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Monday, December 07, 2020


 Its raining cats,dogs and men here...........hahahahahhahahhahah (whatever that means)

My day is going well and this is the time i get hungry for FOOD,so I am off to quickly make something light oh.......



BV Caesar,i am not angry with you for not collecting your five fingers ok?I only told you it is not transferable....You are my latest Blog Boo...I love you oh....

A lot of you are waiting for me to do giveaway right?I mean Christmas giveaway.
Why don't you do the giveaway?if you think,i can do it,you can also do it...
My inbox is full already and just because i announced the 120k giveaway,some have come inbox feeling the need to take it.....

I am keeping the money until January and will give it to one or two persons to use in starting up something...The Recipients will be my choice and not yours..
I will not be monitoring how they spend it cos some people collect and send themselves into voicemail because they use it for other things....
I wont be monitoring....However i feel the need to pick BV Chinedu as one of the recipients cos i like what he ventured into and i am impressed by his update and feel the need to give him more.....

Let me read the prayer room first and think about it...LOL

Have a great day people



He had told me that one of his very good friend (abi friends) was coming in from Port-Harcourt, that I should be around to welcome him, I said okay.....

So when he drove into the compound, he walked in and I recognized him immediately, we welcomed him, he didn't act shocked to see me, I served him food and water, he was very grateful, he kept smiling, I was already uncomfortable, everything come de catch me, shit oo, piss oo, I was just not myself anymore, someone called my fiance on the phone and he walked inside to receive the call...

The way the friend was acting, I concluded within myself that I could be wrong, maybe he didn't recognize me but immediately my man walked into the other room to take the call, he called my name, he said "Melody Melody, so na you be the new wifey, hmmmm portacot babes una no de carry last, hope he knows you like I know you, cos if he doesn't, I will gladly tell him, trailer park whore like you, Ashawo de do love? I can't watch my friend making a huge mistake and I keep calm".....

 I was dumbfounded.

 I didn't utter a word, hmmmm tears from nowhere was rolling down my cheeks, I stood there looking at this man without moving a foot, then my fiance came out, I told him I got a call from my Mom that I will see them later, so the doctor friend said his wife requested for my number, I quickly gave him my number, when I got home, I thought of so much I could do, including suicide..

 I remembered that those days when I was having that bleeding, I came one day for my normal check up, this same guy was on seat, he requested for some cash from me, I told him that I was not with any money, that my leaking pussy won't let me work and him know say na the jajaina be my head office, we both giggled, he said "And now you de leak seriously, I for say make we rush one, but at least you fit give me head shaa", licking his lips like some lost dog, I gave him a mind blowing BJ in his office that day shaa because I no get option....

So it then dawned on me that I was dealing with a devil....

 I quickly made up my mind that I had been through worse, so whatever he plans to do, he should go ahead, I had concluded in my mind that the relationship had ended......

 he called later in the evening and told me that he'd be spending the weekend in one hotel laidat, that I should come and meet him or he'll tell my fiance everything, I recorded the conversation, I headed straight to my already worried fiance's house, I sat him down and told him everything, I played the recording to him, when I finished, I dropped his ring on the table, got up and left...

Story just dey start!...Watch out for Wednesday.

Chei Ashawo oooooooooooooo.Na so dem go dey jam customer upandan...So sad
I can't wait to read how God turned this around for you Ashawo Melody...LOL





You should not have sent it again after saying not to worry...There is dignity in being broke



We are all aware of how hard living in Nigeria is and how we have to sometimes, overdo and outdo ourselves to keep our heads above water. This invariably brings about stress. 
Stress is your body's response to tension. Put more succinctly, stress is the state of our bodies being on overdrive; the state whereby we are overwhelmed by what we do, see, hear... When we are stressed, our bodies go into overdrive and the efforts that we put in to lose weight and become fit amount to little or nothing. Our bodies interpret stress in a myriad of ways ranging from insomnia, fatigue, tiredness, lack of motivation, mood swings, depression, panic attacks and so on.

Long-term stress can result to life-threatening conditions such as ulcer (a trigger), type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, weight gain amongst others. However, this article would focus on how long-term stress triggers weight gain. 

