Stella Dimoko Arik Air Sacks 300 Workers Due To The Adverse Effect Of Coronavirus


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Friday, December 04, 2020

Arik Air Sacks 300 Workers Due To The Adverse Effect Of Coronavirus

Arik Air on Friday announced the retrenchment of 300 workers and said the action was due to the adverse effect of coronavirus.

The statement on the sack was titled, “Arik Air management declares 300 staff redundant”.
It assured that a redundancy package would be provided for the affected staff and explained that the pandemic has constrained its ability to complete heavy maintenance activities and return its planes to operations.

The company also cited stunted revenues amid increasing operational costs.

“The leadership of the impacted unions has been contacted to negotiate a redundancy package for the affected staff”, the statement read.

Arik Air added that over 50 percent of its workforce of over 1,600 staff have been on furlough in the past six months.

The National Union of Air Transport Employees (NUATE) protested against Arik Air on Thursday over “poor working conditions.

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*I don't believe the reason they were sacked but i hope they give them the packages to help them feed and survive until they can decide on what to do...


  1. Welcome to the labour market.

  2. Original gbege!!!Hmn.....It is well

  3. I hope they have something to fall back on,na so we go endure till d stature dey put in aso rock tenure end.

  4. That's sad... may God bless them all with better jobs in Jesus name (Amen)

  5. Truly airlines are seriously affected

  6. There is a prophecy that next year hunger will be worse!..
    Everyone should buckle up oo!..
    300 people coming to join thousands of people that are unemployed..
    Well,everyone is now selling things on Instagram..
    They should come and join!...

  7. well said madam Stella, they will
    need money pending on when
    another job comes

  8. May God come through for them. It is well.

  9. This is not a good news at all!
    Aviation industry have suffered great loss due to the pandemic

    I hope they've all been sorted out financially by Arik

  10. Country hard ooo and 300 people joining millions of unemployment already..
    Oh God have mercy on us๐Ÿ˜ญ

  11. @BV, Convince Me
    I hope it's not Arik you work with?

    Imagine being laid off in these times.
    May God come through for them all

    1. Thanks dear.
      But no I don't work with arik.
      I Don't work with a commercial airline.
      Its sad really but arik have been having issues before this. It was only a matter of time.

    2. Thank God for you @CM. I just thought about you when I read the headline
      This is so sad ๐Ÿ˜ช

  12. Is it because of that Wednesday strike? May God help us all.

  13. Na so these ones take end d year? When others are receiving Xmas bonuses, na sack letters get una. It’s well, my brother’s & sisters.


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