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Monday, January 04, 2021


 Wey Dem!!!!


Welcome to the first in house news of the year Twenny twenny one!!!
What are you people expecting to see inside here?

This will be a year of selective giveaway...hehehehe
There will be lots of favoritism as well...
There will be zero tolerance for yansh lickers...
There will be more data giveaways 

What else for my New year spish?hehehehehehehehehehehe



My original diagnosis from HSG was a blocked tube that could not even being accessed, and a womb that had adhesion/scar tissue. 

   A veggie diet plan is a great start and should be a continuous process, make it part of your everyday life, especially green juicing. As it helps replenish lost nutrient, keeps your reproductive organs well nourished.

 I personally added beetroot to my diet during my ovulation as I researched that it was good for ur ovaries and lining of the womb . Your vegetable Could comprise of a mixture of any vegetable like ugwu, green, garden egg leaf, water leaf,cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, spinach, beetroot daily, Blended and sieved, drink the juice on an empty stomach and if possible all day. I personally add a touch of Ginger on my veggie juice as ginger helps with blood circulation in the womb, and also make the juice easily consumed. Less or zero carbs intake, lots of water. 

Vegetable should be washed before cut so as to retain full nutrients. Veggies juice once made can only last 24hrs , do it's best to make daily n consumed before the end of the day.
  I also used a something called serrapeptase, Chinese tea, cold pressed Castor oil, you can Google all of the above to get a clearer understanding. 

   First meal of the day should be from 12pm, all u take in the morning is just green juice or on some occasion fruits. Last meal of the day shouldn't exceed 7pm. 
Castor Oil is a natural oil made out of castor seeds, should be used for pelvic massage with hot water bottle daily, early in d morning or 2 hrs after dinner. U can Google the procedure from youtube it's easy. Pelvic massage is super important as it helps break scar tissue and it's very effective. Also during ovulation you should put this on hold  if u are actively TTCing. 

Light exercises like planking, stretches, walks also helps break down scar tissue. You can check youtube to see exercises that aids fertility.

   Above all prayer is the key, I kept praying that God should use this as an element of my breakthrough.

Thanks Stella for this great opportunity to share.

Thanks for sharing babe...I hope someone is blessed from this...



''Stella darling let me share something saddening that occurred at my workplace on December 31,2020. 
Some colleagues were sent text messages to be at work even when they were not on duty.
On arrival, management issued sack letters to them without any notice.
Though I was not included, I feel hurt about what happened. Please where do they start from? It is well. I pray God gives them something better''.

so so sad.........



Good day Stella, pls help me post this in chronicles section.
I have this fear I wouldn't be able to conceive, no clinical diagnosis of anything and my period is very regular but I still have this irrational fertility fears. Any small thing i noticed about myself i will google it and its increasing my health anxiety. 

It's just a random thought this had been on my mind since I knew what reproduction means, I have seen a gynae but she just laughed it off that it's very common and she do hear it all the time. 

Please how can I overcome this fear, I'm even afraid my wedding is early next year but this thought is killing me and I feel like postponing it again.

This is not a matter for chronicle...So you postponed your wedding because of fear you might not conceive?I am shocked and dont know what to say...what is the reason you want to get married?For companionship or to make babies?Where is this fear from?



Inasmuch as eating clean constitutes a chunk of what you have to do to lose weight, exercise is still required to beautifully complete this process. Exercise is ANY activity that makes you break a sweat and increases your heart rate. Note that you do not necessarily have to register in a gym to exercise. You can exercise in your living room, bedroom, at work, while sitting and so on. 

People exercise, in relation to weight loss for the following reasons:

1. To Boost Metabolism: When you exercise, you burn calories faster and this burn continues even after exercising. This causes a surge in your metabolic rate. Note that in order for you to maximize your metabolism, lose more calories and gain more toned muscles during exercise, you should lift weights. You dont need a gym to do that. You can fill two buckets or jerrycans or big plastic bottles with sand or tiny stones. Alternatively, you can use your mortar if it is heavy, sack of Rice, tuber of Yam, etc. These can serve as your weights. You can lift these weights for a 20 count (repetitively), you can also lift them and do your squats.Take note that the more calories you lose, the heavier the weights you have to lift. 

