Stella Dimoko Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative -UPDATE


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Saturday, December 12, 2020

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative -UPDATE

Oh Dear!!!


I posted a Chronicle sometimes in 2018. Can't really remember topic but it was about strained relationship with a supposed mother. And whether I should visit her or not. This is a sort of update though long. Please bear with me. 

This is the issue. She curses her children. I don't know the effect of mother's curse but it has not been rosy with us. When her marriage packed up with my dad she abandoned all three of us she had. I started feigning for myself from age, 14. Even while in secondary school, never looked for me. I was living as house maid for someone who is still my mentor till today. But my 2 siblings turned out very bad. Older One killed herself out of frustration. I trained myself through Univ and made a success of my life. 

I then went back to look for my brother and told him to leave village and join me in 2007. He refused saying I want to make house boy out of him. I left him to his fate till today.

I am a fine woman, though not married and no child in my 40s, I am grateful to God for life and sustaining me. My brother also in his 40s not married and no child is even jobless with no qualification of any kind as he refused to take his studies serious when I put resources to train him and so was rusticated. He blames it on witchcraft. 

For over 25 years I was not in touch with mother and she never looked for me until 2018, I posted here that I wanted to go visit her in the village as I heard her situation was pitiable. Many people here advised me not to go and to cut off. I do send her money and some food stuff from time to time but I couldn't bring myself  to accept her as mother. Her curses and wickedness were acidic. 

Even while writing my Waec exam, she used read Biro to write me a stinker that I will be a laughing stock amongst my peers as I was reporting her to my Dad. I showed the letter to my principal who was shocked and sent for my Dad but he refused to go saying he does not want any child from her womb. 

How do you place curses on your children on the slightest provocation and you want her to cater for you ?Beating breast, laps, stomach, pouring cooking salt on your children saying it will never be well with them. That they will pursue them out of husband house as they pursued her out if they ever marry . How do you wish your children dead? That God should not allow daughter marry because she will not allow husband care for her. What a mother!!! I did not take these curses serious but I can relate now. I have given up on marriage but I have a good job which I don't let her know. I send money to her when need be and she has never asked if I am working. All she is interested is what she can get from me. I assist with her rent. 

She is now old and lives all by herself in a dilapidated house. I went to see her March, b4 lockdown. Very odd situation. No bonding whatever. I was in a hotel.
And she never asked for forgiveness. Nobody to help out in the family. Reaping what she sowed! 

But yesterday, she called me by 6 am telling me that she is disturbed, that she heard a voice in her sleep or dream telling her to remove the curses she placed on her children. And pray for them. Don't forget we are 2 now. And my jobless brother hardly visit her. I used the opportunity to tell her my mind. That She never looked for me for years cause she was working. She did not have need for me. 

She never knew life will treat her like this at old age. Diabetic and living alone at 76yrs, no relatives, no grand children. She then said I should come home maybe to lay hands on me. I told her I cannot come. This is a critical period. End of year. 

But this morning she called over the phone and prayed to remove those curses. She accepted that she really cursed her children instead of blessing them. I am scared what will happen if God calls her. I can't stand lying in state. She used to say she doesn't want me to see her face when she is called. 
Sometime ago, I told her since I know nothing about her, she can help write down her autobiography. She said, anybody wishing her dead should die before her. Hmmmmmm!!!!

House, please how do this curses work? The effect? She still said there is something she will tell us, but not now. Why not say it now that you are still breathing? Time is not on our hands. 

Is this last minute prayer genuine and of any effect or its just eye service cause of financial assistance? I don't know what to make of it, though I kept saying Amen as she was praying. I am not having it very smooth in life. Disappointment, depression, hard luck. And I am worried about my own old age too. 

House, what do you think? 

Reading this again eh,I think your mum has serious mental issues and i hope that it is not hereditary....She is not doing this because she wants to but because she is torn apart by bitterness and wickedness and then her head is not in the right state it should be......Please i beg you,reach out to her and do what you can to enable her relax or remove the curses...Go and release also your own unforgiveness towards her so that you can be free........Hopefully your next update will be better than this one!

