Stella Dimoko Assassins Kill Businessman In Hotel


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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Assassins Kill Businessman In Hotel

What a wicked thing to do!!!

A 38-year-old businessman has been murdered in Akure, the Ondo State capital by gunmen suspected to be assassins.

The deceased identified as Babatunde Adeluka, also known as Tunde Olubasa among his friends, was shot dead at Helena Hotel where he had lodged at Ijapo in Akure, the state capital on Boxing day.

Findings revealed that the assailants numbering about three trailed the late Babatunde to the hotel, situated some few meters from the Police Zonal Command in the state as well as the Ijapo Police Station.

A source who spoke under anonymity said the deceased had earlier attended a function in Akure before retiring to his room at the hotel.

The source explained that Babatunde had arrived at the hotel from Akungba-Akoko in Akoko South West Local Government Area of the state, about 80 kilometres to the state capital but was shot dead at the bar of the hotel where he had gone to get a drink.

Confirming the incident, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) in the state, ASP Tee-Leo Ikoro said it was a case of assassination.

Ikoro who maintained that the Commissioner of Police, Bolaji Salami, has ordered a full investigation into the incident, disclosed that police operatives were on the trail of the fleeing assailants.

“I went there myself. By 4:00 I was already there. We’ve commenced investigation trying to track down who came to kill that guy.
It’s an assassination. At the time it happened, there was nobody there, except the bar girl. The bar girl said they came in three, already waiting.
The deceased lodged in that hotel and went out at some point, came back and left again. By the time he came back, the assailants were already at the bar drinking. When he came back, he went into his room, took a bottle of wine and then called for a bottle of soft drink from the bar.

“When he got to the bar, the three guys asked a lighter from him to light their cigarettes and he said no. It was at that point they pulled out their guns and shot him. The assailants left the hotel when he gave up the ghost.

“We’re on their trail right now. The Commissioner of Police has ordered a full investigation into the incident. To us, we’re are thinking it’s an assassination. But the investigation will unravel all that happened.”

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  1. Wow.. This is sad... They should investigated all his business partners.

  2. This story get K-leg. all I can say is RIP young man

  3. 😔

    Rest in Peace Babatunde Adeluka

  4. What a world
    Continue to rest on Tunde
    You were loved by all
    You’re so friendly and accommodating
    Your marriage just clocked 2 years this December
    May God give your family the strength to bear this loss

  5. What a world
    Never knew I will type rip on your photo so soon
    You were loved by all because of your friendly and accommodating spirit
    Your marriage just clocked 2 years
    I can’t even imagine what your beautiful wife will be going through right now
    Rip Olubasa

    1. Eayah it is well. Comfort to all. I suspect business partners or deal gone wrong

  6. May his soul rest in peace.

  7. Let me use my investigator skills, I think the guy knew at least one of them prior, maybe he had issues with them at the party he attended earlier most probably over a girl, not knowing they are ciltists. Guys are usually happy to share stuff like lighter with other guys, why did he say NO to them? Obviously he knew them and they have bad blood, so they traced him, police should start from that party he attended earlier. Inspector Bediakor signing out

    1. My thoughts exactly! Why refuse to share a lighter? He's cute too. May his soul RIP

    2. Hahahaha inspector bediakor. OK ooo I like this your over sabinus name

  8. May God comforts his family....

  9. Lessons learnt, he must have been killed for these reasons
    -jilted girl friend, who refuse to let go, because for this handsome dude and also rich and young to have recently just gotten married, he get as e be.. Many heartbreak.
    -Jealousy from friends
    -you snatched someone babe that you married.
    -you dey cult.
    May your soul rest on, let us all watch our circles, stop sharing every details about yourself to friends, for example.. Your friends calls and you respond.. I dey baff, after I go eat, I just order food from mama basira, that my amala joint.. You are an easy prey for your enemies ie food poisons, or you tell the place you will be.
    If you have to break up do it with respect, make sure before you start flaunting your ex is not bitterd.
    This world is full of evil be careful.
    Keep your secrets!!!!!
    If you are planning plan B, tell even your wife or husband is plan c, yes, I said it.
    From Stella new star.
    Rest in peace, may your killers never find peace, may they be caught and exposed.

  10. He knew those guys.

    I've never seen a guy refusing to give out a lighter to a fellow smoker.

    If they can share same cigarettes/dope, what then is a lighter?

    They should start investigating whomever he had issues with.

    Just that sometimes, those who plot your downfall are people you haven't even had issues with.

    I don't know if police can really get the culprits but if I were the family, I'll go to baba and they'll be the ones to come expose themselves(that's if his hands are clean though)

    Not everything is leave for God and police.

  11. Rip uncle Tunde...I wished I never had to open whatsapp this morning..oga o

    1. Ahah welcome here Seyi Mise, FGGC connect.

  12. He must have been involved in something we here are not aware of. God knows the truth. RIP

  13. 💔💔💔💔💔
    May his soul rest in peace

  14. Hmmmm, this world where people that can't create anything, even invent something, will just kill a whole human being 😳😣😣😣


  15. Rip Man
    God’s comfort to your young family.


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