2. To Improve Moods and Fight the Stress Hormones: Exercise improves our moods, thus wading off the stress hormone (cortisol). We examined the downsides to this hormone (anxiety, depression, weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc) and an activity as simple as exercising can prevent all of these from happening.

3. To Build Muscle Mass: When you exercise, especially strength exercise, you gain more muscle mass. The more muscle mass you gain, the more calories you lose and the more revamped your metabolic rate becomes. When you gain muscles, your body becomes well toned. Depending on the nature of the strength exercise that you indulge in, your glutes and abs become really toned, giving you a more appealing body structure. Note however, that your weight may not drop on the scale due to the gained muscle mass, but this doesn't mean that you are not losing the weight.

4. To Keep Fit: The overall resultant effect of exercise is a fit body. For instance at the start of your exercise routine, you may not be able to do 50 skips at a go. Once you attain general body fitness, you can do 2000 at a go. This means that your body has been revamped and upgraded into a sports machine, being able to absorb stress better. 

5. To Increase the Caloric Deficit Index: when you exercise, you lose calories, this in addition to your BMR( the calories your body needs to function and stay alive) would create a higher calorific deficit that your body has to make up for, thereby making you lose weight faster. If your BMR is 1900 calories and you lose 800 calories from exercise, it means your body has a deficit of 2700 calories. If you stick to a 1500 calorie diet (benchmark for women), this brings the deficit to 1200. This means that you would lose 1 pound every 3 days and 1KG every week, all things being equal. 

Consistency matters a great deal because stopping abruptly would reverse all the results achieved. It is important to carve out a workout plan that works best for you. This may be skipping, biking, swimming, dancing, brisk walking, house chores and then pair this up with any suitable strength exercise. However, note that pace matters a lot. For instance if you are adopting brisk walking as a means of exercise, you must walk really fast (as fast as your legs and weight can allow). Whatever method you intend to adopt, it is important that you attain and maintain a MET (metabolic equivalent) of 3 and above. Brisk walking equals a MET of 3, jogging equals 4, skipping equals 12 and so on. 


Minimally, 40 minutes a day, four times a week is just perfect. You can surpass this limit, but listen to your heart. 



  1. I hear some ladies say they'll file for divorce if their husband requests for DNA tests done for their kids.

    Yeye dey smell. Accountability should never be foreign to you because you own a vagina madam. Marriage doesn't automatically confer trust. Trust isn't dashed out. It is earned. Bro if she wants to leave because you requested for a DNA test, irrespective of the outcome of the test, let her go and celebrate her exit. You both aren't meant to be together. Let her carry her trust and give to Canadian embassy when they ask for DNA test result.

    I hear some ladies justify infidelity because of the husband's infertility. Hanty, o wrong nao. Just leave if you both can't make a joint decision on how to deal with your husband's low sperm count or impotency. Spinning shit and justifying foolishness make you look very stupid and wicked. There are plenty options, sperm bank, surrogacy, adoption, including where your husband allows you have sex with other people, ayé ń ṣe irú ẹ.

    A particular hanty here isn't even married yet and she's already sweating over DNA test. Wee you keep kwayet and slow down on the vituperation? These types are still the ones that tear paynt when they're denied phone access codes.

    Brothers stop marrying witches!


    1. These same men won't allow married women to rest...looking for who to deceive. The man clamoring for DNA is also frolicking with a side chick that has committed abortions for him.
      People should just rest about this DNA ish.

    2. BV that successfully unblocked her tubes naturally, thanks for sharing.

      There's power in green veggies that a lot of people don't know. Always drink on empty stomach like she said

      Celery juice is also very powerful and can heal all sorts.

      I don't wash and drink my green though because I have a slow juicer so it squeezes out every juice in the green.

      Let us make healthy living our lifestyle.

  2. Good afternoon Stella and BVs.
    Please your inputs are needed here urgently.
    I'm planning to go into frozen foods business and there are things I need to know and also get your suggestions on.
    1. Where can I buy ice fish from?
    2. Can I use solar power for the deep freezer or I should go with generator?
    3. How do I get those cartons used in putting the fish and chickens?
    Please do not scroll pass, help a fellow.
    Location is Bayelsa.
    Thanks for the time and inputs.

