Stella Dimoko Weekend Arena - Nigerians’ And Their Misplaced Entitlement Mentality


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Friday, January 15, 2021

Weekend Arena - Nigerians’ And Their Misplaced Entitlement Mentality

I got a call from a stranger a few days ago. And the moment I answered, he started blabbing about a Whatsapp Prayer Group I belonged to, which was a fat lie; and how he was compiling a list of participants for ‘an important’ online prayer session slated for that evening.

I did not need anybody to tell me what he was up to. He is a hacker, meaning to deceitfully take possession of my number on Whatsapp to solicit for investments from people, gullible people. I played along, with the sole aim of helping him ‘waste’ his call credit after which I would let him know how foolish he had been. 

This approach became expedient after I noticed the urgency in his scheme, apparently in the hope to use his little call credit to execute a substantial number of ‘jobs’.

I engaged him and each time he was meaning to end the call, I would re-tool him with another issue, so we could talk some more, but at a point, he opened up that his call credit was running out, that all he wanted was for me to share with him the code Whatsapp sent to my phone, so he could add me for the prayer session.

 At this point, I burst into a prolonged laughter after which I asked him, why he did not buy enough call credit to execute his 419 schemes. He sighed frustratingly and started insulting me for allowing him to ‘waste’ his call credit on me. He felt, I should not have let him ‘waste his call credit’ if I was not going to ‘fall’ for his scheme. What struck me about this was his sense of entitlement as regards scamming me.

I tend to believe that Nigerians are somewhat imprisoned by this typical emotion, this sense of entitlement, because it keeps reflecting in our daily encounters. I have heard stories of armed robbers storming people’s homes to steal, only to get irascible that the person could not bring adequately for them to steal. Sometimes, they would ask their victims what they were doing in the city, if they could not afford enough to be stolen from them. I once watched a bank manager on TV, narrating how some armed robbers who raided her bank kept yelling at them to open their vaults, because the money would be replaced by the NDIC-Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Anyone conversant with the roads of Lagos, Onitsha and Ogun should be familiar with the activities of ‘touts’ who demand to be paid by commercial bus drivers with menacing effrontery, despite that only a tiny fraction of such levies get to the government. This is also reflected when foundations for housing projects, especially in less secured areas of Lagos and Ogun States, are being constructed; various groups would emerge to be ‘settled’, or the project would terminate. 

On less formal fronts in our homes, we also see this playing out when relatives place a premium on relatives living abroad. It took so much for me to convince a friend of mine who took ill at a time, to drop the grudges he had for another mutual friend of ours in the US, whom he had asked for $1500 for treatment; I know quite well that $1500 in US does not come with as much ease as N1500 in Nigeria.

On the social media space, one sees this tendency playing out as well. The moment ‘social media friendship’ is established the next is to see someone invading your inbox with soothing titles like dear, honey, sweetie. Love at first chat?

If not for this awkward sense of entitlement, would a group, not empowered by law or mandated by the government at any level, get up to ask fellow citizens to leave their part of the country? It happened sometime in 2017 and because that was treated with levity by the government, it is repeating itself, this time, directed at Bishop Mathew Kukah, for having an opinion contrary to the group’s.

The amusing thing about this development is the converse priority as regards our sense of entitlement in this part of the world. Nigerians’ sense of entitlement will never prompt them to demand good governance, constant electricity and good roads. It does not even let them have the belief that power belongs to them and not the few rogue politicians who have appropriated the country’s resources to themselves.

*Wonderful summary of the entitlement mentality currently troubling Nigerians...Please if you read this to the end,give Ngozi a call and thank him for hitting the nail on the head and writing style that delivers a message effortlessly.
Call him and crash his phone the SDK way...
Happy Weekend Ngozi!!!


  1. The entitlement spirit is built into Nigerians. They have this thing with feeling why you should do something for them

  2. My husband is a typical Nigerian his own is me must do more for his family than mine as if my family is less important I can’t wait for my kids to turn 18 so I can dump his sorry ass

    1. @13:29
      You are pathetically "entitled" and petty
      Dumping him isn't going to get your family the "help"
      you so desperately desire. Besides, you don't seem to understand
      the meaning of marriage. "Your family" is none other than your husband
      and kids. Tell yourself the truth and stop being entitled and vindictive.
      Looks like you married for the wrong reasons, not the love for this man but
      you were looking for who will bear the burden of your sibs and parents and perhaps

    2. Anon 13:29 can you also say the man married for the wrong reasons, since he places his own extended family on a higher pedestal than his wife's. That said, everyone should be responsible r their extended family. If your parents and sibling are that important to you, work hard to make enough money o accomodate them. Do not foster your family on your spouse. Your spouse is not a donkey, a beast of burden.

