Stella Dimoko Reporter Admits To Media Bias Against President Trump + Says It Boosted His Career...


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Friday, January 01, 2021

Reporter Admits To Media Bias Against President Trump + Says It Boosted His Career...


Jim Acosta, one of the most prominent anti-Trump journalists on the air, recently admitted that the mainstream media is biased against President Trump.

The news isn't shocking to anyone who hasn't been living under a rock. But the hubris behind the admission is stunning.

Acosta and fellow CNN journalists openly confessed that being antagonistic toward the president has benefitted their careers as reporters. Acosta himself proudly explained that maintaining a hostile relationship with the president drew national attention and boosted his status as a CNN reporter.

But Acosta was quick to point out that he wasn't the only journalist benefiting from bashing the president. According to Acosta, numerous White House correspondents were inundated with book deals and speaking engagements that paid well because they repeatedly heaped criticism on Trump.

from one America news netwrok


  1. Trump makes it even hard to like him. But then God has got his back.

  2. Who's surprised?! Not me, I'm not surprised a bit.

    Let's see how their career goals will be from February.

  3. So Trump was right to call them "fake news?"😮😮😮😮😮

  4. That's why isha sesay left saying that CNN is too trump focused, that she wont spent her time as a journalist talking about trump all the time.

  5. Not news and not surprised at all. The media is very manipulative of things. How many have conscience?

  6. And the source is fron OANN-One American News Network, that shows a bias for Trump. What an irony!

  7. Consider the source. Most normal people don’t like Trump’s racism and Jim Acosta can only speak for himself. The media didn’t destroy Trump. His own words on video and his tweets were his undoing!

    1. Cut and paste videos. Did you ever to watch the full video to understand the context? Same things pastors do, they quote a verse to buttress their point but when you read the whole passage you discover it doesn't match.

    2. Yes. I did as an informed American voter. They are not cut and paste videos. Trump has a vocabulary of a 5th grader. “The tests are beautiful”, “tremendous”, “great”, makes statistically unverified and immodest statements such as “everybody says I’m the best president”, creepy ones like “if she ( Ivanka his daughter) weren’t my daughter I will date her”and uses superlatives like “beautiful” to describe tests for a deadly virus. He is on the worst spectrum of autism and displays narcissistic traits that were never diagnosed nor treated in his childhood hence his misbehavior that made his dad send him to a military style high school for some structure. Listen to his niece, Mary Trump describe her uncle.

      Twitter had to start flagging factually incorrect posts because of him. He calls female journalists “stupid”, telling one “ you never think do you?”. He is a spoilt brat nobody but white supremacists like. A reaction to a competent black president and the impending minority status of white people in America. Yes I watched his videos if he isn’t insulting gold star families or disabled folks. It’s people who like him in Nigeria that are low information American commentators. Every president has a self deprecating sense of humor and attends White House correspondents dinner annually not Trump. For 4 years. He thinks ivanka his daughter should be the first female president. I doubt you live here from your comment. Did you read what he just did again today out of bitterness? He lost the popular vote in 2016 yet Mrs Clinton conceded. Al Gore lost the presidency of America to George W Bush by 578 votes in Florida which is a winner takes all electoral vote yet he conceded. We have not had a president since he lost on November 3rd. All he does is whine and golf like it’s a hereditary position while COVID19 gets worse and logistics are left to the states. How can you be fighting to keep a job you don’t even do? Stop listening to Qanon and right wing media online. He is back in DC to cause trouble on January 6th when congress is supposed to ceremoniously certify the election. Trump is responsible for the death of 390,000 Americans so quit defending him. Jim Acosta knows book deals are part of the perks of any good White House correspondent not to talk of those with the most incompetent president in US history. I’m ashamed when democrats say “ why do Nigerians love him do you know since you are originally from Nigeria?”, what do they see in him”. I tell them Nigerians who love him are low information naijas or those who envy their relations here and hope America becomes like Nigeria as misery likes company. My comment is based on living under different American Presidents, Clinton (8), Bush (4 years), Obama (8 years) & Trump (4 years). It’s not the party as the Bush family has class, conscience, love of country and empathy.

      Trump makes George W Bush look like a genius. Watch a rally on youtube and see if he ever made any policy speeches it’s all “ jail her”, “USA,USA”. Compare with policy speeches by previous presidents of both parties. I get it that naijas are used to Buhari, Jonahs, “Ebora owu” etc types but we are not! Nigeria is the size of a state out of the 50 States in America. FYI he is fighting to stay because he has a lot of criminal cases in NY and several sexual assault cases among many. He wants power so the statute of limitation on his crime in NY & elsewhere can expire. He also has $430m loans some with Deutsche bank that he personally guaranteed coming due hence his mood swings and the last minute firing and verbal abuse of his former supporters including his own VP.

  8. Trump is Trump and does not apologize for being who he is. No media did him anything. Is it media that is making him deny an election he lost? Or is it media that is making him want to force the system to overturn election result in his favor? Did media say that African countries are shit hole, that Africans live in huts? Did media also make up the fact the he said that immigrants should leave America? Did media force him to refuse to condemn the killing of George Floyd that even his fellow racists condemn? Trump is Trump, leave media alone!!


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