    1. 1. You can ice fish from Delta State , or Port Harcourt or you can buy from within seller in yenagoa . 2 yes but I will advice gen or schuld a good location were there is constant light .3 I don under your nos 3 question . I stay in yenagoa I sell ice fish at tombia market, but also no that there is loss is high more than the gain , since you are new in the business

    2. Go to people who deal on it,will give you better answers.Buy solar deep freezer which is cheaper cos NEPA ain't reliable.Study this Biz first and also consider your location.

    3. Sorry, I'm not so sure. But look around you for people selling those things and make enquiries from them . Someone may be kind enough to help you. Or you just might meet their suppliers.

      The cartons come with the fish and frozen foods.

      Hope this helps.

  3. Beautiful afternoon to us all🥰
    Thanks for sharing your story the tube blockage bv. I believe some persons will learn from

    Shapiro,you're doing a good job.weldone👏👏👏

    Sign out memo is lit🙌
    Let's keep being ourselves.
    Enjoy the rest of the day.

  4. Good afternoon everyone..Sapio Jules thanks for the writeup..Poster with sacked colleagues Don't worry God will make a way and they will sure get better offers!! Poster you need to see a therapist, you have an unusual fear and you need to work on that before you get married..It is well with you..Poster with veggie therapy that is great, you can never go wrong with organic vegetables..

    1. Hi dear.
      My POP is next month and l need to have my CV ready. You promised to help inexperienced applicant like me

    2. Ok Hi i posted it on today's SP..Please go over there and read..Will post more tomorrow's SP. congrats in advance

    3. Ooh dear, I'm just coming from SP. Thanks

  5. First IHN of the year.
    God bless us all.

    Mimi Love

  6. Good Afternoon everyone here...

    Still in the mode of celebrating💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃🍸🍾.

  7. 1st IHN in year 2021💃💃 May we all witness the 1st IHN in coming year 2022 and more to come🙏🙏

  8. Please does breast pain right after ovulation means something is wrong? Google will kill me before my timw

    1. Was it rumpled during the festive?..if no,check for lumps by massaging it while lying flat or go for mammogram

    2. Stop prophesying eveil for yourself

      Which one is Google will kill you?

    3. I tire o...I reject it for you o...have a positive mindset please.

      Poster that the colleagues were sacked...God will surely make a way.

      Congrats...on the achievement using veggies.

    4. Dietician nezz,I don't understand your question. Are you asking if her breasts were "rumpled" during d festive period? Heheheheh

  9. Poster with the infertility fears not only you o, right now I have diagnosed myself with endometrosis, pcos, blocked tubes hormonal imbalance just name it.. I have this fear I won't be able to have kids too..

    1. Lol. You are funny. You diagnosed yourself? I have had so many health challenges but one thing I refuse to give the devil is the chance to hold me in the bondage of fear. Free yourself dear,when it's time to have those babies we are going to have as many as we desire. I am gunning for quadruplets so I can have enough time to get back to shape. Tell me how many are you going to have? Come on,out with it. Say it and you will have it

    2. The thing fear can cause ehn. Poster it is well. Just relax your mind. You will get pregnant.

      Good afternoon my lovely bvs.

    3. Please no matter the issues,try speaking positively to your self please

    4. Anon 14.09 Look at how you are cursing yourself. Chai. Better change your thought and confessions.

      Me, I always knew that the first time I had sex, I would take it. I just know it and that was how it happened to me once I got married, it was one touch.


  10. Replies
    1. Poster of being able to conceive,don't fret cos God gat you.I had that fear too but had to overcome it by rejecting the voice/thought.

