack understanding of governance and its processes !
      See how you excited typing from your home would think you are ICC .

  4. As if he didn't know the plight if the youths before the protest. We are wiser now sir.

  5. Dam!! Represented you say? he addressed the nation and never stated dialogue? Gosh I don tire even if na iran 🇮🇷 now
    I ready to go

  6. Stop with the pretence,y'all don't care about us,now you want to talk.Mtcheww.

  7. It is strange that a man who traversed the length and breadth of the country in 2015 campaigning for votes can't deem it imperative to come out to address Nigerians in a press conference to tell it as it is to Nigerians. I am tired of hearing this same narrative "The President said". Why can't he come out and say it himself? What are they hiding that they don't want him to come out in the public to address us. I am beginning to believe that the man in Aso Rock could be an impostor.

  8. Kai.. you people were really deceived sha.

  9. This is the definition of a ruler not leader..Why can't you come down to Lagos and come address us..We should come there so you can bully them and give them brown envelopes..No Mr President We have made our demands go, give us reports and implement...We will protest if need be so you have no right to tell us not to..It is our fundamental right...

  10. Lol,who told you all that this speech was from the dead president. He didn't say Nada my people, maybe is Adeshina that stated this one to deceive gullible Nigerians.

  11. Government was given 2 weeks to investigate, and 2weeks later no outcome yet, what other negotiation do they want? They should do the needful

  12. Most of you are so naive and childish. No individual or a group of people can cow the government. All wars in human history ended on the table. The fact there were no protest leaders to negotiate with the government was the primary reason the protest failed. Today, there are still no leaders because the youths do not trust themselves. They would rather rant and make unnecessary noise than make effort to consolidate and look within for young men and women who can be trusted. The feminist coalition played a very vital role in the protest, so did the the doctors who coordinated the treatment of wounded protesters and the lawyers who coordinated other lawyers across the federation to free those who were detained. So picking one person each from the feminist coalition, the doctors and lawyers can form the core leadership of the movement.There is absolutely nothing wrong with negotiating with the government.


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