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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative.....




Good day Stella .......

13th November, 2020 was my birthday. On this day a friend (let's call him Sam, we have been very good friends from secondary school) came visiting me in the company of another male friend let me call him Emma, he was also the same set with us from school.

I came downstairs to meet them and called my neighbour another female let's call her Tracy to come meet them since we were all school mates. All the while I had no idea that the reason Sam came with Emma, was so Emma could meet me for a relationship talk cos he was looking to get married.

Now this is where problem started, my friend Tracy as soon as she saw him, I could see both were surprised, Emma did not know Tracy was my friend and neighbour. Last year, a friend of Emma let's call him Bode also told Emma about a certain lady whom he wanted him to date as she was a nice lady and this lady was my friend Tracy.

 They got talking but the chat ceased cos he said there was no chemistry. 

Emma tried to chat up Tracy but she was not reciprocating cos she thought he was not good-looking and in her words razz for her. They even planned meeting up on several occasions but my friend Tracy was the reason they never did cos she kept putting him off and told him to stop calling and saying he wants them to see.

Now, after hanging out with them on my birthday, on our way she gisted me how the fellow had been after her. In fact, I was encouraging her, I spoke to her to give it a trial and even playfully said it was his fault for not pushing harder to see her and he could still do it. Unknown to me that, he came to see me and not her and only bumped into her cos she only told him the Area where she stayed but not the exact location.

 While we were in the car, she said I love tall and handsome men cos he is on the small frame size and to her not good looking in her eyes. I had to step on toes her with my feet to stop.

When we got to our staircase, I spoke to her, telling her to give it a trial cos we are grown and should be looking at substance and not just physical stuffs in men but she declined and said God forbid, her friends would laugh at her, he was too short, ugly, thin and what's not.

Two days later, I got a message from him and he was requesting to see me, I excitedly said yes, only to realise I might have said yes too quickly without considering how it would look if he came looking for me while he should be looking for her, plus why did he want to see me. 

I finally consoled myself with, maybe I was thinking things too far, cos he had not done anything wrong not made any pass at me. But, I prayed inside me he would not come cos my gut feeling was telling me he wanted to make a pass at me. God heard me and he was unable to come and boy was I relieved.

Another two days went by, before another message came that he could not make it cos he fell ill. I was open and that was how our chats started. We clicked and chatted away, in a few hours he had called me plenty and we talked on. I enjoyed the convo and asked him what he wanted from me cos I had heard he was interested in my friend. That was when he told me about what transpired and that he never got to see her nor ask her out.

 I was still weary cos even our friend Sam did not tell me about him or trying to link me up with him. He told me the day he saw her, it was me he came to see.

To cut the long story short, it's been an amazing relationship and I am so glad I did not turn him down. He might not be good looking in another woman's eyes but he is the best man in the world, heart of gold, hardworking, kind, gentleman, God-fearing, everything good in this world. Yes, we started dating and it's been my best 2020 decision.

Before, I went for him, I had stylishly asked my friend Tracy, to give him a chance and this was her response. ''He is too razz, e no fine, see as e be, if my sisters see me with am, them go ask me wetin be this, he is , very rough'' and many more unprintable things. I asked her a second time and she said lai, lai! I said to her he is a good man but did not say I had gone close enough to see that he is indeed an amazing person.

He would come looking for me and I was scared of letting her see us until 
8/12/2020, when he came around and offered to take us out, and the cat finally was let out of the bag. I sat in front of his car but I still felt a type of way about her finding out, but he did not hide his feelings towards me and she noticed we were dating. 

As she walked away from the car after he dropped us off, she called him a traitor, and he said to her, ''a clear conscience fears no accusation". As we climbed the staircase she muttered to me '' you guys fit each other'' I ignored and she repeated it. That was when I turned and said to her ''but you said you did not want him, plus I asked you severally and you kept telling me the same thing again and again, I wanted him cos he is a good person''. I told her, that, the day he came and you guys met, Sam brought him to see me and not you, but because you told me that he had asked you out, I was willing to let you have him, but you said he was not your type and you did not want him and I opened our door and walked in.

I feel bad cos she is my friend but I feel relieved cos I did not take anything that was hers. I love her and do not want to see her hurt and at the same time I hope, she learns a thing or two from this and does not take it to heart. 

BVS was I wrong? Did I snatch my friend's man? I love him so much now.

*NO;you did not snatch him but you should have waited a while need to stay away from her if you want that relationship to last...let me officially announce to you that you both were just acquaintances and not friends..what i read up there is not friendship oh....
if you continue with both friendship and relationship,you will be forced to chose one sooner or later..