  11. Does anyone here know how to make stick meat???? Like the type that will taste like tinko.

    I really wouldn't mind the full guide on how to do this as soon as possible please

    1. Eka go to Youtube, lots of help available

    2. Look up beef kebab recipe on YouTube

  12. If you’re having a bad day, just remember that you've managed to get through every bad day you’ve had. You'll make it through this one too. _realinwords

  13. Went to the office happy but so sad now. Might be jobless by January ending . Please o, I am job hunting, I can do front desk and customer service

    1. Don't worry God gat you..You aint gonna lose that job..Have faith

    2. Thanks Phoenix, I am praying strongly. Putting all faith in God

    3. Stay strong and remain hopeful.

    4. Hmmmmmmmm
      I believe something else will come up. It's what I always believe

    5. Even if you lose the job, know that it's God's way of opening greater doors and opportunities for you. Don't be afraid, just keep rejoicing.

  14. Good afternoon everyone. Hope you're enjoying your day... May God grant all our hearts desires 🙏🏿

  15. Good afternoon. Have a nice day.

  16. Thanks for the suggestions on "unblocking blocked tubes and adhesions"
    Please note that avoidance/prevention of uterine adhesions and blocked tubes is the
    best for any lady. The number one cause is abortions; D&C and infections following abortions.
    Please ladies be very careful with your reproductive system, especially what/whom you allow
    inside you. Abstaining from all sexual intercourse until marriage is the peaceful way to go.
    If you have worked in fertility clinics like I've done, you will know the distress that "infertile"
    ladies go through. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    1. Yes oo,untreated STI is a free ticket tubal blockage. Ladies, when you notice fish like smell,itchy vjay and bleeding with foul smelk biko rush to a good lab and be treated asap!

    2. @Dietician
      "Rush to a good lab" or to a good hospital/doctor?
      When did labs begin treating sick people, eh Nigerian graduates???😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  17. I am still active but cannot talk much due to shortness of breath, smell n taste disappeared, no appetite, d headaches ehn..jeez, weakness, fever off n on, and a very sore throat.., stay safe out..there....I dont need a prophet to tell me d truth...I know say na him 😀

    1. Awwwww BB sorry about your health. Get well soon.
      Pls take all the medications Pls.

    2. It is well with you BB.

      Mimi Love

    3. You healed in Jesus christ name

    4. Sorry about your health. You will be fine.

    5. Sorry darl.... Get better soon

    6. Ginger n water o.
      God will heal you in Jesus name

    7. praying you speediest healing dearie🤗🤗🤗

    8. My agbo na Dogoyaro leaves, elephant grass, lemon grass pawpaw leaves, scent leave, ginger and unaffordable peppersoup. Boil together and drink once a day.

      I had it too last year....this works well.You can also try it.God healing power on you dear.

    9. Prayinv for you BB. Plz try out anon 17:40

  18. That morbid fear of infertlity is likely a conscience thing.
    If your conscience is clear in terms of sexual purity, no need to fear.
    If your conscience is unclear, go to God in confession, humbling yourself
    and ridding yourself of any guilt and face life with faith and boldness.
    Life itself is a risk.

    1. Its a like o not conscience anything.. I was a virgin when I was about to get married, but I was hella scared I won't be able to conceive. I even told my boyfriend ( now hubby) and he just laughed it over and said so what? We will adopt now.. I thank God now though.. 2kids already

    2. Anon,are you talking from experience? With health issues you end up doubting how healthy you really are to be able to conceive. So it's not a matter of sexual purity

  19. Any girl/lady/woman that wishes her supposedly or intending mother in law not to be alive by the time she weds her husband should not be alive to witness her own sons weddings.

    Tick tock! My clock is ticking! The sands of time goes By.
    Mindfully oblivious to this, the bed happens to be my Alibi.
    Another chapter for me to unriddle, a new age I am not Feeling.
    Still a tormented beign, there's little progress on my Healing.
    A new age seems like a testament to my barren Life.
    Birthdays are not for dying; hence I Strive to come Alive.
    Colour me proud, I am the Smartest. How come I am a late Bloomer?!
    Life happened to me, I couldn't blossom earlier and Sooner.
    The fruitlessness of my life makes me feel like a fucking Underachiever.
    Chances of blooming before February makes me less of a Believer.
    I have got little hope, but I believe the theory of Pessimism.
    Pardon my French, I am so fucking sad. There's no fucking need for Euphemism!
    A constant reminder from my folks about time and my biological Clock,
    Too many emotions bottled inside of me, I just might turn into the incredible Hulk.
    A job isn't forthcoming without a Certificate, all thanks to the unending Strike.
    Wallowing all day in self pity, depression and I are beginning to Look Alike.
    "Age is just a number": that is a myth and a fallacy in my Society.
    Wagging tongues, wandering eyes, enough to send one to life of Insanity.
    Imagine a hundred years make a month, I will have two hundred years until February.
    I'd be a career woman earning massively. I'd be happy. Hell, I would be Legendary.
    Unfortunately for me, imaginations are like dinosaurs, unicorns and Dragon.
    Their existence is a lie. Blindly I choose to ride in the untrue Wagon.
    My clock is ticking, my brain tells me I ain't got much Time.
    Damn! The seriousness of my reality makes the bells in my head to Chime.

