Stella Dimoko Nigeria Records 1354 New COVID 19 Cases....


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Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Nigeria Records 1354 New COVID 19 Cases....

 Lagos needs to be locked down!!!


  1. This, and people still have doubts about Covid😯 With the figures coming out everyday, a lockdown is necessary but it's consequences on our economy will be more grievious.
    I hope people start taking precautions.

  2. Stella,there is covid but believe these figures at your risk. Hope you have palliative for the lagosians when they are locked down.

  3. That Ada that talks6 January 2021 at 07:27

    People are dying and yet ppl are saying scam.
    I know married couples who died.
    Ilodibe’s son that was only 42 nko?
    I have friends who have lost parents, none of that is officially reported.
    See this number is a small picture! Nigeria has over 200 million ppl, for it to get to the point where you will notice, then imagine how many.
    We don’t even have basic oxygen!! Oxygen that abroad na to dial 911, and paramedics will come with oxygen. So if per chance you have asthma, or you are a chain smoker or if you wey nothing fit do you, come give am to your mama, who has some problems with breathing, that’s how you will now kill your mama!! My ppl see eh, e don pass be careful! It’s my Igbo ppl doing big trads and burials all over the place that will soon say someone tinyelu something or that Nwanne ya eme go ya ogwu!

  4. And schools are still opening on the 18th?? Lord have mercy

  5. Stellz,I reside in Lagos and I can tell you that 95% of Lagosians are not adhering to preventive measures at all.OMGoodness,some Lagosians have a blunt mindset,I'm *blown away" by their ignorance.....someone even told me that I'm just being paranoid unnecessarily, she insisted that there's no Covid in Nigeria.

    Why are some Nigerians like this?This deadly virus is killing people,yet they still say it's scam.


    1. I still wear my mask everywhere I go. Ignorance wants to kill some people for this naija. Noone wears masks anymore. Well I will protect myself

    2. Anon 8:41,I applaud you for that. Please continue to stay safe😷.

  6. No be plan be all these so? The powers that be are up to something in my opinion 😷

  7. There is corona... but it is not as deadly as they make it seem... it can be cured, just like malaria


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