Stella Dimoko Actress Sylvia Ukaatu Vows To Stop Fornicating...


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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Actress Sylvia Ukaatu Vows To Stop Fornicating...

Anambra state born Nollywood actress, Sylvia Ukaatu has vowed to keep her legs closed and quit fornication..
She also want to move closer to God until she gets married

In an encounter with Inside Nollywood, the role interpreter gushed: “I have sealed my stand with God. No more compromising what I feel for God over money and wants. All these years without God has been fruitless, that’s why I’m promising myself that I won’t have s#x again until marriage. I pray that my new stand with God will redirect back all I have lost to the devil.”

The screen diva and lover of premarital s#x says further: “I love s#x so much and used to engaged in premarital s#x, but that was my mindset when I was in the world. God knows what is right for me; he can’t give what will cost me my joy. When I was deep with things of God, there was no year that I didn’t get job adverts here and there. But I misused the grace, I lived a life that is not mine and there is nothing fruitful I can tag to it. I have not been in a relationship with a single guy for years due to what I have experienced. It’s time to make it right with my creator. Life is very short; nobody knows what tomorrow will unravel. When the time is right, God will bless me with a perfect suitor; He knows what’s right for me.”



  1. Pleasing God is the best decision ever! No regrets.

    1. Please God with your mind. Please Him with your words. Please Him with your actions. Please Him with your generosity. Please Him with your patience, trust and perseverance. Please Him with your inactions. Please Him with your large capacity to love, give and forgive. What you do with your body is only but a fraction of it. That is why He uses women like Rahab. Fornication is overrated. The sin of hate and envy is far much more hideous. You can be celibate for personal reasons and it has nothing to do with pleasing God. Work first on your personality and become God in flesh and blood that people see. Be an answer to people's prayers. Today, you think because you are celibate you are holy? Nne, you are deceiving yourself.

  2. Good, good...But there are other things oooh, lie, gossips, swearing, hating, etc....why do they always single out sex alone? πŸƒπŸΏ‍♂️πŸƒπŸΏ‍♂️

    1. Because premarital sex destroys destinies.

    2. Let her start with the one that is a challenge to her

    3. 11:07 & Kiks, thanks for those answers. Let her be encouraged with the one she has started, first.

  3. That sounds more like her personal problem, so no need announcing it.

  4. Good decision
    Work the talk
    Scriptures, praying, fasting
    That's the way of Christ

  5. Lol..
    Celibacy, one of the greatest scam by naija girls, when they wna trap a mumu boy.. If you know you know..

    You can't even tell "someone I know" this nonsense, if 'he' is to be in a relationship with you.. if you're a virgin fine.. if I choose not to have sex, fine.. but don't fuckin make it your stance..

    So all the boys that have been slamming it without mercy are better than me or have 2 heads bah.. not to even talk of the coded fucks you'll be having while the mumu boy thinks he's saving an unsealed pussy for the wedding night..

    You must be shittin me fam.. 419πŸ˜ƒ

    1. Fear GOD

      Forget gangster human very failable sense

      You cannot know more than GOD

    2. This is d reason i fast and pray not to meet men like u dis dante. U need help

    3. Wdf is @jet li saying?
      You didn't make any sense, moreover, I see your comments supporting women and insulting men in other post, is that what God thought you?

      Whenever one makes a comment that exposes your guys deception, you come bringing God into it and forming good Christian, you better get out of my mention and don't be silly.

      There are a million and one boys that might fall for all those your tricks, go and roll with them, I'm not them, would never be them.. and i don't see how that's an issue for you..

      Or are you scared of more guys toeing my path? When your colleague dey talk say she be celibate but we later found out say she was driving 4hours to lekki to get dicked, after belle show.. una no know that time, abi una think say men no dey observe ..

      Jet like ko van Damme nii..

    4. Dante, you must add drama queen abi king to your bio to complete are truly troublesome!

    5. @11.44
      the prayer is mutual. I also don't want to meet your type.

      If you meet man weh tell you say him won keep him money until after marriage Shey una go wait.. don't tell me bible said this or that cos bible never said we should provide for our girlfriends.. una go just dey jamm talk..

      @Chike.. I see you bro

    6. See 'painment' for all these guys. Dem carry sex swear for una wey be men for dis world? Repent while there's chance o! He that hath ears let him hear.

  6. 'The screen diva and lover of premarital sex'🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣. What kind of description is that πŸ˜‚.

    Good you have decided to move back to God. I pray grace and strength for you to continue with God till the end. It is well with you

  7. best decision babygirl,Premarital sex and other sins destroys the soul,it appears as a loophole to the devil and cohourts,it gives them the right to attack and inflict 'll just keep running in circle.Am a witness.

  8. No need to announce it in public, is a personal decision that everyone is doing.

  9. Lol but didn’t she say she wasn’t hoping to get married again, then went on to adopt a childπŸ€”πŸ€”
    Choosing to stay celibate should be your personal decision, I don’t see why you should be announcing it to the general public, as e no concern us. You didn’t tell us when you were having the sex, no need to tell us that you’ve stopped dear🀷🏾‍♀️🀷🏾‍♀️

  10. I bet she would come out later and deny ever granting an interview like that 🚢🏾‍♂️🚢🏾‍♂️ But good for you sis, wait till you’re married!

  11. Well, Covid makes it easier to not fornicate. The real test is if you can commit when all doors are open.


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