    1. This is also my reality @Just A Poet. I will be a year older come May and I am really not excited about it. At 28 I feel like a *Fucking Underachiever*. We will be fine jare.

  21. Thanks Sapio
    @Sonia dearie, hope you're doing great
    Happy to see the FIRST ihn of the year.

  22. E kaasan people of SDK Ville. As the first working week in 2021 starts today, I encourage us not to stay in the past because the future is still ahead and it’s great. Isaiah 43:18-19
    I decree into your life and family that by the power of the Most High God, you have seen the beginning of 2021, you shall also see the end of 2021. No matter the plan and program of the enemy against you this year 2021, you and your family members shall overcome and be victorious in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Have a blessed week ahead.


    As they say sadly ''Death is an inevitable end'' however there are certain things we do or say which ought not be said to someone who lost a loved one(s)..This is time to say very few words and more of intentional actions like hugs, holding hands and offering to be of great help to them cause people grief differ from one person to another..

    Here is not what to say to a grieving person via calls or text..

    He/she is in a better place.
    You have an angel in Heaven.
    He/she is no longer suffering.
    You can find a new love, have another baby, etc.
    You don't have to be sad; he/she is with God now.
    I know exactly how you feel.
    Everyone goes through this.
    Time heals all wounds.
    You'll get over it.
    It's time to move on.
    God gives, God takes
    It is ok stop crying
    I can understand how you feel (NO please..Even if you have experience that, please don't say this)
    It is well - Common clique but not the right thing to say

    There is also a common thing done especially here in Nigeria - Relatives/Friends just pack their bags with children and just start eating the food of the person grieving like hungry lions and hardly providing that support needed by the grieving person..Please let that stop..Ask the person if it is ok to come and if they can come with the kids..

    What to say to a grieving person should be short, straight to the point..It is ok to be quiet and observe..This is not about you, so it is not the time to talk about how you know someone that lost a loved one, describe how the person died, what disease or ailment he or she died from..NO PLEASE!!

    Instead be a listening ear, give hugs, hold hands and give assurance that you are there to support...

    Like you can say like ''There are no words to tell you how sorry I am. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers''Owonikoko was such a generous person. We will all miss him, but his legacy will live on through all the great work he did
    ''I am so sad to hear about your loss. If you feel like talking, please don't hesitate to call me''
    '' I am so sorry for your loss, please accept my condolences, Do they need someone to help with meals? Someone to pick up the kids? Or maybe just a shoulder to cry on? Please call me up let me assist..Then allow them, don't start calling incessantly for them to make up their minds on the help you intend offering and also pick up their calls when they need you too..Please be very intentional when you are offering that help and mean it!

    Ask what they need and give just that - no more and no less. This is a time to focus on what’s best for them, and not what you think they should be doing. (i.e.: After a death, some people want to stay indoors and mourn. Insisting your friend go for a jog and get outside to shake things off may be well-intentioned, but if they say that want a few days to grieve, listen to them.)

    Items to be shared with a grieving person: Fresh fruits, dried nuts, baked desserts and chocolates...I hope you learn a thing or two from this..All the best

    1. You're such a darling Phoenix.

      Thanks for this.I really appreciate💋.

    2. I wonder how you do all this phoenix you are really awesome in what you are doing

    3. Thanks babes

      Pretty Patience

    4. My dear Phoenix, hmmmm this just reminded me of what a friend of my mine sent to me via WhatsApp when I informed her of my mum's passing. Her message reads"chai, sorry she should have waited for you to get married "hmmm the hurt I felt that day can only be imagined.

