Stella Dimoko Nigeria Records A Whooping 758 News COVID 19 Cases....


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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Nigeria Records A Whooping 758 News COVID 19 Cases....


NCDC should issue an alert already.....ISSUE AN ALERT AS PRESS RELEASE;do it now!!!


  1. They should do that immediately... Abj is topping
    This virus is real and the second phase is already here sweeping
    Stay safe y'all

  2. A second lockdown is inevitable at this point

  3. There is fire on the mountain, stay safe stay safe🎶🎵. I wonder what they are waiting for.

  4. Stella please stop panicking on our behalf. Nigerians don't handle such panic very well. It was panic that accelerated the spread IN the first place since people were so afraid of lockdown and commenced panicking shopping, some items of which are completely useless to this day.
    Covid 19 is real but panic is not helping anyone either. The vaccine is out, let's pray it works. Let's pray it gets to us.
    Stay safe and and don't let the panic cause you to accidentally infect yourself while trying to stay safe

  5. If information availability will stop the Owanbes that has started in Nigeria months ago, so be it. Stop the Owanbes because the vaccine, the Pfizer and moderne ones at least based on the logistics released by the US military here won’t get to regular folks till Feb/March. You need to be alive and healthy to get the vaccine. If you already have Covid you can’t be given vaccination. Astra Zeneca and others are en route to making theirs. My point is that the vaccine may not reach Nigerians till spring of 2021 unless you want the Chinese version which many countries are rejecting out of suspicion. Create awareness about social distancing and mask wearing with regular washing and hand sanitizing. We have not had get together since March here but it’s for the good of everyone. Remember naijas have started travelling to areas with more diagnosed cases so be careful! Good job Stella for constantly posting the statistics and public health warnings.


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