Stella Dimoko Court Ends 5 Year Marriage On Grounds Of Indecent Dressing,Disrespect And Adulterous Lifestyle..


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Saturday, December 05, 2020

Court Ends 5 Year Marriage On Grounds Of Indecent Dressing,Disrespect And Adulterous Lifestyle..

Messy story!

A Customary Court sitting in Ile-Tuntun, Ibadan, on Friday, dissolved the marriage between one Rowland Ogunebo and his estranged wife, Blessing, on the grounds of indecent dressing, disrespect and adulterous lifestyle.

The court’s President, Chief Henry Agbaje, granted Rowland’s request for the dissolution of his five-year-old marriage to Blessing, after listening to the pleas of both parties.

Agbaje held that from facts before the court, dissolution of the marriage was the best thing in the interest of peaceful living between the two parties, saying it was not possible for two captains to steer a ship.

While noting that Blessing’s declaration of war on her husband was dangerous, he held that the best solution was to grant the plaintiff’s plea for dissolution of the marriage, in the interest of peace and tranquillity.

Agbaje, however, granted custody of the two children produced by the union to the respondent and ordered the plaintiff to pay N10,000 as their monthly feeding allowance.

He also ruled that the plaintiff must take responsibility for the children’s education and other basic needs.

Earlier in his application, the plaintiff, an accountant residing at Kasumu estate, off Akala expressway in Ibadan, sought the dissolution of his marriage to his wife over her alleged wayward lifestyle.

“Whenever Blessing goes out of the house, she dresses indecently, wearing miniskirts, bum shorts and other skimpy clothes that expose her body.
Anytime I try to correct her, she will rain abuses on me. Oftentimes, she tells me to go and die; that she will bury me.
Moreover, Blessing is fond of leaving her matrimonial home for three days or more to stay with her concubines,Most times, she would tell me that she was going to visit her aunt, claims that the aunt usually denied.

“In addition, Blessing usually derides and belittles me everywhere. Our pastor’s advice to her to be of good behaviour has also fallen on her dead ears.
In fact, she inflicted a very serious injury on me when I challenged her for buying wrong drugs for our child who fell ill, and I had to report her at Orita-Challenge police station.
If I give Blessing money to buy food in the house, she will spend only one-third of it on food and the rest on her make-ups. Worst still, she has no regard for any of my family members,” 

Although the respondent denied all the allegations, she, however, pleaded with the court to refuse the plaintiff’s application for divorce, saying she still loved him because of her children.

“My lord, when I had issues with my first husband, somebody advised me to seek counsel and prayer from Rowland to overcome the problem. But, instead of assisting me with prayer, he impregnated,” she told the court.

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  1. Sigh! Instead of assisting you he impregnated did he rape you? No? Why was Blessing having issues in her first marriage? Who caused the issues? So many questions no answers It's a good thing they parted ways I hate toxicity.

    1. What a narrative. May be Roland was one of her “concubines “ that destroyed her first marriage. Na wa .

    2. Did he rape her? No.
      Did he use the name of God and the dire nature of her problem to manipulate her? Yes.

      From the little you've shared about your own relationships, you can come at her with a bit more humanity.

    3. Stupidity abound @18:32 so you can fooled by someone using God's name? What a shame.

  2. What a marriage. Social media brand wives everywhere.
    The lady seems so ignorant of what is being litigated here. Did he rape you to impregnate you? Why did you spread your legs and turn to an ashawo in his house, right in front of your kids? 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  3. Hahahaahaha..
    You impregnated someone that came for a spiritual help..
    What do you expect?...
    Meanwhile,10k for feeding a month is too poor ooo
    Is it to cook stew or soup?..
    Na wah ooo

    1. @Q
      The court will consider the man's taxable income, consider the school fees and
      consider what he can afford to support the woman's taxable income.
      Meanwhile, the woman isn't responsible for being shallow and quick to commit adultery, right?

  4. I hope the woman will be able to take care of those kids. And not leave them and go partying.

  5. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    The last paragraph is wonderful, all these court divorce stories is just hilarious

  6. Lol Rowland what do u expect na. Someone that camr to u for prayers and counseling, is the person u impreginated and later wife her. Oya na enjoy head strong attractive woman. No be only like better thing. Back stabbing people everywhere

  7. Mr. Rowland, somebody's wife came to you for Counsel, you impregnated her instead.

  8. Awon pastor eke... they will go and marry someone with known spiritual problems aka mental problem and be surprised the person behaved out of character. From now on you will learn the bitter lesson that it’s not every hole you enter.

  9. "My lord, when I had issues with my first husband, somebody advised me to seek counsel and prayer from Rowland to overcome the problem. But, instead of assisting me with prayer, he impregnated,”.

    Mr Rowland, na you cause your own problem. You kidnapped someone else's wife and now, you are claiming victim.

    Please, close your prayer shop and focus on your day job.

    This kind of man is not trustworthy enough for me to take his miniskirt allegations seriously. I think he has started praying for another married woman and is desperate to make space in his house.

  10. Sorry o but i find the last paragraph hilarious 😂😂😂😂. What was he expecting before? Why cry wolf now? I only worry about the children, they need care and I wonder if those adults in their lives can do that. What a pity.

  11. Pay N10,000 as monthly feeding allowance? In this Economy? That's is ridiculous .


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