    5. @Tade thanks you are welcome @Black Slimzy I love reading and love to share what I have learnt @Pretty Patience you are welcome @Pretty Girlie Damn!! Wow that is so awful I am sorry dear..

    6. I have always wondered why tell someone that is bereaved to stop crying? Me I will allow the person to cry but be there to wipe off his/ her tears and my presence as a companion

    7. Hmmmmmmmm
      Thanks for sharing

  24. I subscribed for G*o night plan so I could download some movies last night. I tried for more than an hour,no show. I had to sleep off. Not up to 30 minutes ago I got a text from them that my subscription has been activated.🙄🙄🙄
    Anyways it's good that it lasts for 5days so I will most certainly use it tonight.

    Phoebe,thanks for the CV tips on S.P today
    Sapio Jules,I need to lose weight seriously but laziness no gree me to exercise.late night eating is now my new addiction. Thanks for the tips

  25. First IHN of the year!
    Thanks Sapio for the write up

  26. Beautiful day BVs. Love your sign off quote Stella

  27. Did you know that tomatoes(raw) clears pimples, black heads and it helps reduce open pores.

    But how do I apply?

    Wash your tomatoes thoroughly,cut in half and rub all over the affected area,letting the juice saturate into the pores-leave for 10-15min and wash off.Apply the juice frequently in order to see a positive result.

    Tomatoes juice makes the skin glow,reduces dullness and dark spots.

    It works for me🙂.

  28. First IHN of 2021 to God be the glory!

    Good afternoon blog Fam!
    Good afternoon Stella babe!
    God will keep us to witness the end of this year in good health amen!

  29. I pray this new year turns out well for everyone. I've learnt to take one step at a time,work hard and pray.

  30. DNA test is like the opening speech for 2021

  31. Unblocked tubes: thanks for sharing,
    your diet meals are almost the same as the one a lady that beat cancer shared some few years back.

    I think I have to adapt to this lifestyle.

    Health is wealth

  32. Please who has been able to download "love without fear" by Eustace Chesser that Chronicles of a married man talked about? Thanks

    1. I didn't see a free download link. Who saw should help us

    2. Got it from my any books app. Just downloaded it from there. Hope thisbhelps.

  33. Good afternoon wonderful people

    Thank you so much Sapio this great piece.

    I sincerely hope I can keep up with the workout plan I started during the lock down. It has really helped me keep fit as well as loose some weights.

  34. Good afternoon everyone, thanks Sapio Jules for the tips to get fit. Whenever I wake up I make sure I do push ups and sit up everyday.
    It's very good to exercise and keep the body fit

  35. I can also attest to Serrapeptase. Worked for me.

  36. @Pari Pari, darling sis, so sorry for your loss. God knows best. Please take heart.

    @blackslimzy, sabella, Mimi, choco baiby ..... happy New Year to great Uncle and Aunts. Thanks for checking in on us. We thank God for his mercies. His grace shall forever remain with us.

    Please be safe.

    1. Happy new year to you and yours.

      Mimi Love

    2. The White enchantress I hope your little cutie is fine, happy new year to you and your family

    3. Holla darl. Kee kwanu? My love and regards to your family. 🥰🤗

    4. Uncle slimzy, he’s doing great, thank you.
      Auntie Mimi love 😘🤗
      Auntie Essa odinma. Them go hear, thank you. My love to yours also 😘☺️🤗

  37. Alot of women are against DNA not because they got pregnant outside but their babies came from Baby factory and the husband is not aware. May God help this generation oh

    1. Essa darling...Happy new year Sis

    2. Darling sis, how are you?
      As in I don’t understand how one will go through such route without informing the hubby. That’s bad.

    3. Dearest TWE, how have you been oh. Been awhile....My love to the little one

  38. Things we read about marriages lately.... Smh. Egwu dikwa. May God not allow us into the hands of evil women that will ruin our homes and happiness.