Long-term stress has been fingered to be one of the impeding factors for weight loss. One behavioural pattern of stressed individual is binge eating. That, obviously, would result in weight gain.

 Other stress-related habits that result in weight gain include insomnia, hypersomnia, sedentary lifestyle, alcoholism and so on. To crown it all, when we are stressed, our bodies produce an hormone called cortisol. This hormone is also regarded as the fight or flight hormone. True to its name, it fights your metabolism, putting your body on a flight mode. When your mobile devices are on  flight mode, all forms of synchronization is put on hold, you cannot make/receive calls or text, neither can you surf the Internet... 

Similarly, when your body is on a flight mode, it is pretty much put on a standstill and that slows down your metabolism, resulting to weight gain. 

Cortisol increases your appetite for junks, fatty foods and other unhealthy carbs. This means that when you are stressed, you would crave for junks and that would ruin your weight loss experience. The presence of cortisol in our bodies inhibits testosterone leading to a decrease in muscle mass. A decrease in muscle mass means a decrease in metabolism.

 A decrease in metabolism means a decrease in calories burnt. A decrease in calories lost means weight gain. As if this is not bad enough, the weight gained due to cortisol rage is targeted around the mid section of our bodies. These fats are usually the hardest to lose and they are the most dangerous to have because they are linked to a myriad of health challenges such as Cancer, Cardiovascular disease, High blood pressure and so on. 

Therefore, it is important to keep our stress levels at bay. Achieving this boils down to:

1. Exercising: Exercise helps our bodies to inhibit cortisol and secrete testosterone. Furthermore, it helps us sleep better, it spikes our metabolism and elevate our moods. All these benefits are elixirs in the fight against stress;

2. Avoid news, people and other triggers that would make you slide into an episode;

3. Be around positively minded people and if possible, confide in them, especially if it is an emotional stress;

4. Indulge in activities that elevate your moods. Provided it is not illegal and immoral, do it!

In conclusion, Nigeria is pro-stress but because we want to be alive and healthy, we must find our ways around it. Worries do not solve a thing. When things are getting out of hand, learn to draw back, breathe, relax and take care of yourself.

Thanks for this................




Hello bvs. Pls I need help on how to start and run a haulage and logistics business, like car hire, delivery, moving and dispatch. We would export goods to other countries for people too. Starting with a van, car and bike. Location is Lagos and Ibadan. I need advice from our knowledgeable bvs. 
Email to reach me is Thank you.
BV OKO ASHAWO the blog Uber driver and writer, pls contact me. Thanks.



  1. Replies
    1. melody, i know say all these ya waka will definitely end in praise for you.. it will almost rained here lastnight, we slept very well lastnight. ....

    2. Very true @ the meme.
      Melody na wa oooooooo. But really Ayam not surprised that he tried to take advantage of you. Waiting to read the follow up.

    3. Chai...Melody ...
      Gaskiya ashawo no be work

      God bless the givers

    4. Don't give up Melody, God is still in charge.

    5. Choi Melody!!!!!!!!!
      Asawo no be work oo

  2. Firstlady blessing7 December 2020 at 14:00

    In this life there are only two options available to you as an individual
    You can either choose to OVERCOME THE DEVIL (by WHOLLY accepting and dwelling in Christ)
    You can choose to be OVERCOME BY THE DEVIL (by living out his wordly lifestyle of sin/unrighteousness)
    SO YOU CAN EITHER BE AN OVERCOMER OR BE OVERCOME --- It's your choice to make
    # # Xtiana Elias Cares##
    # # Spirit 's Insight##

  3. "So you've been having a tough time. You don't know how long more you can hold on. Remember bad days don't last forever. Keep patience alive!"

    ~ Mufti Ismail Menk

  4. Lol Stella, I for don ask for advice before sending it o, she just ignored my message o, I for don hold my side, chai I fucked up biggerly

    1. May be she will still send something later. True true there is dignity in brokenness..😊😊



    2. Don't beat yourself over that,just take your mind off it,the error has been made.

    3. Kpele. Mistake has been made. Just let it go.

    4. Don't give up, God can still touch the person.

    5. There is NO dignity in brokeness. No dignity in poverty and lack.

      But there is SUPREME dignity in being content, in standing by your word, in other being swayed by avarice or anything.