If the relationship does not last,ou will become a laughing stock in that compound so harden your heart towards what they say....


  1. Did you snatch your friends man? Nopedy nope. Cos they never dated. You kept asking her, and she was more concerned about his looks, and what her sisters will say about him. I wish you the best.

    1. Something similar happened to me when I was single and I had to brake off the relationship. The guy was so heartbroken but I wasn't cut out for drama. Why do girls guide and hover over a toaster they turned down? You don't want him, if the next girl is good to go with him why form obstacle?

      Poster enjoy jareh. Some of these girl-code no be am. Don't be hostile towards her and one more thing; I hope this guy respects you enough to completely blank her side? Cos the worse thing is when he will start using her to play mind games and her trying to prove to you that she can have him. Any trace of disrespect, dump him like a hot potato!

    2. No poster you didn’t, please rock your man with bicycle, just don’t put your relationship into her face, don’t fist her about him, if not the vex go dey increase o o

    3. Madame koinkoin A.K.A "PeaceMaker "16 December 2020 at 17:17

      Ahhahahahahha I am loving this CHRONICLE abeg, the way some girls talk about men eeehn that they forbid eeeehnnn hmmmmmm you go think say them fit sketch Common 🐝, them go complain oooo so teyyyy good men go put eyes for another person na there their antena go come stand. poster just keep your relationship far away from her and nature it with so much love and regard. Keep the relationship with her open but if you see her, say she want dey act like green snake just jejely follow another road to avoid being beaten. Wahala dey like who no sabi ride bicycle.

    4. Poster you did not snatch....but if I am to be your friend I wont be happy with you...why did you not come out to tell your friend your mind...why make her know the day you all went out acted like green snake under green grass....what happened to babe the guy is asking me out....since you dont like him I go put head oooh ....I like him.a simple heart to heart talk with your friend before the outing day would have saved you this headache rather you dey interrogate her dey show say you get sence.Few years ago...a guy was asking me out...sending me SMS....and chats...I did not respond,my bestie was aware of the whole thing and she encouraged me to date the guy but I refused ...I also complained about height..but after sometime my bestie told me same guy is asking her out....I encouraged her to date him and she reminded me he also asked me out, I reminded her we never had anything together and the guy na single as I no agree he has the right to face another direction of any other woman. They are married like 5yrs ago while i got married March this year. And she is still my bestie...we are very very close...the husband calls me bekee and still report his wife to me when she makes him angry....I never had interest I'm him but would have felt bad if my friend behaved like you. ....During my service year...I met some babes in living faith family house Osgobo...and i met a guy...the guy invited me to his house...he was quite rich...i was not really showing interest,I went with a friend ...that friend went back to the house dont know who made the first move...I got to find out from another of cooper friend that she has started dating the guy...she used your method of asking me about the guy and I kept responding like your friend. When I found out...I knew this one can never be trusted...and that relationship did not last...intact the guy came back asking me out and I kept saying you made your decision stick to it.

    5. Egomoney, people are different!!!

  2. You did nothing wrong. Since she said she didn't want him, and you like him, please enjoy the relationship.

  3. I don’t understand this omomo chronicle sef, why will you be forcing Emma on Tracy after she told you severally she doesn’t want him... you think Tracy will not believe your eyes were shooking on Emma

  4. "A clear conscience fears no accusation"
    That's the answer.
    The only thing you did wrong was not telling your friend immediately you began dating this dude.
    Friends should know whom the other goes out with. It is just that the "twitter generation" have made snatching a norm, so everything seems to be snatching. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

    1. If she had told her friend, the yeye girl would've gone after the 'short ugly guy' just to make sure poster didn't get him

      Ride on poster, you did not snatch anything for everybody. Have a great future with your new man

    2. *you did not snatch anything from anybody*

      poster live your life, that your lady-friend is a dumb twat

  5. My dear enjoy your relationship and please never ever gist her about you both. So as to avoid jealousy.

  6. You didn't snatch him at all. She made it know already that she wasn't interested in him. But I wonder the type of friendship you guys have. You should have told her you like him and will like to date him. I guess hiding the fact that you guys are dating is what got her angry, not the fact that you guys are dating. True friends don't hide things like this from each other.

  7. Errr...hopefully she will not start backbiting u to him or try to scatter the ship to spite u.

    Or let's hope he will not fall for her whims since she was d knew he wanted before...some men can be fickle minded.

