Stella Dimoko BBNaija Star Kiddwaya Is Threatened By Troll For 'Disgracing' Co-star Erica After He Says He Is Trying To Find Love


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Monday, January 11, 2021

BBNaija Star Kiddwaya Is Threatened By Troll For 'Disgracing' Co-star Erica After He Says He Is Trying To Find Love

Big brother naija season 5 star Kiddwaya says he's not a playboy, talks about his  life, lowest moments, career, relationship with co- star Erica Nlewedim and says he is looking for love .........then he got an inbox threatening to drag him for disgracing co star Erica..


While in the BBN house, you cooked a lot. How did you become a great cook?

I have always enjoyed cooking. I usually watch cooking shows and I have always being curious of different ingredients. Also, I have always been very experimental. Even in Chemistry class in school, I would mix different chemicals. My mum knew I loved cooking and always tried new things. I also attended a cooking school and I applied the skills I learnt.

What is your favourite food?

My favourite food is beef burger and probably, chicken and chips. In recent times, I have this new obsession of eating ‘swallow’ and soup, especially when I have a hangover.

Rich kids are usually perceived as brats but you seem to be well behaved. How did your upbringing shape you into the man you are?

I went to boarding school at the age of six, so I had confidence and independence from an early age. Imagine being alone with people of different nationalities for years. I learnt about different cultures and how different people act. My environment shaped me into who I am. And, whenever I went home for holidays, my parents instilled a certain level of discipline in me, which kept me focused. My experience in the boarding house made me humble and understand people. I never look down on anyone.

You have a tattoo that says, ‘Only God can judge me’. But you’re in the public eye and get judged by people often. How do you balance that?

I always remind myself that “nobody will follow one to the grave”, so one cannot live one’s life based on what other people think of one. I trust my process and I have confidence in myself. Whatever I put out or say might not be the right thing, but I make sure it would do more good than harm to me. I am very confident and I try not to listen too much to outsiders.

In the BBN house, you showed off your acting skills. Is that something you intend to pursue?

Absolutely. I have got a lot of movie offers but I have not accepted because I feel it is not time. I respect actors because they are doing great jobs. When one is acting, one has to immerse oneself in the role. Before I go into acting, I want to be in good physical condition. Next year, I would look more into acting. It is definitely something I have wanted to do right from childhood.

Due to your privileged background, some people believe you have had an easy life. What is your reaction to that?

The question should be, “What do people refer to as an easy life”? I don’t think any life is easy. My experience in 2020 has not been an easy one, and I am sure that goes for many people as well.

Yes, I had an easy life in terms of not having to suffer like some people, and that is on one level. However, expectations are very high from my family. At some level, they expect one to do things well and that starts from school. Life is not easy generally, especially when one is an adult. But, when one works hard, one can make life easier for oneself.

What are the most important life lessons you have learnt over the years?

One of the most important things I have learnt is to always treat people with love and respect. One does not know who the person sitting on the floor today would be tomorrow.

To some people, you cut the picture of a playboy. How would you describe your love life?

I do what I want, while being a gentleman. I would not really say I have a love life. I am more focused on work, the future and making a better life for myself.

Are you a playboy?

No, I am not. People think I am a playboy because I am gentle, nice and look good. I am just nice to women and I know how to treat them. The fact that I have a lot of women around me does not mean I am a playboy. If I want to get married today, I would do that. And, if I want to date a girl, I would also do that. If I want to get married, I would be committed to a long-term marriage. I don’t think I have a love life. I think I have a life and I am trying to find love.

Are you saying you are single?

You would have to wait and find out. The year is just starting.

Where did you learn how to treat women?

I attended co-educational boarding schools, so I interacted with a lot of girls and learnt about them. I also grew up among strong women. When one is around powerful women, one would learn how to treat women.

How would you describe your relationship with Erica Nlewedim and how did you feel about her disqualification from BBN?

I don’t want to talk about her disqualification. She should be the one to talk about that. Besides, she is trying to move on from that. She does not want to be reminded about it every time. However, our relationship is cool.

What were the most memorable experiences of your childhood?

I loved boarding school. I also loved being with the friends I grew up with. However, what I enjoyed most was the fact that I was always with my friends and I felt very independent at a young age. My childhood was very different from the average childhood where kids play with toys. Mine was with foreigners and that is why I have a lot of connections.

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  1. Some people have got too much time on there hands and no sense.

    1. Na wa oo. These fans are goinv extra length kwa🤣🤣🤣

  2. Is this still happening? 😆
    Kidd should ignore nonentities like this.

  3. Replies
    1. What if it's Erica creating fake pages to pressure Kidd? Lmao funny concept aye

  4. Stupid people, that's how they did with Miracle and Nina, they wont face their life.

  5. Misplaced priority.
    Next year,he or she will switch to another bbn star.

  6. People have alot of times on their hands, is it by force to be in relationship with your favorite? Please stop!!!!

  7. Kiddwaya problem be like mtn..everywhere you go.

  8. This is a brilliant young man who knows what he wants and is focused,he doesn't allow himself to be pressured or distracted by what think or say.Hmm,I do love him.
    That one shouting Erica,y don't u go get in a relationship with her,since that's your only problem in life, deluded fans

  9. Honestly, dunno why people find it difficult to move on with their personal lives once BBN is over. You will be there busy fighting another person's battle. Someone that wouldn't fight for u oh even long after the show is over.