      It brings RESPECT.

  5. Holla guys πŸ₯°πŸ€—

    God bless and replenish your pockets Bv Stephanie πŸ™πŸ™

    @NN @TWE @Official Prestige @TMW @Mkpuru @Uzu OAP Ada @Odun hope darlings are fine?

    Mrs Edwards πŸ₯°πŸ’–πŸ₯°πŸ’– how have you been? Hope it went well? You are missed πŸ€—πŸ₯°πŸ€—πŸ₯°

    Ciao πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

  6. Chaiii Melody is well with you oo, I hope all these ended well, you are so smart to record the interactions

  7. Today ihn get juice.good afternoon everyone,Melody God is your strength.

  8. I knew when Stella announced the giveaway money this morning that her inbox was about to lit up and BVs didn't disappoint 😊 Stella, what can you do... They said there's hunger in the land.
    I support you giving more help to Chinedu.

    BV Treasure, I won't judge you because I don't support rejecting gifts no matter how small., For your family member to complain to you, that means things are really tough for her. You can still send her a message not to send you any money. Things are not easy for a lot of people in the abroad this period, many people just decide to lockup.

    BV melody, I really feel for you... I don't believe your fiancΓ© will call off the relationship just like that. He won't let you go.

    Ashawo nor be work, it always come back to stare at you in you face.

    1. Thanks ma, I will message her Cos shame don dey hook me since

    2. Abroad people now have sense. They will call you and first lament to you on how things are bad for them before you lament your own. Shame will not even allow you to ask them for money.
      Treasure, sent your account details to her. She will dash you money. Forget the lamentation

    3. 15: 02 you are really
      insensitive and stupid. forget the lamentation because she kept money for them abi? do they owe you anything? or you think the covid did not affect them abroad? bloody entitlement mentality

    4. 15:50 you are more stupid and daft. Ewu. If abroad does not favour you, come back home, if you want to die there, stop pouring your frustration on us. Goat

  9. Good afternoon everyone, today's sun no be here Melody I can't wait for the concluding part of the story.
    Bv Sapio Jules thank you for the fitness tips,its not easy in Nigeria

  10. Thank God 4 todayit ?i well..Melody it is well wid ur soul

  11. Melody your story long
    I hope it's end well for you.

    Lol dignity in being broke Stella
    Poster I know how you feel.
    Since you told her with your mouth not to worry. You for no bother.

  12. Melody eeeeehhhhhh...... naaaa wa... can't wait for wednesday episode oooo.. the suspension too much. God help you completely abeg

  13. Stella na this kind your rain we need for naija here.

    My people how una dey?

    1. Rain fall for my side yesterday.

  14. Today I am so grateful to God, my mouth is full of praises, not because I have a dime on me, but because I am alive today.... Oh God be praised

  15. Lol @ there's dignity in being broke

  16. Good afternoon!

    Melody,nawa ooo!God no go shame you.
    BV Chinedu, congratulations in advance. You're blessed

  17. Hiya my darlings😘😘😘😘😘😘. Hope y'all are having a good day. XP Momma, a belated happy birthday to your hubby. Sapio dearie, kudos to you. Ermmm, biko help a sis out. Abeg, how does one loose belly fat sharp sharp??? πŸ˜†πŸ˜†. I'll be expecting your response, thank you.😘😘. Be good my darlings. Loads of love from moi❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Stop eating late at night and start doing exercises

    2. Blacky dearie, I do not joke with my exercise o. I just have a PROBLEM with my belly.
      Adire, I avoid some o. Thanks guys.😘😘😘😘

    3. Hi Candy! I hope you get to see this. Please acknowledge when you do...

      To lose abdominal fat, you should eat clean. By that, I mean low carbs/fats, more vegetables and fruits, avoid junk foods at all cost, drink lots of water... Ditch the soda and alcohol! Since you exercise, you can incorporate core exercise and resistance training to your routine.