    Let's hope she stays away from you both ooo.

    Let's hope dey dont start chatting behind your back.

    This relationship has many "what IFs."

  8. There's nothing like snatching here. But don't you think it's too soon to start singing his praises?
    I mean it's still too soon. Although i wish you the very best,I'll still say you take it easy and watch well..

    1. I had to go back up to check the date of when she met the guy🀣🀣🀣🀣!!!

      It happens like that though..... Love doesn't have a blue print

  9. It is well. You no snatch, him no snatch, she no snatch. So no one snatch

  10. No you didn't snatch any one. It is always like that, when a person doesn't like or appreciate someone ,they get jealous when another person appreciates the person they didn't like.

  11. Poster something is got to give..I found the constant asking and urging her to give him a trial was not all necessary however I like the role you played..Well I believe you should face your front and limit some of the information you gonna share with her if you decide to make it a full blown relationship..I understand that you don't want to lose your friendship with Tracy however you need to tread with caution cos it is in situations like this that you know your true ''friends''...

    Going forward, please stop patronizing her cause sincerely you owe her nothing..Focus on this guy and be very careful about your ''circle of friends''..My dad always tell me something ''If you live in Maryland, make sure your boyfriend or man resides somewhere in Lekki or VI'' because familiarity breeds contempt..Still be free and be yourself but be wise as a serpent but gentle as a dove..All the best..

  12. Except in marriage, nothing is set on stone in relationshships, everything is fair game except nothing is fair.
    The only difference between love and war is temperament otherwise same rules apply.

  13. You did not snatch him but you should have told her about the asking out and when you guys started dating. Making her find out that way in the car will hurt anyone you call a friend.

  14. Jealousy is ingrained in the hearts of women. As long as a lady is not married, she does not want to see two ants on nuptial walk or two insects on nuptial flight, she will separate them osiso.
    Your friend has two options, stay with you or leave. But from her behavior so far, if she stays, there is a risk of dividing you both asunder, especially as she is being eaten up by jealousy.
    A lot of times, ladies want something but foolishly think of what others "want for them" instead of going for what they need, people pursue vanities.❤πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

    1. 🀣🀣🀣 “doesn’t want to see two ants on nuptial walk”
      You’ve said many truths. A lot of the time, instead of concentrating on what we want, we go for what we think will be good in other people’s eyes

  15. Poster you did nothing wrong here, judging by the fact you asked her severally and she kept on saying he's below her standards! But pls mind the info you give out from henceforth cos people like her tends to be jealous...keep your relationship very discreet,don't flaunt anything on her face about the guy!

    All the best

  16. From what I read πŸ‘† there, that's if all the facts are right, there's no snatching.

    Your friend wanted someone better so she should face front and keep searching.

    I'm glad you gave him a chance to prove himself to you.
    Don't keep your guards down. Trust your instincts. Stay away from that friend of yours. she's no more your friend.
    This is the time to get to know him better.
    This is me wishing you all the best in your relationship.

  17. My dear enjoy your relationship and be prayerful as well. Very prayerful in fact.

    I hope the wedding actually happens in 2021 ❤️πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰

  18. No, you didn't snatch but your friendship with Tracy isn't going to be the same any longer.
    Just be careful with her,I think she's pained because you didn't let her know you dating him.
    Na now she go know say Emma fine o
    Be careful please

  19. Hope u know u guys are no longer friends? When I was reading your story , I already knew how it was going to end and u didn’t not disappoint me. Maybe because I hate drama and tensions, he isn’t the only guy , most ladies who date a man that has asked their friends out most times seem like ladies who don’t have much toasters lol, u didn’t do anything wrong my dear but your friendship with her is dead , in life , whatever we do have consequences, someone like me won’t date him cos if it doesn’t work out, people would laugh at u and you have already lost your friend, this is simply a case of choosing the guy and your friend

  20. Snatch kor, scratch ni.. enjoy jare

  21. Abeg close your legs like a mermaid o.
    Be careful and wise. Hope you are gainfully employed?

  22. I'm happy such a Chronicle came up cus me sef I need to know if I am in the right or wrong. My female coworker and I went for a wedding n I was even the one that pointed out a cute dark guy to her that he is my spec while she said the guy is not her spec.later I saw the guy added both of us on face book and when she saw I liked her a recent pic of his, the next thing was for her to enter my dm and tell me that the guy was talking to her. I asked if he is toasting her n she could not give a straight answer n said he told her he is not down for anything serious yet but may change his mind. I then reminded her of how she said he is not her spec and she agreed but said she is attracted to the particular guy sha. Meanwhile this guy has also been chatting me up too and our conversations flow well, he has talked about how he would like to start a relationship with me, we gel and honestly I have been giving him green lights all along because his kind of man has always been what I want. Still studying him though and have never brought up the other lady or what she said.. Is it wrong for me to date him or should I use style n decline him? If we start dating n things get serious do I tell her or let her find out on her own. She has relocated out of country for studies fyi but I feel she told me all this so I can hands off the guy until she returns.. Ps. This is not the first time she has gone after a guy that I find attractive. I really like this one and see potential with him

