Stella Dimoko Apostle Johnson Suleman Releases 38 Shocking Prophecies For 2021 + Predicts Power Will Leave The North!


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Monday, January 04, 2021

Apostle Johnson Suleman Releases 38 Shocking Prophecies For 2021 + Predicts Power Will Leave The North!

Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries has released 38 prophecies for the year 2021.
Suleman in his prophecies predicted happenings within the Nigerian government, some African countries and the world in general.

Speaking during the crossover service in his church, the fiery preacher predicted conspiracy against Nigerian Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo.

Apostle Suleman foresaw a new sect of the Boko Haram terrorist group stringing forth in 2021.
He also predicted that power will leave the North.

See full text of Apostle Suleman’s prophecies below:

I. Fire outbreak in the eastern part of Nigeria.

2. Covid 19 casualties not as worse as expected.

3. I see people protesting against police.

4. Black day in Aso Rock.

5. Foreign Society intervening in National crisis.

6. Serious conspiracy against Prof, Osinbajo.

7. I see a liquor company losing staff. Saudi Arabia will experience an attack.

9. New faction of Terrorist breaking out of Boko Haram.

10.House of horror (Where kidnappers’ victims are kept) expose.

I I. Terrorism sponsor in Nigeria nabbed.

I 2. A renown social media influencer loses life.

13. Music industry needs prayer against restriction and ban.

14. A king dethroned.

15. Warri (Delta Sate), a day of horror (Prayer needed).

16. Joseph Biden’s health needs urgent attention.

17. Collapsed Bridge (Let’s pray for preservation).

18. CBN be alert. I see fire outbreak.

19.A year of great revival for Christians.

20 I see Cows fighting their owners.

2I. Politicians to be jailed. (Nigeria).

22. Ghana to have major economic crisis.

23.I see pirates kidnapping in Ghana.

24. Togo to mourn a leader.

25. Train going off the rail but crisis averted.

26. Niger Delta to mourn a great leader.

27. Northerners to turn against leadership.

28. CNN to have major crisis.

29. I see family of a veteran Yoruba musician crying over his demise.

30.I see Ebola return but not in Nigeria.

3I. Agricultural boom and constant rains.

32 Inter-tribal crisis (Nigeria), prayers needed.

33. Let’s seriously pray against a plane crash.

34. Power to leave the North.

35. U.K Prime Minister needs to pray over his health.

36.I see influx of strangers (Nigeria border).

37. Major TV Channel burgled and razed down with fire.

38.Divine intervention for a Nigeria Footballer.

from Dailypost..

*Black day in Aso rock?Hmmmm is this the part where Osinbajo comes in as President?God please protect VP Osinbajo for me,let no harm befall him in Jesus name!!!


  1. I swear Africa pastors no they shame, especially Nigeria pastors, the are all there for the money, that's how they came up with different prophesies in 2020 but they did not see the most important one.
    You guys should just hide your faces in shame and allow 2021 to unveil what it came with.

    1. Na them sabi
      I almost said amen to some of them sef 🤣🤣
      Abeg 2021 I go blow well well (financially)

  2. Whether the prophecies are true or not, we as individuals NEED God more than anything. Know God for yourself.

  3. Very Vague as usual

  4. Madam Stella,I saw this osibanjo prophecy too oo.that day will be bloody!!!.. killings inside also rock God please help your children oo.A RESOUNDING AMEN TO YOUR PRAYERS

  5. *farts*
    Walks away

  6. God shld protect Osibanjo for you Stella? Really? That power drunken intoxicated so called “man of god” who has sold his soul to the devil. Why can’t or hasn’t he resigned like other notable good conscience people do in other countries

    1. It's not as easy as we think@Osibanjo's resignation!
      If he leaves,they will hunt and do something deadly to him/family!
      This particular administration is cultlike,they have serious dark/secrets that they won't allow anybody that knoes/seen it to leave like that!

    2. Resign because of what? People will just open their mouth waaa and spew rubbish x nonsense.

    3. You are the uncouth being opening ur mouth waaaa to spew rubbish. How many times have we seen presidents resigning when they are not in support of what is going on in their country. Ewu meeehhhh

    4. Anon 15:16. So he will be able to make a difference by resigning and watching from afar??? Chai! who do you laidis? Ewu gambia

  7. All these their predictable prophesies. Now Coronavirus has entered prophesy, but they couldn't see it coming. Deceivers club association.

  8. I don't take his prophecies serious after checking the previous ones and comparing them.

    I believe and trust my God for a better 2021 for us all.

    Soldiers dealt with bandits/kidnappers and from the news I got they killed over 900 people including their women in a village around Birni in Kaduna.

    Eesah confirm and tell us.

  9. Replies
    1. This made me are still asking for number 8...ya funny

  10. Hmmmmm

    I sha like number 20 and 34

  11. Why do they always see bad things. Is God a God of Bad things. See how they are painting God black. Mmmchew!

  12. Cow will attack their owner?

    1. This was my personal favourite. I don't blame them, only feed them to steal their milk or kill them. Let the cows finally have a

  13. Lmao. I don't know why I have issues with this prophecies. Is it that God that is all loving never shows these guys anything good? Bad prophesies Everytime

  14. What these prophets do is look at the events around the globe, make their assumptions from there and term is prophesy. How come with all their predictions on December 31st 2019, not even a single pastor saw COVID-19 and how it will ravage the globe.

  15. I say Amen to the one of cow chasing their owners 🙏


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