Good luck my dear


  1. What's likely working against you is your unforgiveness toward your mom, think about it.

    1. Let me answer just one of your deep questions on how curses work;

      You know you can't give what you don't have, right? I am also sure you have hear the saying "out of the aboundace of the heart the mouth speaks". Now, if anyone opens his/her mouth and curses comes pouring, its not your fault. That is what the person has in aboundace in his heart. Same thing if it's blessings.
      When a person commits blessing or curses at another, 50% of it is sure to remain with the sender, multiplying the quantity he already has in stock out of which he shares. The remaining 50% is distributed among those who listened and didn't caution him or who also have like minds as the curse sender which includes the target of that curse if the target also have a large reserve of negative energy. But a curse directed at a joyous heart full of LOVE, optimism and kindness will automatically return to the sender because there will be no likeness to manifest with.

      Such is blessings. When you bless and love with joy, kindness, deep seated good will; the more you pronounce the blessing, yours is multiplied all the more. Your blessing reserve is enlarged and more blessed things come to you.

      Sorry I wrote so much but I believe you can decipher from what I wrote why things turned out how they have. It's not late to correct yet. Oya start blessing. Start praying and blessing your mom and everyone you see or remember as if it's going out of fashion. Develop the love, you can.

    2. Gbam! My mama de do something similar in the name of advise.
      My life de progress die, my biggest problem Na to loose weight sef.
      Baba God I thank you cos no be by my power, those curses no de work.
      Na your unforgiveness fit block your blessing not any yeye curse.

  2. "Father forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sinned against us..." that's Matthew 6; the Lord's prayer.
    A curseless curse does not come to rest. Proverbs 26:2
    There is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk after the Spirit and not after the flesh...Romans 8:1
    So think about these Scriptures and know where you stand. Cheers.

  3. What ever she does, do not allow her touch you on the fore head or head itself. There's reason.

  4. Go see her if you can and ask her to tell you what she want to tell you both. You should forgive her and move forward, curses from parents are real and you should be careful about it.

    1. Old age is a blessing not a curse. And not everyone must marry. You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, to me, thatis a major reason for you not being married. People want to marry happy people.
      To me, you no get problem. Chop life my sister. This life na once oo. If going will put your mind at rest, go with your pastor please. Dont go alone. Get friends, hand out, break beds, life is for the living ooo

  5. Please do visit her and have a heart-to-heart talk with her.
    Forgive her so that you can receive her blessings wholeheartedly.
    She needs you now. Please forgive her.

  6. For the fact she renounced those curse, you are free. Continue to help her in ways u can. Be careful

  7. Don’t go anywhere near her. Prayer can be done from anywhere. Let her release the curses and allow you move on. Why is she tormenting you now that she is getting close to her grave

    Don’t go anywhere don’t let her drag you with her o

  8. Men are scum. A bad man can turn a good woman bad.

  9. God in heaven is the Father of our spirit. His claim on you as a parent supercedes that of any earthly mother or father. Own this fact, believe it and acting in faith call on Him to bless you beyond any earthly curse and He will because He loves you beyond even what you can right now comprehend.

  10. Poster when you forgive you free yourself.
    I hope she isn't a witch though, cos going to see her might not be a good idea if she is a witch.
    If she is not a witch you can go and hear her out

  11. I don't think you should go and see her oh. I think you place so much stock on what people have to say about your life, she birthed you but she didn't act as a mother indeed. Stay away from toxic people like your mother, reach out to her financially as well as your brother but keep your distance, your psyche is already messed up as it is, work on rebuilding a good psyche for yourself.

    My dear, from today, rise up and pronounce everything you wish to see in your life by yourself. Stop believing that any parent, pastor, spouse or friend is holding the key to your life. Marriage, joy and a happy life is yours, keep believing and holding on to that. Love and light to you dear.

