Stella Dimoko Nigeria's Information Minister Lai Mohammed Says Policemen Are Afraid To Wear Their Uniforms After EndSARS Protests...


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Saturday, December 05, 2020

Nigeria's Information Minister Lai Mohammed Says Policemen Are Afraid To Wear Their Uniforms After EndSARS Protests...

The Federal Government has said that men of the police force are now afraid to wear their uniforms due to the unfortunate events that led to the death of some police officers during the End SARS protest.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, who made this known during an interview with newsmen in Lagos on Friday, called on Nigerians to empathize with and appreciate personnel of the Nigeria Police Force and other security agencies instead of victimizing them.

He recalled that six soldiers and 37 policemen were killed across the country during the crisis and added that while 196 policemen were injured, 164 police vehicles were destroyed, with 134 police stations burnt.

“Today, many of them are even afraid to wear their uniforms and the result has not been pleasant, in terms of security of life and property.
I want to remind all of us of the saying that a society that makes war against its police had better learnt to make friends with its criminals.
While everyone was fixated on the fake massacre at Lekki Toll Gate, a few paid attention to the way and manner policemen and soldiers were killed.

“In particular, policemen were hacked down in the most gruesome manner that calls into question the sanity of their killers.
Yet, these security agents were treated as sub-humans,” he said.

He also noted that no life was more important than the other, adding that respect for human rights should not be selective.
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  1. Goodmorning Everyone, hope we slept well. It's a new day to be grateful to God. Hope you are all preparing for Shiloh 2020! (8-13 Dec).

    Now to Lie Mohammed, we appreciate the good officers and detest the bad ones. You and I know that the bad ones outnumber the good, besides this your statistics is unconfirmed or how would you feel if I termed it as FAKE NEWS?

    1. Abeg pray for Lai mohammed too

    2. I remember someone sharing his experience with me at the police station.

      That this particular DPO holds fellowship with his team first thing in the morning. They worship and pray.

      My friend went to report a case at the station and DPO was preaching peace. Even his subordinates confirmed he is a good guy and doesn't do dirty stuff.

      A few of them are actually good, very few though.

  2. Eh God! Do something about our leaders. God please do what only you can do. Let a great turn around happen in Nigeria. Amen!

  3. It was all photoshop. No police man was killed. Where are the bodies?🙄🙄.

  4. Still calling the toll gate massacre fake? Imagine! Most of the Police are not on uniforms now bcos they've become robbers, they were even disguising before as police officers, awon werey jatijati🙄

  5. So this man believes some police men lost their lives but End SARS protesters didn't lost thiers. What a WOW..... Does he even have children? For I can imagine the shame they will be going through on his behalf.

  6. When the work of their hands is not gud,wahala for every evil doer

  7. So Lekki massacre is fake but the killing of police and soldiers were not fake news abi, baba Lai please go and sit down. I dey shame on your behalf

  8. Where are the families of the 37 police men killed. Where are the bodies???? Useless liars!

  9. The proverbial dog that is about to get missing no longer hears his master's whistle.A time will come when he who talks too much will no longer be able to open his mouth...

  10. Of course they should.

    They know the evil and atrocities they committed.

    But, I still see them on uniforms though.

    Indeed you are an information minister, always dishing out false information.


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