Stella Dimoko Commissioner Suspended Over Teenager’s S3xual Harassment Allegation


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Monday, January 04, 2021

Commissioner Suspended Over Teenager’s S3xual Harassment Allegation

The Ogun State Government has suspended the Commissioner for Environment, Abiodun Abudu-Balogun.
The suspension will remain pending the conclusion of an independent investigation into an allegation of s#xual harassment by a 16-year old named Barakat Mayowa Melojuekun.

Secretary to the State Government, Tokunbo Talabi, announced the sanction in a statement on Sunday.

Abudu-Balogun was ordered to cooperate fully with the Police on the probe.

“As a government with zero tolerance for gender-based violence and indeed any criminality, the suspension is a further demonstration of the commitment of Prince Dapo Abiodun Administration to fairness, equity, justice and the rule of law, no matter who is involved”, the statement read.

The SSG assured the public that justice will be served in the matter.

Abudu-Balogun has been directed to immediately hand over to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Environment.

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*I hope he will not blame the devil for this?Mscheeeeew


  1. The devil should blame these Nigerian men for accusing him wrongly, devil dont use them, na them de use the devil.
    What is this influential man that can afford a good looking olosho finding in this small girls body? See the shame his dick has brought to his family. Na wa

  2. New year package for him,, when a man refuses to control his other brain, the brain will set him on fire.

  3. Good, very good.
    Better times are here. At least, answer to the charges and clear your name, if possible😏.

  4. It’s was kind of a ritual thing.

    1. Swears. That area and ritual are 5&6

  5. Randy he goat.
    Your day of reconning is here

    1. This your reconning sha🙄

      I no sabi the correct spelling sef but I sure say no be that thing wey you type.

    2. Abeg me self forget the spelling. If you get the correct one help me out.

      One love

    3. Me self dey here wonder say no be the correct spelling be that too. But I can't remember the correct spelling.😂😂😂

  6. Great news. Iranu commissioner

  7. Nonsense..
    I don't believe any rape allegations from any Nigerian girl until I have heard the man's part and proper investigation has taken place.. all these Delilahs and karashikas everywhere..

    That's how back in school, my cousin came to visit me, he then invited this pretty girl he was crushing on that was a student of my school over, to come see him in my place..
    That's how we got introduced, after he left, babe stated to come over to see me with different excuses, from saying she wants to come charge phone, to come and eat, to coming to collect money etc etc.. she was doing all this without my cousin knowledge, me also didn't bother telling my cous cos they're not dating, though I knew he likes her.. from coming over to maga me, we stated flirting, just normal touching boobs and ass shii..

    Then one day she took money from my wallet without my knowledge, I only found out after she had gone, I was mad and I lambasted her badly on phone for stealing, maybe she was scared I'll out her to my cousin or whatever, but what the okpeke did next was to call my cousin and tell him that when she came to my place I attempted to rape her.. na so that one sef mumu, as per crusher, call me say why I won rape 'him' babe.. I curse am until him get sense.. babe tell you since say she dey come my place steady? When I finish with am, him wise up..

    What I'm trying to say is that sometimes there would be a misunderstanding somewhere and these vindictive witches, either to save face or revenge would make the rape allegations and the society would just rush to support them cos women look weak and innocent, especially when they are crying crocodile tears..

    That's how one "good Christian" girl that got pregnant also wanted to tell me that the guy drugged and raped her, she think say dem fit use tears deceive me, I ask am how he drug her, she said he must have planned with the beer parlour people before they went there, I asked her if the drink was opened before it was brought, she said no, that but maybe it was put inside the cup.. say cos she no rinse the cup before she pour the spinoff inside, say she just begin feel dizzy, she come tell the guy to take her home, say as they enter house the guy begin take off her clothes say she was too weak to fight him off, say she just dey ask am what are you doing 😃😃..

    Omo ehn, I tell am make she shut up with that cock and bull story jor.. Shey she dey whine me nii.. in summary, the rape allegations actually stated when she got pregnant and the guy told her to abort it, her eyes come open say the guy might not really be hoping to marry her like he promised, na so she begun claim rape victim..

    Nonsense destiny destroyers

    1. Oh well, the guy should come out and defend himself then for it's only fair to hear his own side of the story.

      However, it's still an allegation until proven.

      I only hope the girl is not intimidated to retract if this is true. I also hope she has receipts


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