Stella Dimoko DJ Switch Describes Buhari As Corrupt And Begs ICC To Probe Lekki EndSARS Shooting


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Friday, December 18, 2020

DJ Switch Describes Buhari As Corrupt And Begs ICC To Probe Lekki EndSARS Shooting

Popular Disc Jockey Obianuju Catherine Udeh, also known as DJ Switch, has asked the International Criminal Court (ICC) to begin its investigation on the shooting of #EndSARS protesters in Lekki by soldiers of the Nigerian Army.

DJ Switch stated this while addressing the office of Fatou Bensouda, the ICC’s prosecutor, in a virtual event on Thursday.

Recall that ICC General Prosecutor is seeking full investigations into allegations of “crimes against humanity” and “war crimes”.

Speaking to the ICC, Udeh said Nigerian authorities under the poor, corrupt, and misguided leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari down to his cohorts have all tried severally to deny shooting or clamping down on EndSARS protesters.

Switch said: “#EndSARS is a movement against police brutality, which has since become a much bigger movement against bad governance. The reason is simple. From President Muhammadu Buhari downwards, they are all SARS. This is a government that would rather silence and kill its citizens rather than be guided by their concerns and cries; hide COVID-19 palliatives, that were donated, rather than feed its people.

“One that would rather spend quality time with his cows rather than address its citizens. The same government chose to inject rogue elements into peaceful protests rather than protect its people. Yet it chose to cuddle terrorists.

“It is the same government that froze the accounts of protesters and seized passports but cannot seem to trace the accounts that sponsor terrorism. It states in the constitution that the security and welfare of the Nigerian people is the primary purpose of the government, but on the 20th of October 2020, the Nigerian Army sanctioned by the government stormed the Lekki tollgate in the first wave of assault. There was no warning, just guns blazing.

“We were forced to have a crash course on medical procedures, attempting to extract a bullet from the leg of a protester until one ambulance came from the back. So, please tell me, what then was their intention if not to kill us? At this point, we had counted 15 bodies. A few hours later came the second wave of us of assault by the Nigerian police with the same modus operandi, killing and injuring those of us left at the tollgate.

“The same police also shot at us the next morning. This is just one incident. There is Obigbo. There is Nkpor. There is Zabamari and more. The Nigerian authorities under the poor, corrupt, and misguided leadership of President Buhari down to his cohorts: Governor Jide Sanwo-Olu, General Tukur Buratai, Brigadier Taiwo, FO. Omata, Lai Mohammed, and many more have all tried severally to deny these events while contradicting themselves.”

The Office of Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) had pinpointed 10 possible cases of human rights violations and war crimes in its end of the year report on preliminary examination activities.

It was gathered that the document does not provide specific allegations to be investigated by the court, however, stating that “there is sufficient evidence to be investigated by the ICC .“

The prosecutor’s office said the ICC had conducted a thorough investigation and investigated allegations of mass killings, abuse and abuse.

Fatou Bensouda, a prosecutor at the ICC, said there is “reasonable basis to believe that members of the Nigerian Security Forces (“NSF”) have committed the following acts constituting crimes against humanity and war crime.“

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  1. Their time will come.
    And like you told us, Switchy, we no go gree.
    Stay safe, the movement will continue.

  2. I love your courage djswitch .
    ICC should hasten up abeg
    Naija is in a state of tormoil.

  3. DJ Switch, you are fighting rightly. May God defend you and expose the culprits

  4. God bless Bless Bless and Bless you DJ Switch. No peace for the wicked

  5. And they keep lying. May God bless you, DJ Switch. May the souls of the innocent souls rest in peace, and may God comfort the family they left behind. And all those useless mfs, may they never know peace. AMEN.

    1. Lying about what exactly? About a massacre that never happened, or killings that didn't take place?

      A lot of you folks just have an education and internet access for nothing, you neither add value to yourselves or increase knowledge. The aftermath of NA firing weapons at a crowd would not require digging for victims after 40 days.

      The oldies say, they do not tell blind man that market has closed for a reason.

    2. You that you have "added value" to your life, where has it taken you to? Innocent lives were lost, and you come under my comment to spew thrash. You better disappear before the curses trailing the murderers become your portion.

    3. People were shot but no one died at the toll gate but people died at Ajah side ..

    4. @Anon 16:33, whoever the devil you are, may ogba tum tum gbuchie gi ezi there! Animal.

  6. These foolish girl will get herself killed tryna be d next Mandela..... Na sense person dey use for dese country, u just can't kip talking on air like that,make arrangements on code ,not just for herself buh for family and love once. I knw she wants justice buh with her Speaking out dese way is not good. Nigerians go run leave her once he red oh ..... She should be carefull been abroad does not save sonnoer or lster she go cone back and dese politicians are bad imagine sanusi lamido and ganduje now..and I knw u all will come for me buh its just how I feel and am female so go easy. Bv tastee

    1. Really?
      What if she had died that day?
      If you were among those that died or lose a loved one, would you be saying these?
      Do you really think you're living in this country?
      Do you know the difference between being alive and living?
      Do you know due to certain experience some people already see themselves as dead so they ain't scared of death no more?

      Whether you're a female or not, we practice gender equality here.. if you don't want anyone to come for you, then don't say nonsense and hide behind being female ok? Being female does not put a gauge on your reasoning.


    2. Go easy on you, really??? You can pass your message across, without insulting her. She'll always be a hero, no matter what you think. She livestreamed the whole thing, and the govt still have guts to lie about EVERYTHING.

    3. You have made the most unintelligent comment this year.

      The Award goes to you Taystee

    4. @Taystee this is the most useless comment of the century, you open your mouth to insult her but you want people to go easy on you cos you are a female? Shame on you

    5. At least she has exposed something most of us can't do.

  7. In as much as I love what you are doing but I want you to remember that Nigeria is not a country to fight for, look at what happened to MKO ABIOLA he died trying to make things work for us, Nigeria is a failed state I wish you all the best.

    1. Nigeria will be a better country if we have less people like you.

  8. Talking senselessly to please her idiotic conscience. Yes endsars happened and people were unfortunately killed, despite the denial of Lagos state government, the military and the federal government. But it's absolutely stupid to accuse Buhari of enriching himself with our commonwealth. A guy that served as a governor and petroleum minister in the 1970s.He was the military head of government in the 1980s. No correction case has ever been brought against him. Obasanjo who opposes his government on various levels, said Buhari is not corrupt

  9. She needs security,cos i dont trust this bubu people


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