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Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...




Hello everyone ��

 Pls I want to share a story and advise will be appreciated. Many yrs ago my dad's sis who was married in Rivers State was ill and my dad asked my younger sis to go stay with her and take care of her cos dis aunty of mine had no kid.

After few months we heard that our sis is preggy for one village Hunter, our own beautiful and educated sis o.

After much investigation, we got to know that the guy used jazz on my sis.

We tried bringing her back but she refused that she's going to marry the people fear etchie people o,that's why I looked at bv Ijeoma story inside in house news with side eyes (no offense bv Ijeoma) She delivered a baby boy and all attempts to bring her home proved abortive.

The guy is not even married to only her o.He uses juju to get women. Even if she comes back home, he will be bragging that she'll come back to him and she'll truly go back. Now all of us are based in the USA except her.

All we do is to assist her with money. One time my elder bro came back to naija and she came to see him.he talked to her and she said she won't go back to etchie again, so my bro started making arrangements to go back to USA with her (he's American soldier) the day B4 their trip she disappeared back to him. Another time I and my sis made arrangements to relocate her and the guy to the city,we got a house for them, paid for 2yrs they didn't stay up to 6mnths they went back to etchie, that the guy said he can't cope in the city. 

Right now my other siblings have stop sending money to her, I'm the only one sending the lil I have cos I just came 3yrs ago and u no how it is here. Pls I need advice as how to remove her from there. I want to help her. 

Thanks my wonderful bvs.

*Did she tell you she wants to be removed from there? this life is full of mysteries, what if the guy did not use any charm and your sister really likes him?If you remove her from there, then what next? Abeg eh, continue to support her and leave her where she is or you blank her and cut her off like the others

What is the meaning of 'etchie'



Pls make una help me judge this matter o. I have a brother in-law who is 30+ does well for himself. Last Xmas he told the family that he would love to get married this year and asked my husband and I to look for a wife for him. 

This guy get plenty girlfriends o. So there is this friend of mine that he knows and he wants me to link them up because she is really doing well for herself too. But my people I no want o.

 Reasons are, my brother in-law is lazy, doesn't do house chores, even to sweep where he stays na problem. He eats alone o, you dare not eat with him or dip your hands to join him, he will leave the food for you no matter who you are.

 If he sees me feeding my child and akamu drips from my baby mouth, he feels disgusted and wouldn't want to see such, even when saliva spits from my baby mouth, na wahala he feels irritated. The other time, I went to the market and my baby poo on his diapers, this guy left my baby that way for hours.

 If my first son finish using the toilet, he finds it irritating to clean his bum, he won't mind leaving my son that way till I come back to clean him up. He is caring o and watches out for my kids so that they won't injure themselves while playing and buys things for them. 

Now the pressure is too much from my mum in law and him to link him up with my friend and I don't really want any issue with my friend because she has been a great friend and she hates dirty people and needs someone that they can do things together in love. Pls what do I do?


Does your friend not have eyes to see? if he is dirty she will see for herself and decide whether to continue with him or not..
As for the one of his being irritated by things baby does,it will pass when he has his own children.
As for his not allowing anyone to put their hands and eat with him, i dont see anything wrong with it cos i am like that too,i don't share food or drinking glasses because of exchange of saliva...I don't!

Introduce them and let them decide or not if they want to be together...


  1. Poster one love your sister alone and mind your business.

    Poster two link them up. You never can tell things might end up well.

    1. Stella, Etche is a village in River state. My aunt is happily and peacefully married to an Etche man.

      Poster 1: I think I have seen this love charm work on my childhood friend. Her father noticed and "handled" things himself because her dad was very wealthy. I didn't believe until her eyes cleared and she started gisting us things she saw, covered and endured in that relationship and was still determined to stay put till her dad "stepped in" to free her. The guy was worse than a village hunter sef. I wish I could ask her old man what he did but I don't have that kind of relationship with him to find out for you. I hope someone gives you a concrete solution or direction here. I feel for your sister.

      Poster 2: Just as we preach WIFE NOT COOK, it's fair to also chant HUSBAND NOT HOUSE BOY.
      If what you mentioned up there are the problem then please introduce them. When you said he was lazy I thought you meant he was not resourceful. Meanwhile this guy you just bad mouthed now takes care of your kids and buys them stuff o. You are not nice.

    2. saphire. i think you can ask your friend to ask her dad. please help this poster if she can. @poster in the meantime why are you sending her money? can you guys help her open a provision store or small restaurant? that way she can be working and earning.

