Stella Dimoko Actor Mofe Duncan Announces He Is Shutting Down His Instagram Handle So That He Can Maintain His Sanity...


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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Actor Mofe Duncan Announces He Is Shutting Down His Instagram Handle So That He Can Maintain His Sanity...

 Nollywood actor Mofe Duncan says he is tired of what the social media is doing to him and will shut down his instagram handle until further notice but further checks shows he has gone private instead.....


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  2. This is very very important to ones health, to avoid depression .

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    1. He is so fine, I watch any movie he acts.

  4. He should pls get out! Shading his ex wife Nd acting petty. If u liked white girls so much why did u marry ur poor wife? Smh wahala be like green card hunter

  5. Why do I feel his sadness?? Let's learn to live and let live. (Except when you go wrong, then correction will be done in love).

  6. Eeya. I feel you. All the best. It's better to protect ones mental health.

  7. media is not for the faint hearted and weak minded . If you want to survive on social media especially instagram and twitter is if you just post or tweet and mainly mind your business or you should be ready for violence. Omo😱 believe me when I tell you that people on social media are not playing. Unless you have thick skin you risk falling into the type of depression that will lead to suicide. If you read the comments section ehn😰 the way people insult others just because they have different opinions or go back and forth because they are defending their fave or wants to be right at all cost🤦🏾‍♀️ Me I mind my business. I don't comment. I just like the picture and keep scrolling. I don't want problems🤷🏾‍♀️

    1. Yep. if you're thin skinned avoid posting inflammatory messages. in fact check and recheck before dem use you do kikishi. don't be like the clown on this blog who posted something and then hid behind "I'm a woman" so she won't be insulted for her ridiculous take.

  8. You are following more than 6000 people on Instagram.. That's a lot.. Just follow less than 100 people so you won't see all the shit..


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