      How you time your meals also matters. The believe is that you shouldn't eat once it is 7PM. However, if you are an early bed, you should eat your last meal 4 hours before bed. So, if you plan on going to bed by 8, you should have dinner by 4.

      Note that there are no short cuts to losing abdominal fats, but inasmuch as you do the needful and you are consistent, you must get results.

  18. Hello people
    How can I make passport photo and also change the background of a picture I took with my phone?

  19. Hello IHN...
    How I wish it's so possible to exchange weather. Too hot!!

  20. Hello In House News πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ€—. Very interesting story, I will love to read how it ended. It's raining here in PH.

  21. Thank God for seeing another beautiful Monday. December is going and this year is running to an end. We near our grave each passing day! May God continue to uphold us...Amen

    Good day to us all

  22. Thank God for seeing another beautiful Monday. This year is going gradually and we near our grave each passing day. May God continue to uphold us. Amen

    Melody,what a suspense.

    Good day to us all!

  23. Bv treasure you wouldn't have sent the account details after telling her not to worry but I understand you sha it is well.
    May God cone through for everyone.

    1. Chai, shame don kill me o, I will message her now not to bother, chai I fucked up ooo

    2. Treasure make shame no catch u jor,many of us will do what u did.u know bvs can do follow follow bcos Stella talk everybody go follow..her situation might not be that bad so she can spare few chill something might come out of it.dont ask her not to bother anything.

  24. Christmas is here o. I miss village harmattan mornings and Udara.

    1. Are you pregnant?. You just dey mushy anyhow. Congratulations

  25. Melody, hope the man minds his business because nobody holy pass.

  26. Lesson from Melody:
    Once you get engaged, tell your fiance your past and let him tell his. If he wants to walk, let him do it there.
    Do not let anyone blackmail you in this life. It is worse than a cancer. The process of the two being one starts from
    being open to each other in everything. Thanks Melody, looking forward to Wednesday.

  27. So recently I've decided that I want to learn how to swim.

    I cannot wear a Bikini or one piece. What else can I wear to the pool that will leave me decently covered up to an extent.

    There use yo be this swim wear in the form of shorts and tank top they I saw last in my university days or maybe if I can get the Muslim swim wear.

    Please all suggestions are welcome at this point. Thank you.

    1. There's a one piece bikini with full length tight.

    2. Full body bodysuit they come either in above the knee shorts, below the knee and full length.

      You can find them online especially on eBay

    3. You don't have to worry;there is a one piece swim suit which you can get from Amazon..

      There is one that is up to your knee and also another that is "trouser lenght"..

      Bought mine for 5k six years ago;don't know how much now...

      You wear it same way a jumpsuit is being worn and it covers you up properly..


  28. Ihn welcome!
    This heat will not kill somebody, I need harmattan.
    Bvs, una Weldon

  29. Good afternoon.
    Melody, I can't wait to read it on Wednesday. but some men are very shameful, he want to take advantage of you situation to sleep with you and he called himself friend to your fiance. Your fiance should be careful with such friend.
    Congratulation Chinedu.

    Have a nice day

  30. The Bv asking about Okposi men... I have replied you in spontaneous post.I Can drop the contact of my co-wife from OYO State, if you don't mind.

  31. Welcome Ihn, it also rained here in the garden city, I have been expecting the harmattan yet it has refused to appear, I guess the covid-19 and the recession aslo had an impact on the environment, what a year!!

  32. Melody pls try making the nararation longer biko this piece meal you dish out is not making it easy for me at all. Now I have to sit here and be waiting for wednesday??? This is not fair. I'm seriously rooting you baby girl. God gat you!!!!

  33. Pls I need my blog Id back. I use to comment with my id Nd nw I can’t find it anymore. D lady dat wants to marry an Okposi man, well I schooled in okposi for 7 years Nd I can say dy are good , loving Nd accommodating people. Just dat dy have some stuffs dy forbid, like killing of green snake.

