Stella Dimoko Rapper Vector Says He Is Grown Now And No Longer Competes For Awards + Says Bragging Attracts Fake People..


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Sunday, December 06, 2020

Rapper Vector Says He Is Grown Now And No Longer Competes For Awards + Says Bragging Attracts Fake People..

 Vector tha viper is my second best Naija rapper after M.I.......

Would love to hear him rap about being grown up and not being interested in clout or money.....And how bragging only attracts fake people......YES!


  1. Replies
    1. 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the moment I saw this post I started laughing

    2. Me too @chocolate noir... Even when I watched Lara and the Beat, I thought about bv vectors boo.. Kinda see her point though..🤔

  2. Ah Stella you don cause wahala today o. That Anon crusher will not sleep today, OMG!

    1. Person wey her panties don wet already. She'll sleep with his pic under her pillow.

  3. True talk vector .
    Live easy! No need to prove a point ☝️ Do your own and let others do theirs .

  4. This guy weh don lose him game.. laifaji album was wack. Rapper turn singer..
    Thank God for Show dem camp SDC.. them boyz still staying real to the game.. I respect Jessie jagz too.. though he's not dropping joint like before but he took the game to another level mahn.. intelligent rap..

    M.I?.. past glory.. now all he does is talk too much and end up making a full of himself, just like the crap he wrote during that dbanj rape saga..

    Now, S.A is ruling rap,Kenya too is coming up.. Nigeria is wining in happy music.. music everyone can dance to and forget their sorrows.. only beat and no or little substance

  5. Here in my country, the actual musicians/rappers are so so underrated. Just don't know why.

    Is this Vector not the best rapper in the country? I don't mean noise making oo, i mean raw rap!
    Don't worry V, awards or no award, you're still the best and a lot of us loves and appreciate you.

    1. He is not the best, he is one of the best shaaa

  6. If a child tells you he is "grown," ask him what he will like to be when he grows up. 😜😜😜😜😜


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