Stella Dimoko Pastor Tunde Bakare Talks About Graduates Who Find Their Way After School...


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Monday, December 28, 2020

Pastor Tunde Bakare Talks About Graduates Who Find Their Way After School...

Tunde Bakare, the senior pastor of Citadel Global Community Church recently took to his pulpit to give examples of graduates who finished from university but found something doing with their hands.

He particularly laid emphasis on the woman who sewed his agbada, bragging on how she graduated from university few years ago but decided to start sewing clothes instead of looking for a job.

He also gave examples of other graduates who sew agbadas for a living of whom he patronizes their business.

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  1. Bakery too dey talk.He is one of the people that led Nigeria to where it is .O remmber his days of save Nigeria
    Now na how graduate go become Taylor e dey advocate.Abeg , make e go siddon

    1. E say Bakery

  2. I no blame you.. na our mumu never do.. when e do, your type go dey on exhale or in jail, if haven't paid the ultimate price

  3. But you didn't sew agbada after you graduated, did you?
    Stop invalidating people's dreams with all these skewed motivational talks.

  4. Will he be happy if they were to be his children?
    They will send their children abroad to study ,then bring them back to head or occupy good positions. Meanwhile, the members remain in the same post for years.
    And the members children become 2nd class-rated individuals.
    Are graduates supposed to be seeing agbada? No,except if that is your passion. Dont even get me started. I'm tired of Nigeria. I relocated to the UK 16 years ago and it was so painful but now, I have no regrets anymore

  5. Everybody can't be an entrepreneur!!! Some people still need to work

    1. Tell him! Very insensitive comment coming from a pastor fa! If everyone choose to be an entrepreneur who will want to patronize the other? Ent. Isn't something you can bank on the lost sometimes are greater than gains! I'm pissed jare.

  6. I love the comments on this blog.
    I love people's thoughts on this blog,that's why I'm addicted to this blog! Lol....

    Everybody can't be an entrepreneur for Christ sake,sewing or tailoring is some people's calling or interest so don't force people to do what they are not cut out to do and not all tailors are successful. It is just so sad that many live for survival and not passion in this country.

    If everybody is a tailor so who will teach our children in school, who will treat us in the hospital, who will design our buildings, who will do research in the laboratory, who will entertain us and handle the heavy equipment for production, who will nurse the patients in the hospital and so on.....

    It's so sad our so called leaders have this mind set. No nation/ country can develop with out developing different sectors. Not just buying and selling alone.
    May God heal our land.

    1. Amen my sister... you hit the nail on the head

  7. So says the man that built his new auditorium with N13bn and imported seats 5,200 with N560m in a country where some of his church members do not own a two-bedroom house or struggle to pay rent; a country where majority live in poverty.

    How come his own children are not sewing Agbada as graduates or go into carpentry and make those 5,200 seats he imported. 🤦‍♀️

    The Missionaries ensured we had Schools, Hospitals etc.
    I am yet to see any indigenously built and operated YMCA or YWCA buildings in Nigeria.

  8. These pastors and politicians are the problems we have.

    P+P = another P that is problem.


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