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Friday, December 18, 2020

Mrs Dee's Corner - Keeping A Diary...

The best confidante sometimes that a person needs is a diary.
You can rant, share deep secrets, ask rhetorical questions without the fear of being judged or the information shared divulged or used against you.

The habit of chronicling events or happenings in one's life can be therapeutic. After pouring out your heart in a journal, there's usually this sense of relief that floods the writer as if the person just let go of a heavy load. 

Diary keeping are like verbal/written pictures that capture worded memories of us and for us, just as cameras do. We read through them and the incidents that prompted the writing flash before our faces with fondness or reminiscing.

I have a diary where some of my worst moments, sweet experiences and confused states were detailed, and reading through some of the stories years later revealed how much progress I have made and how certain circumstances that looked as if there were no headway gained perspective and solution with time.

It's even easier now as one doesn't need to carry a book about before inputting information about their daily lives. The fear of an outsider or intruder knowing the details of our diary has been drastically cut down as each e-diary app has a password and sometimes a fingerprint.

No one can really tell how the future will turn out and if one will be famous enough to write their biography. But it will really come in handy for those who eventually do. 
Keeping a journal has also been known to sharpen one's writing skill. 

It's worth giving a try.


  1. Beautiful one Mrs. Dee
    My husband and I have kept diaries ever before we began dating. it is a hobby we both share. Sitting down these days to read through diaries of 10+ years ago is refreshing. It helps one to see how merciful God has been in dire circumstances.
    These days, a lot of ladies are so busy chronicling every events of theirs on social media. You can literarily see even their nudities there. It's so appalling.

  2. Hmm true oh!! I use to keep one and I wrote with greek alphabets to express my feelings..Maybe I will give it a try again!! Honestly I have found writing to be very therapeutic for me!! Thanks Ms Dee for sharing

    1. I started keeping dairies from 13years of age. Stopped in 2015,wen I saw a scanned page on hubby's lappy. Meanwhile my in-laws went searching my box & went thru all of my old diaries, those pple are so nosy... Tueh

  3. Stella i have tried severally since i could write and realized i had emotions.
    I feel its similar to saving nudes on the cloud. Once hacked,all your insecurities will be out in the open.

  4. Keeping diary can be interesting........

    I miss those days i express myself in my diary

  5. Once upon a time I used to do this. I can never try it again.
    As I'm a very expressive person,I let it all out there. I don't know how to hide things and almost everyone who has access to my room read it( it wasn't one diary )
    I can't do it again.
    Whenever I feel so pained or sad about a person or an occurrence,I pick a piece of paper,I write and pour out all my emotions in there. Once I'm done,I will feel so much relief.
    Immediately after that, I burn it.

    It's better than going to confide in a supposed friend who will use you as talking point in future.

  6. I've tried it before but it was somehow stressful putting my pen down to write stuff, when it's not as if I'm taking an exam. I no get time abeg! Besides, what happens if someone else finds it, reads all that should be private to you and tells others?

  7. I just downloaded the app. Thanks mrs dee.

  8. My brain is like a sponge,it soaks and retains all.i remember events from my childhood vividly.
    I stopped using a diary in jss2,just lost interest like that but I will groom my children to keep one.

  9. I did it when I was younger. My mom got hold of it and saw I had kissed a guy. Wo The beating I chopped removed the habit from my body.

  10. Used to keep a diary every year till my ex fiance read how i went all the way from port harcourt to lagos to visit an ex.
    I knew he was going to read it but still left it on the chair cos i really didn't have anything to hide'

  11. Lol.
    I still keep one till today. Been about 5 years since I started. Best decision ever.

  12. I have one... But it's hard to keep it up every day...

  13. i did this for like 4 days lol



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