  39. Just day 4 in 2021 and DDN palaver is at it again.
    Let's take it easy. Life na jeje.

  40. Sapiojules.....Thanks for the tips
    Pls how do you'll do exercise for 40 mins.....because after 5 mins I'm already gassed out 😫

    1. Anonymous 15:14,you can start by doing 10mins exercise for sometime, after awhile, you increase to 15 and so on. You need to build strength so you go for 40mins.

    2. Anon, you needn't do the 40 minutes exercise at a go. Also, I think you become gassed out because you try to outdo yourself with strenuous routines. Let me use myself as an example. When I started working out, I took to early morning jogging. I started by dedicating 20 minutes to this (but in order to keep up with the 40 minutes minimum rule, I did some brisk walking in the evening. With time, my endurance level peaked and I was able to run for 30 minutes and then 40 minutes. These days, I can be at it an hour. The point is that you should listen to your body and workout within your range. What matters is consistency. Inasmuch as you are consistent, you must see some results and with time, you would be able to do more.

      If jogging doesn't suit you, you can try brisk walking. It is important that you enjoy whatever style that you adopt so consistency can come off naturally for you.

  41. Trending DNA story

    The fact about some Nigerian men is that, most marry homely looking, no slay queen women and place her on a high pedestal. She is just good for bearing children. With her homely no makeup face, she can never cheat on them. Is it the sagged breast that another man will cherish, of course not. So they don't give it a thought, rather they go on a wild cheating spree with their chicks. Until they hear, their homely looking wives cheated and gave them another man's children to raise. Then you start hearing a different tale.

    How can two darkskinned give birth to a light skinned? Genetics is the reason to in some cases. But when the woman starts using torch to look for her distant ancestors that are light skinned, it's time to do DNA. If you have nothing to hide, why object to a DNA. Same goes for men, your outside children you are forcing on your home looking wife should go for DNA too. DNA cost should be subsidized.

    The woman allegedly birthed for the boss
    Husband separated from her in 2020
    He impregnated another in 2020 and was set to marry her
    He died and the blame goes to the ex wife
    What about the new lady
    Did she exacerbate an already troubled heart?

    One thing with men, they move on to quickly and don't know how to be by themselves. But it took this man over two years to move on but was he healed of the hurt. It can take you ten years to move on but if the hurt is still fresh, it is still fresh. Heal from it. Impregnating another woman will cause that hurt to surface. Men need therapy too. They need years of counselling too. Society has told men that they should just be a man,so most of them hardly get over one hurt before jumping to another.

    May he rest in peace
    This is just my random thought
    Not a deep analytical piece
    Just thinking out loud and penning it.


    1. The separation happened in 2017/2018 not this year. The media just added jara to the whole thing.
      He never recovered from the heartbreak and betrayal. Dude is a quiet person so he definitely would disapprove of the on going scandal/publicity.

  42. Thank you Bv with the tips on how to open blocked tubes. God bless you.

  43. A big sad news of sack letters
    O God make a bigger way out for them

  44. All these fitness tip I love them but my problem is what happened when you stop. Will the body goes back to normal before fitness or what

  45. Happy New Year Stella and dear BVs.

    My first comment since we entered 2021. I'm glad we all made it! The holiday was a great one and I enjoyed every bit of it.

    That's sad. How do you allow your staff(former) start a new year on a sad note. It's well with them.

    Fitness tips👌🏾

  46. @Poster with "INFERTILITY FEAR"

    What You are hearing are voices which have become strongholds over you.

    You are a fruitful vine. You are the seed of Christ. There is no unfruitful Ness with you. Even people who have done multiple abortions, by the mercy of God still deliver babies.

    My dear, God loves you. Cast down every imagination and high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of Christ in your life. Don't allow them anymore.
    When those thoughts come, answer by saying I am a fruitful vine. Keep saying it. Make it your confession until your spirit man understands and holds on to it.

    If possible relays your fears to your spouse so both of you can pray together about it.

    May the peace of Christ dwell richly in your heart.

    God bless you

  47. Wow!!
    Many thanks Sapio-Jules you don't disappoint.

    Thank you very much Phoenix, your tips are very realistic, God bless you.

    God bless the blog visitor for the wonderful tips, very helpful even for general well being.

    Surely love lives here😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰


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