    1. Hands off what is the guy for one person πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ my sister play your game well and if things work out between you both sure date him but inform her when you both are serious.

      She should be there dreaming, I don't like ladies that are confused on what they want in a man, always waiting for someone to tell them qaulity they see in a man.

    2. Thank you jere..of course I won't say a word to her yet because she seems the type that will try to sabotage my progress with the guy..I don't want her to be the reason things don't work out. Only reason I don't feel so guilty is that she is a coworker not a friend AND the guy told her he does not want a sounds like she wanted to hold him all to her self since she knew I was interested. That's why it is not good to tell some people about your love interest, crush or relationship. Some people don't see the good in anything until you point it out to them. Bad behaviour

    3. I think the fact that she is abroad for her studies is an act of God. See timing. Maybe God worked it out so u and the guy can move forward with your relationship without that girl interference. She said the guy no be her spec but once she sees you like him all of a sudden he is attractive to her. Abegi. Such ppl are enemies of progress. If to say I be you, I won't have any guilt n will date the guy freely. But I also won't tell the guy what I know n the lady will never know I'm dating the guy. Also don't tell any other person or coworker about your affairs. I go enjoy the sweetness dey go. If it works out n end in marriage fine. God don butter your bread be that. Don't allow people who are unsure of what they want, deprive you of what you want. From your writing , his eye no too enter her side like that. At least give him a chance to avoid " had I known "

    4. U better don't dull yasef. For all u know that guy may have not even said one word to her. She knows u won't ask him so she will say whatever will take your eyes off the guy since she knows u like him. Only thing you are certain of is what he has told you and the guy knows that if he asks you out like he is doing now, that there is a chance she will get to hear about it. I mean, put 2 and 2 together. If he really liked n wanted her, will he risk that happening?? I don't think so..I can bet that guy did not enter her dms. Or from the looks of it, she entered his dms first hoping to lock him down before you and it backfired on her. Because for him to tell her he doesn't want a relationship that means she came on to him too strong or seemed desperate. Enjoy your man dey go o. No allow person use sense chance you

  23. You did not snatch anyone, Enjoy your guy and be weary of your friend too.

  24. I hope he I not dating you to spite Tracy. Be guided and don't give him the coochie

    1. Howwwwwww???

      Did he know Tracy was her neighbor? From the story, he came to see her and then bumped into Tracy

  25. .. *wary*... not..."weary"
    *stuff*... not... "stuff"
    *what mot*...not... "what's not"

    No, you did not snatch him.
    The only thing you would have done differently was to tell Tracy when Emma asked you out and that you accepted. After all, she said he was not her dream man.

  26. Poster, I was in an exact situation like you and yes, it strained the relationship with my the long run, I understood it was pity love and emotional deposit within us because we got close via chat and I was shoulder for the guy when my friend rejected him. I still regret that decision and that's why I don't chat like that till date because chats make you open up and catch unnecessarily feelings.

  27. Please you need to understand that
    1) there is no snatcher nor snatchee
    2)get a control over your emotions
    3)get a grip of yourself
    4)don’t vein a haste to conclude on the relationship
    5)don’t be in a haste to divulge anything to her
    6)be more of an observer and a sensible mild participant
    7)don’t let yourself get played either way
    8)shine your πŸ‘€ wellaaaaaaaa make pant no wear you
    9) don’t let her guilt trap you
    10)don’t discuss either one of them to the other.

    Be an observer and enjoy your relationship or Acquaintanceship as Sdk put it.

    Enjoy ☺️ πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

  28. You didn't do anything wrong to your friend but you should have spoken to her about your decision to date him than the way she find out.

    Please try and distance a little bit from her, especially with gist about your man because we women are jealous πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ someone will tell you I don't like a guy but the moment they see you happy with that same person they will become angry.

    Space your relationship with that babe, never discuss your relationship with her again. Make sure you make the relationship work with your man.

    Make she go create her own man.


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