  3. Side eyez to you Stella... Ngozi you never fail to disappoint. This is a good piece.


    1. Ahhh. Please "retalk" this talk. E no follow for this matter.

    2. Wow... Just saw this. Please oooo "you never fail to deliver not disappoint. Thanks 14:43.. Geeez😲😲😲


  4. That’s how my uncles wife didn’t wish me happy Christmas or new year because I sent nothing to them this year I kukuma block am

    1. You sef, no big deal in Christmas wishes. You never know what's going on in the lives of people. Indeed, she may have not sent her yuletide greetings for the aforementioned reason but what if it was something else?

  5. very stupid sense of entitlement...sometimes last year a lady i know was asking me for help to start a small business. I knew her and only became close to her because her late parents were long standing family friends with my husband. So after series of calls asking me and I had some money to give, I sent her some money. It wasnt all she needed for but at least something i felt could be of substantial help. she thanked me for the money and in the same breathe had the effrontery to ask me if i could pls add some more. i was so annoyed and at that moment i just cut her off mentality. i knew what i could have done with that money but i just felt she was in a more serious situation so my need could wait.. some people do not know you help out sometimes not because you have too much to spare but you just look at your life and feel at least God has blessed you with a job so just share with those who are still struggling. this is somebody I used to send small small change occasionally just because she was not working and had younger siblings who were also not doing well, but she felt it must be overflowing where that came from that is why i gave her. Nigerians are so annoyingly entitled

  6. My small cousin was calling and forcing me to give her money last year like kilode even sent me account number. I did not bulge knowing she is a spoilt brat and has refused to drop her silly entitlement mentality fueled by her mother. One day, she sent me an sms saying she told me she wanted to buy "Medical books" when schools have been on lock down for how long, I so laughed hard. She forgot that before Abraham, Jesus was. I replied her with a serious warning and since then, the sms to "check up on me" suddenly stopped not even Christmas or New Year greeting. But I no send anybody sef before. I have consistently warned her as long as she continues with that attitude, I will never send anything thing to her directly. Rather, I will keep sending to her dad to dispense to her at his discretion. Nigerians, family and friends just think they have a bank account in another person's pocket.

  7. We all have been guilty of this at one point in time,smh

  8. My own is my compound people, I know covid affected many sources of income and many others are being owed but thinking I owe you because I have a job and I'm your neighbor is beyond me.

    They planned one elaborate setup thinking they can gang up against me but I gave it back to them hot, one of them resorted to leaving the group chat and was later added back then started sending preaching messages about stingy people.

    If only they knew how seriously I take my charity works...smh...funniest part is I may have helped if any of them had asked politely but I'm careful who I help as I have had years of "leaking pocket" experiences from helping people and I didn't know were diabolic.

    Entitlement mentality is very bad, nobody owes you anything and stop thinking people that seem to have are stingy, you don't know their story, their journey and their budget,honestly, we need to do better.

  9. I buy DVDs from this guy, so he sends me a list whenever he has new series. So I tip him the odd 1k sometimes. Imagine my surprise when I saw "happy new year, with his name, account number and bank". Like what the heck?

  10. I forgot to add, my previous DVD guy, I've known that one for years and would tip him. He called me one day that he lost his mother, I was sympathetic and empathized with him. So he sent text asking for money for burial and I replied that I'm sorry not to be of help at this time. Next thing he posted on WhatsApp "Never hope on people, they will always disappoint you" πŸ˜ƒ. Me that was jobless and struggling at the time, I just shook my head. My family has warned me about all these DVD guys because most of the series, one can't watch, always bad halfway and I have Netflix so why waste money. I just feel bad for them, if everyone stops patronizing them because of Netflix, how do we want the to survive. My new year resolution, no more buying DVD.

  11. This thing tire me sef.

    The other day along Ketu ojota road, the driver of vehicle in front of me, apparently a new one, was being harassed by these "boys" for money for driving a new car, and because he was delaying ain't, one of the boys just hit out the side mirror completely😳😳, and still the man gave him money to avoid him taking it away. 🀦

    I was soooo angry ehnnn 😣 that I wished I had a super power πŸ’ͺ to vanish them to the desert 😣😣

  12. The day the entitlement mentality will be used by Nigerians to vote properly, refuse rigging and ask for good goverance, I will buy everybody big cocacola. Enjoy reading his write ups; more ink to his pen.

  13. Wow! That's a nice piece there!

    That's how Nigerian men feel entitled to another person's body.

    1. Repeat your last sentence again please


  14. I detest entitled mentality!
    No body owns you anything! People help out of the goodness of their hearts.
    No one should be coarsed or blackmailed to help.
    May God help us!

    1. Yem.girl1 that word is *OWE* not own @"No body owns you anything!"

      I've seen some bvs make the same mistake.

  15. Well written and analysed as usual Mr Ngozi, the man with the big bum bum ... hahahahaha

  16. Good write-up. Nice read. Easy flow.

    I doff my hat, Ngozi 🎩


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