      @saphire this your second comment 'husband not houseboy'- marriage is a partnership oh, looking out for the kids safety is important so is buying them food and things, but as a partner you are also a helper, you should both help each other. no one wants to marry a partner that likes to do only the nice parts, everyone should be able to get their hands dirty. that is true partnership. he may act different around his kids but if thats just the way he is then that woman will be alone in all the house chores and more, thats just not good enough. @poster hook them up, buta s a friend tell her this is what you know about him, a real friend should give a heads up.

  2. Dear aunty stella..Etche is a local government in rivers state of nigeria. it is said that the people from that region are diabolic. nigeria people and their assumptions and generalisations.

    1. What part of Nigeria are the people not diabolic according to tribalism and all the discrimination we use to discredit others? Is it Yoruba people, or Ngwa people or Mbaise people or Fulani people or Calabar people or Abakaliki people or Edo people...etc?

    2. Do not introduce them so you don't fall out with your friend. Let him choose from one of his numerous friends. I don't see him as a serious person abeg. When they start having issues now you will be caught in the middle.

  3. @Thefirstposter,i think it be nice you let her be and keep on helping her with the little you have instead of bothering this much
    @Thesecondposter,Why don't you just get them together and see how the whole thing goes? You have already concluded without trying zilch

    1. Poster one.. u cnt force a fish out of the river. Stop trying to move her from the village if she no want. Why not set up business for her there.

      Poster 2. Abeg link dem up. No go block ur friend Blessing. She is old enough to make dat decision for hersekf if she likes him. Abeg link dem and face front becos d guy fit go find her contact else where if u no even gree give am.

  4. Poster 1: What is Etchie abeg? In your post, I did not see where your dad or elder brother made an attempt to meet with this ''Juju'' man and get to know the kind of man he is and his intentions and then arrange a true, mature man of God to help liberate your sister if you believe that he is a juju man...You people should pray for her and take action.

    Poster 2: I believe you know your friend enough if you can give her heads up or not concerning this guy (some girls might tell the guy when they are all lovey dovey that ''See what Apple said about you and make you the enemy) and tell her that he is interested in her..However if she confirms interest, just let them be and let her take the final decision on having a relationship with him...My humble opinion!!

    1. So they should leave overseas to etchie to see a man that might bewitch them too? Wow.

    2. #EndSWAT #Endpolicebrutality Phoenix9 February 2021 at 17:18

      So what is wow about it? If they really want to help her why not make an attempt to him. Will he change them to yams.

  5. Poster one; prayer breaks every yoke. I doubt your sister likes the guy. What happens to him getting married to her the right way? I doubt that was the kind of life she envisioned for herself.

    Poster 2: I stopped reading when I got to the part you said he has many girlfriends. I can never introduce any of my friends to a man that has so many women on his list. Never!
    Matchmaking people can be very dicey. Be careful, please.

  6. Carry police or soldiers to go and bring back your sister.

  7. I don't understand how you expect him to these things when he's not the father of your child - or is he? Madam calm down abeg.

  8. Poster 1, hmmmm. Wetin be etchie? That juju strong o. Abeg, make una find one strong man of God to break that charm.

    Poster 2, what if she actually likes the guy like that? One man's meat is another man's poison

  9. @ poster 1, what your sister needs is enough prayers that God should intervene cos, shey you see juju matter, na only God go help.
    I remember few years ago, when I was serving in far North,the first advice they gave us was to beware of some aboki that once they like you,they use juju oo. My dear, na God save me, I served amongst them, both educated and not had eyes on me cos I was speaking hausa and covers my hair unlike other christian corps members ๐Ÿ™†, I was just pleading "obara" Jesus on myself each time I went to my PPA o, last last, when we almost passed out, one of the directors called me and begged me to marry him, chimo ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿ™†,this man was older than my dad, I said no and ran out of that place. I didn't visit there again till I passed out. Na God save me.

    @ poster 2, my dear, just tell your friend that your bro in law is interested in her but she should shine her eyes, cos if anything happens, she shouldn't call you. E don finish

  10. Do not introduce anybody to anybody.

    Let him look for someone himself or talk to her directly himself when he sees her.

    For your mum in law to be disturbing you, it means he told her about him likikg your friend.