  34. Always looking forward to reading melody’s story... Good afternoon everyone!

  35. I have 14 body count,5 abortions,though I have met christ and I am doing well for myself but I don't think I am deserving of a relationship considering my past,I keep beating myself up wishing I knew what I know now and could have done better.lots of parents and guys see me as a perfect role model for their wards,a good life partner because people often attest I am hardworking with a very large heart but I don't feel the same.was contemplating taking my Ex about my past the last time I was in a relationship when I recieved a call from a friend of his telling me how immature andmuch of a big gossip he is,advising me to move on because I deserve better. Another friend of his also made complaints about how my Ex was spreading malicious stories about his wife.this was after I had prayed that God shows me if my Ex was mine in unmistakable terms,now I have some asking me out but I feel I am undeserving of the relationship based on my past.

    1. you better keep your past to yourself and wait for God to give you a good husband...God does not remember your past so why should you? once you have given your life to Christ old things are passed away. The problem i see here is that you do not really think God has forgiven you. people with worse body count and 2 failed marriages sef have married and are basking in the goodness of this merciful God. so pls move on from your past and enjoy Gods mercy. when you repent of your sins he is faithful and just to forgive us all unrighteousness.

  36. Good afternoon everyone.
    Bv Treasure, don't beat yourself much,as you have sent your account details, leave it like that,it is well.
    This life Sha, ashawo no dey f**k herself oooooooo,na man dey patronize them but after every every na woman dey receive all the blame. I don't support prostitution but it takes two to tango,I've never seen where a man was rejected because he patronize prostitutes but if a woman was one and eventually wants to get married, stories will spring up from different angles... Melody, you truly repented, infact your story is a lesson,God loves you and gave you different chances, I love how you handled the doctor friend, that's how to treat blackmailers,tell your story yourself and watch them crawl into their holes in big shame,I know your story will end well but this should serve as a lesson to us too,if you have anything your partner doesn't know about you and it's know by some other people, it's better you tell them yourself,it's only a secret if it's known to you alone.
    Sign out meme is absolutely πŸ‘πŸ’― truth.

  37. Good afternoon everyone
    @ Melody, at this point, ur story reminds me of scenes I watched from Nollywood movies. I can't wait to see the next. Your dropping the ring was the best thing to do

  38. Good afternoon everyone.. Thanks Sapio for always updating us on the weight loss... The compliment I had on my sisters wedding day was huge. People loved my new look.. I slayed in my beautiful dress. Thanks to u Sapio.
    Finally, wedding don come and go.. I can rest now... Wedding preparation and chores no let me see road to visit the blog. Stella i missed u and ur blog o..Thank God for a successful wedding and Journey mercies to my base.

    1. We missed you too,thank God for the successful wedding of your sibling

  39. TTC annon this morning, not ok;God knows the righwearyt time to bless you with your own child.
    You will testify definitely.

    Betty O, I wish you success in your interview.
    You will succeed.

    To the rest of us,may all that concerns us be good.
    Good afternoonπŸ₯°πŸ₯°.

  40. Melody melody!!!! Gbagam!!!! Idi wosky, I like wetin u do the opportunist,ochoro iri otu free of charge, if u had agreed, he would still tell the guy everything, but bcoz idi sharp and u na correct babe u giveam uppercut. Amu ya dia.

    Treasure it's well, u have already made the mistake by sending her ur acct, what I think u should do is to come clean and tell her that u really need her help, she shouldn't be offended, since u declined initially,Dnt just send it and keep quiet, its rude to me, but if u feel ok, its alright

    Sign out meme so so true, end sars opened my eyes that we actually have the power not them pot bellies.

  41. Bv treasure, you've sent your account detail already don't call her not to send you the money it now depends on her. Also don't be upset if she doesn't send as you also understand her challenges. Call her to check up o her sometimes, but avoid bringing up the account number discussion.

    Melody I await for more of this your story. I applaud you for declining that doctors request and for the bold step you took. I believe it will end well for you.

  42. BV Treasure you shouldn't have sent the account number since you already told her no, but the deed has been done so don't be hopeful. If she sends fine if not move from it.

    I'm really anticipating the end of this your gist @Melody. I refuse to draw to another conclusion.

    Sign out meme, there's peace in unity.

  43. Thanks for the responses as regards Okposi men. Stella, thanks for bringing the comment here.


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