    We need sense as Nigerians sha

  10. #EndSWAT #Endpolicebrutality Phoenix11 January 2021 at 09:13

    This is just cult worship of Erica. She just want t08Please interviewers can you guys stop asking same questions over and over again! Talk about Kiddwaya upcoming projects and his brand. Erica Erica is becoming annoying. The guy has said time and again that Erica is not for him for now.

  11. Wahala wear kokoshoe...

  12. Erica has the most toxic fans this year. I'm sorry to say that. The way they all came out to support the lady that sent Kidd that message yesterday says a lot about them. Instead of calling the person that sent that vile message out, I was surprised to see a lot of embarrassing posts/comments insulting and dragging Kidd and his family saying he shouldn't have posted the message knowing it was Erica that was going to get dragged. The same Erica that posted a message one of her fans sent to her insulting Kidd and comparing her to Mercy Eke. And non of her fans dragged her. The girl that sent this message to Kidd is always insulting him and his family and even tagging him to the posts. But instead of elites to call her to order they were busy cheering her on. This same girl commented on one of Erica's post saying Erica means a lot to her and that she would not hesitate to drag anybody sets Erica up for drags even if it's Erica's father. I was embarrassed by her comment but to my surprise, some elites were busy hailing her and saying yes that's how much they all love her. I never knew they are fans who love their faves more than their parents and family members until I met Erica's fans on Twitter. Erica please watch your back. It's not about having the biggest fanbase but having a fanbase with mentally stable people. Those are the ones that would definitely turn against you when the new season of big brother starts later this year.

    1. *I never knew they were fans who loved their faves*. Please pardon all my errors. Typed in a hurry. I'm just tired of BBN entitled fans and their toxicity. I mean he just lost his grandma early hours of yesterday and the first message you as an Erica fan could send him was about him not being in love with her? And how You were going to drag the grandma he lost that same yesterday? You couldn't even sympathize with him. Very low of you.

    2. You deserve chilled beer.

  13. Is it by force? One thing I respect about Kidd is his stance on Erica has never changed from day one. He's not a wishy washy type of guy. If he likes a woman you will know. If he does not like a woman you will know as well

  14. Most of these delusional fans see themselves in Erica. They are going thru same confused situationships in their love lives so a win for Erica seems like a win for them. People need to stop deceiving themselves and take life as it is. Person no love you no mean say the world go end.

  15. Erica practically threw herself on this guy that's why he doesn't know whether he wants the relationship or not, after this sort of interview,a sensible lady will give this guy space or break but no this girl will post another playful video of both of them. When a guy is misbehaving, leave him and let him miss you a little and receive sense but Erica is too insecuret o give Kidd a break. I'm not saying Kidd doesn't love her but he needs time and space to realise this which Erica is not ready to give. Erica give this guy a break and behave as if he doesn't exist,if he loves you, he will come back to you and if he doesn't, the relationship is not worth it in the first place. Mike Adeyemi and Nikechi are back together, am not judging you but just advising.

  16. He should be respectful to Erica, her only crime is that she is in love with him. Unfortunately, she expresses it in the most bizarre way, refusing to admit it, yet she is all over him and everywhere with him.

    He should respectfully decline answers to sensitive questions. You don't have to be disrespectful to any woman you sleep with, not even if she is a prostitute. Be a gentleman!

    Erica has not granted any interview yet, laying claims to him. Well, if that happens, he can choose to clear the air.

    1. One of the stupid delusional fan.

  17. He's always granting interview and all his interviews always focus on relationships. Can't he skip this relationship interview and focus on his carrer. I hope Erica will borrow brain and leave this kid. She should focus on her acting career. Someone that claims to be an actress, I've not seen her in any film since they left the house. All these fans and trying to live their lives through their faves. Another Bbn show will soon start and they'll all move on.

    1. But Anon making a movie is not making a music,it takes months so that your statement no follow abeg.if you want to watch her movies,look for her old movies and watch!!

  18. Erica's fans forcing Erica on Kidd like he is her only achievement in life

  19. I have a question;
    Having sex on national television is that the definition of
    "well behaved," that this interviewer was chanting? 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  20. Erica is a fine girl and should stay happy with problem without a man..People should leave Kidd alone oo

  21. This is how we shipped Mercy and IKE @Merike , till they ship wrecked. Tobi and Alex@Tolex till the Yoruba demon did his thing. I had hoped some people will learn a thing or two.

    1. Abi....make we learn...hahahahahahahahahaha

  22. Empty and worthless dragging

    He is not a price
    She is nothing to write home about in terms of achievements

    The worship of irrelevant and inconsequential people must stop

    If you add no value to the world
    Please get lost
    Fame whores and attention seekers with bandwagon mentality
    Oxygen thieves


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