Stella Dimoko Weekend Arena - The Ugly Side Of Power..


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Friday, January 08, 2021

Weekend Arena - The Ugly Side Of Power..

The State, or loosely, the Government is a very powerful entity. I think, King Solomon in the Bible knew this when he was asking God for wisdom. 

Wisdom to direct the affairs of state would have the ultimate result of sustaining him in power. Donald Trump, the President of the United States, understands this, which is why he has been enmeshing in one ‘rofu-rofu’ after another. Trump’s main quest is the influence, the power to direct the affairs of the American state.

 In spite of Trump’s immense wealth, inherited and self-acquired, he knows that one perfected government policy, directed at him, can get him down to zero, if his successor decides to misdirect the power of his office. 

On account of this, former VP, Atiku Abubakar, had reportedly cried out a few days ago, while deciding to offload his shares in a company he midwifed many years ago. He said the present Nigerian government is ‘haunting’ his business. 

Former President Goodluck Jonathan, in spite of his celebrated meek nature hinted that he was exercising less than 20% of the powers arrogated to his office as President. Simply put, Government can make or mar.

While it is understandable that so much power oozes from Government, it is pertinent that citizens must ensure that persons with the propensity to misapply such powers are kept away from such offices; otherwise we would end up with Little Napoleons, according to Prof Odinkalu. You know what happens when a child is handed a hammer… everything around becomes a nail!

This is why the demolition of Asher Hotel, belonging to the wife of the spokesperson of PDP in Kaduna State, Aisha Yakubu, will remain a controversial issue. Based on the tweet by the Kaduna State Kaduna State Urban Planning and Development Agency, KASUPDA, the facility was demolished for being the proposed venue of a Kaduna s#x party. ‘Proposed’ is the keyword in all the arguments.

A lawyer, in Lagos, whom I interviewed about the legality of this exercise said: “Following the facts out there in the press on the Kaduna demolition, not an iota of evidence shows that a s#x party was to be held or held at that particular address. No person shall be convicted of a criminal offence unless that offence is defined and the penalty prescribed in a written law. There is a point where there is a gap between immorality and crime. Immoral acts can only be a crime, if the law giver has specifically legislated on it. As an example, adultery is a highly immoral act but not a crime in southern Nigeria. Whereas it is a crime in the North because the Penal Code specifically provided so. Coming back to Kaduna demolition no charges has been laid. Until that is done it is mere speculation saying the demolition was based on allegations of having s#x party. It is the expressed text of the law and the proven facts that will show whether an offence has been committed.”

While waiting for the charges to be pressed in Kaduna, the incident is a reminder of what happened in Oyo State, between Governor Ajimobi and Yinka Ayefele, a gospel artiste and proprietor of Fresh FM in Ibadan. Such raw powers of the Government was demonstrated when Late Ajimobi ordered the demolition of the building housing his radio station for contravening constituted authority. It led to an uproar, and of course, a new nick name for the ex-governor, ‘Constituted Authority’. After several interventions, reason prevailed and the governor made restitution, by rebuilding the radio station. I can bet he did so with money belonging to the Oyo State Government.

The point here is that one sees swiftness in our politicians when it comes to deploying the ugly side of power. If it comes to using it for the good of the citizens, they begin to foot-drag. 

How about using the same raw power to eliminate banditry and terrorism ravaging many states, especially Kaduna?

 How about using such raw powers to clear the backlog of salaries owed in states like Abia and Cross River? 

How about deploying such powers in finding the solution to the perennial ASUU strike? 

How about using this raw power to create jobs and reduce the misery suffusing in Nigeria’s atmosphere?


  1. I prefer to have influence than power..Ngozi thank you..You are always apt but again it reminds of the constant sad reality..

  2. "The point here is that one sees swiftness in our politicians when it comes to deploying the ugly side of power. If it comes to using it for the good of the citizens, they begin to foot-drag."

    Nigeria is in such a pitiable mess. I doubt its redeemability.

  3. This is just the sad reality

  4. Nice piece. Power intoxicates.

  5. Thank you Mr Ngozi you once again hit the nail on the head, politics is played the same way all over the world.

  6. I love reading your articles, Mr Ngozi. Always on point.

  7. So sad a reality!

  8. Actually, I think the constituted authority nickname came about after his speech with the protesting students that year, and his reason for the demolition of the said radio house had to do with the land on which it was built..

    All together.. nice write up as always

  9. Power corrupts....absolute power corrupts absolutely

  10. Thank you Ngozi, the back log of arrears of workers and pensioners in Abia State. It is not in the news, but you said it now. How come it is not in the news. God help Abia State

  11. As usual very interesting article

  12. Ngozi the prophet of our time

    The most Complex B


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