Stella Dimoko Twitter Handle Seeks Prayers And Help For Nigerian Man Convicted In Dubai For Sponsoring BH


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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Twitter Handle Seeks Prayers And Help For Nigerian Man Convicted In Dubai For Sponsoring BH

A Nigerian man, Surajo Abubakar, who is one of the 6 Nigerians convicted in Dubai for sponsoring Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria has been reportedly sentenced to death today 12-11-2020

A Twitter tweeted solicited for prayers and help for him.



  1. ... In the case that he is not involved? Dubai is not like Nigeria. They would have done their findings before they lay that kind of accusation to the point of taking it to court. They have facts and evidence. Sorry about your Uncle. But he is about to go the way of those countless people the Bokoharam has killed and maimed. He who kills by the sword dies by it. It is a pity.

    1. Our people say that a woman backing a child cannot vouch for the one on the back

  2. He isn't involved, so what was the evidence used against him? Or was there no evidence? If truly he was involved all along, then I have no pity for him.

  3. Let us stop the sentiments. An average Nigerian will vote based on Tribe, Religion or other personal interests.

    What those farmers are going through is evil and any normal human being would condemn it. They toil to make a living and their political choices shouldn't make them suffer.

    When I went to a northern State for work, we couldn't go to some of the health facilities because of bandits. They actually pay these people to avoid being attacked and these are in millions.

    Let's wish ourselves well always. We are not savages.

    Anty Caro

  4. Sorry dear!! Dubai investigated and convicted him. There’s no conviction without evidence. Please o...hope you prayed for the souls of the people BH have been killing.

  5. the govt will step in to release their terrorist brothers ... bv dede ugonna

  6. Like really, really ?

  7. in your mind the UAE will just convict him like that. same UAE that investigated hush puppy. may your uncle RIP dasal

  8. I doubt uAE would convict an innocent man to death

    If he is innocent I pray he is spared

  9. So in her mind they just convicted him of something he isn't guilty of? Maybe she thinks Dubai is Nigeria. See the intelligence they gathered on hushpuppy before nailing him that's to show Dubai is working. She should go and sit down abeg. What about the innocent lives lost as a result of the menace called BH. Dubai you're doing well! More to go.

  10. Yes I'll pray for your uncle.

    May his soul rest in pieces!

  11. She's right... In Nigeria, a section of the country is NEVER guilty of any offence. I guess it's a new experience for her. Watch Government officials go through the back door to effect his release. No be today!


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