Stella Dimoko Nigerian Army Personnel Shares Sad Story Of How He Lost His Legs While Trying To Protect His Boss' Cows


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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Nigerian Army Personnel Shares Sad Story Of How He Lost His Legs While Trying To Protect His Boss' Cows

What a sad story!!

He lost his legs trying to stop his Boss' cows from being stolen and now he is crying out because he says he has been abandoned because he is an Orphan....

A very sad story by a NA @HQNigerianArmy personnel. 

''I'm 2009NA/64/5264 l/cpl Abdullahi Mohammed 212Bn Maiduguri of Nigerian Army . I was on duty on 05/06/2015 at garrison commander's house at kaduna, along Kaduna-maraban jos express way in the person of COL DR HASSAN rtd. 

While on duty in his house a call was made by his security men at his farm house which attracted the attention of the wife around 2.30AM that some unknown gunmen were seen around the farm house to steal away his cows.

We insisted not to go but we are forced to move out within the midnight to the farm house to protect the cows from been stolen. On our way to the farm we had an accident that caused two of my colleagues death while I was unconscious in the hospital at 44reference hospital, later I was told my fellow colleagues were death. L/cpl jamilu Ahmed and one Pte Hamisu of the same battalion.

I'm a gallant soldier who is ever ready to serve my father land but this is how life have turned me now,I can not walk by my self,I can't urinate unless through a pipe and rubber,I have a problem with my spinal cord ,nothing serious has been done by the commander of the Nigerian Army. 

I'm now calling on all the public to come to my aids as I have no one to assist me,is that how my life will end ? Because I have no one to stand for as an orphan?''


  1. You could’ve allowed them steal the bloody cows

  2. See how wicked these people are. Am sure army are protecting buratai snakes. Bastard idiots

  3. Oh my God, that is not good at all. Don't the army have a plan for their wounded soldiers? Even that commander is wicked.

    1. He wasn't wounded in National service but personal service,so the person that sent him on the mission that got him to this is to take care of him!

    2. Just what I wanted to write anon 11:21. This was personal service!!

  4. Just imagine, wickedness of the highest order

  5. Let me see who will come and say, he's disgracing the government. When are things going to be done rightly in this country? Choosing animal over humans😭😭😭😭😭😭πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ.

  6. Army is now guarding cows? Wonderful.
    But tough luck to the soldier, spinal cord injury no be beans. Plus he can't gbensh.

  7. What a sad story Kai... GodπŸ˜”

    So how is responsible for him now, Nigerian Army or the boss?

    God please send help from Zion for him.

  8. Cow are important to aboki than human beings. Pele gallant cow protector.


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