  12. Your mom could have underlying mental issues that was never diagnosed. Your mom and God who is more powerful. You were determined to succeed and make something positive out of your life and you did. Please continue to believe on all positive outcomes in your life. I read somewhere "why do we easily believe negative outcomes in our lives than positives outcomes." Life is your mindset. What you believed you become. Forgive your mom for yourself not because she deserve it but because you do not have to carry that burden all your life.You deserve all the good things life have to offer. Why should others have a good life and you continue to suffer. My dear sister you are ENOUGH and A GOOD SOUL. ehugs to you. Forgive my typos

    1. great advise ..Christ has redeemed us from curses for those who are His Galatians 3:3..God keep you and give you rest on all sides

  13. My ex really hurt me and doesn't waste time to spite me with the whoever he is with.... It's painful but I tell God to help me care for my kids so they don't miss their absent father. I am hoping for a better job so I can give them the best.

    O God, whatever will make me curse these beautiful kids that have kept me going, may I never see it.

    Sorry poster. Wake up everyday and say positive declarations over your life. It's well!

  14. I know a woman who said she couldn't visit her sick mother. Because her mother was smelling.. Years later, just before her death, she was smelling. The only difference was her daughters had money and were able to hire a help for her. There is the need to forgive your mum. When you don't forgive, it ruins your life. I have seen forgiveness work like magic. It would turn your life around for good. I read God wants you whole in the mid 1990s, for the first time in my life l knew the power of forgiving, yes, even those you think don't deserve forgiveness. Forgive yourself, your brother and mother, and move on. Life is beautiful, don't ever allow others complicate things for you. Young lady, words are just words, they only become dangerous when you start reading meanings to them. I don't take words coming from others, I don't have the time to start reading meanings to them. All my life, l have always believed people have a right to think and use words they want to, but l also have the right not to dwell in what people say. I would rather spend time reading, rather than trying to understand and read meanings. Curses are just words, meaningless words that amounts to nothing. Our forefathers has been playing curses for generations, those worthless words remain worthless

  15. Do a three day dry fast with midnight prayers before traveling to see her

  16. anuty go and see her,but please be very careful...try and forgive her.

  17. What can l say. Marrying a bad spouse is like hell on earth. Your mum was with the wrong spouse. It rubbed off negatively on her to the extent she hated the children she gave birth through the man. Maybe she had no one to advise her then. Read today gist on being raised in an abusive environment. You will understand what am saying.
    Please poster forgive her. Am crying as l type. Please free her from your mind. God has a reason of making her realise her mistakes at old age. Its never too late to make amend.
    That word of whoever wants her dead will die before her has deep meaning. Insist she tells you what she said she wants to tell you later now on phone. Don't wait till later because she might die with the gist. Bible said if your enemy hunger, feed him. By so doing you are heeping colds of fire on him. Make her last days on earth peaceful by your care and giving but do it from afar.

    1. How does your first paragraph make any sense?? The mum married a wrong spouse?? Where in this post did you deduce that??? Na wa oooh

  18. Anon @16.53 and Zaram 19.40 the Poster knows her mother better than you both do. Read again. She was totally focused today on her mother's bad behaviour.

    Think - A woman who curse her children as evil as described by the Poster, would do worse to her husband.

    There are bad men and, yes, bad women too.

    Not all divorce are caused by bad husbands. Bad wives cause divorce too.

    Bad women (wives and girl fiends) have by their actions also bent men to insanity and deaths too.

    Stop propagating the gender war in romantic relationships between men and women.

    Stop poisoning the minds and heart of younger impressionable women.

  19. Listen to your mom, go and meet her, forgive her as well. Clear your mind and spirit of all hatred and hear what she has to say.

  20. Your mum does not want forgiveness. She wants absolution. For your own sake forgive her but don't go and visit her. Whatever she has to say can be said on the phone. Yes, she may be sorry. She may even think she has changed but I am so sorry to say they never change. Forgiveness is not by force especially if there is no repentance and the person still behaves the same way. I suggest you focus on your pwn mental health and well being. Remove bitterness from your life. Yes forgive and care for her but from afar.

  21. I think I remember your Chronicle. Poster I think Stella is right your mother has serious mental issues maybe you should get a psychiatric help.

  22. Poster, hear me well.

    If you want to spend the rest of your days alive while you are living, do not see her.
    Do not go and see her.
    Help from a distance.


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