Stella Dimoko WHO Says COVID-19 Vaccination Is No Guarantee Of Virus Eradication And Warns Of Another Pandemic


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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

WHO Says COVID-19 Vaccination Is No Guarantee Of Virus Eradication And Warns Of Another Pandemic

The World Health Organisation, WHO, has said COVID-19 vaccination is no guarantee that the virus would be eradicated.

WHO’s Head of Emergencies Programme, Mike Ryan, states this during a press conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

Ryan also warned that there might be a chance of another pandemic, more serious pandemic spreading across the world, NAN reports.

“The next pandemic may be more severe; we need to get our act together because we live on a fragile planet, and in an increasingly complex society.
Let’s honour those we’ve lost by getting better at what we do,’’ 
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  1. Aahhhhh! Another pandemic?! Not again Lord. Is the world about to end?

    1. The great RESET is about to come!! Confusion everywhere!! WHO is totally helpless!! I learnt last week that a certain doctor discovered a new disease in Congo which has similarities like EBOLA which the name is unknown..!! Guys we need to be very careful!! However COVID is relatively new so with time just like HIV, we will have better ways to combat it!! I always knew that the vaccine is not enough!! Its gonna take some years!!

  2. Lol. WHO should just stop, this their confusion statements is becoming tiring. They should tell the world exactly what to do. (There is pandemic, u must be vaccinated and now people are taking the vaccine, u people are coming to say another thing. What the hell is going on)?

  3. I don tire,baba God, the utterances of man is not your verdict, please the world needs a miracle

  4. These things are what will herald the end of time, and they are upon us.

  5. The one predicted by that 14yr old Indian astrologer I guess.

  6. The earth is the LORD's, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. Psalms 21:1

    There will be confusion in the camp of those that try to stand against the will of God for His people. They will begin to contradict each other, until they destroy each other.

    We are in charge. We do not cower. The greater one lives in us. Amen

  7. vaccination is different from cure or treatment. You are been vaccinated to prevent you from getting the virus. However, people that already has it will still look for a way to treat it. It's very very hard to find treatment for viral diseases e.g hiv/aids, hepatitis, Sars, Mers, ebola, etc. So the vaccine is not a cure at all but for prevention.

    1. When you are vaccinated against a virus, it loses its power to make you sick.


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