    1. @charity bino. God bless you oo.A full grown man will plenty point and kill(girlfriends) that now wants to be hooked up.
      Mum in law disturbing you is sooo wrong.Is he not man enough to approach her.
      Do not do any hooking up ooo.He should approach her himself simple.Do not get involved oooooo.

    2. @ Charity Bino u took it straight out of my mouth. Who are we introducing again adults? Make them wait for me. At the end u not hear the last of it from both parties because they will surely fallout and put u in a tight situation.

  11. Poster 1: Prayer is the key
    Poster 2: Introduce them to each other

  12. Stella Etche people are very diabolical o

    Ndi mkpu mkpu, small but mighty peeps.

    Very short and wicked people

  13. I'm like that too, I dont share food or drinking disgusts the hell outa me๐Ÿคฎ. Nothing wrong with that abeg. Connect them and let your friend decide, not you.

  14. Poster one, pls tie your belt and battle him juju for juju cos there arent a lot of true men of God anymore. My step sis did her nysc in South south and it took us 5 years to free her from his grips. I was told that they eventually confronted him, recited incantations and my step sister suddenly screamed and started shouting asking where she was. My uncle in new york sent for her, settled and got married. Till ds day she has no memory of what happened to her. This happened in 1995. As for me, i can't open my eyes and watch my siblings in bondage

    1. Thank you jare! Poster read it again. I love dis lines; I can't open my eyes and watch my siblings in bondage. Never!

  15. Poster one, wow, all these strange stories. You alone know your sister well. If you believe its jazz, have you tried praying for her? On the other hand, though chances are low, it could be love. Strange though but still, it happens. At least in Nollywood it does.

    Poster two, I wouldn't be happy if my friend introduced me to someone she knows is a Womanizer or has different girlfriends. But thrn you know so many girls just want to marry, no matter what may, and the girl might even be happy with the guy, flaws and all. Maybe when you tell her about him just say he's imperfect to give her a hint.. without listing his flaws. Just so she wouldn't have unnecessarily high expectations.

    1. Dear NiB is not love o,u needed to see my sis b4 she went to that place.. beautiful and classsy while the guy is a primary sch dropout.hes late father was a native doc.
      My dad tried all his possible best,now he's late.
      Whenever the juju begins to clear,she will come back home and start speaking against the guy but after sometime she will become restless that she wants to go back, nothing u say or do will stop her.
      Thanks Stella for posting,I'm just worried abt her cos she's wasting over there.

    2. Oh no, that's scary. If his late father was a native doctor then it's most likely jazz. Please you guys have to organize serious fasting and praying cos she is in bondage. I pray she doesn't have a child with him.

  16. Poster 1: Please take your sister to God in prayers. I didn't use to believe in using juju to tie people and all that shit, till I saw it happen first hand to someone close and also witness her deliverance. Please start participating in NSPPD prayers daily and connect her to it. I pray she is delivered if she was indeed jazzed. I still can't get my friend's situation out of my mind. And I thank God daily that her mother didn't listen to those who said she was in love. As in, this person practically doesn't remember all what happened during the time she was with the said guy. She only had recollection of meeting the guy and nothing else. A serious mystery.

    Poster 2: Please don't introduce your friend to that guy!!
    If his aversion to baby drool and poo were the only problem, that wouldn't have been an issue. Most men and even women are like that till their own comes.
    But his having many girlfriends.. That's another thing. Why can't he pick from his many girlfriends?
    So many bad boys out there looking for good girls to ruin,and mothers who condone their son's excesses looking for a "good girl" to dump them on. They won't fix their sons, they will be looking for an innocent girl to manage his philandering.
    Or, pre warn your friend about his philandering and let her decide if she wants to try. You can advise her to take it slow and "CLOSE HER LEGS"!!!

  17. Poster 2 if you are wise, don’t introduce that guy to the lady o. He is lazy meaning it is the woman’s success that is attracting him. Do you really love your friend? Pls don’t ever be in the business of match making anybody. That man needs to work on himself. A lot of people on this blog are very funny. If this guy was married and his wife wrote this chronicle, you people will say did you not see the signs? Na now you all are cheering up the lady to go put another mans daughter inside one chance. Pls listen to that inner voice that is telling you not to. Let your brother in law go and look for a woman for himself. These are the kind of men that seat under the assumption that he is entitled for things he never worked for. Let that lady meet her God given partner by herself. I don’t support a career woman marrying down. Especially to a lazy one at that. It’s a no no.

  18. They know their sister better than anyone else. Perhpas her desires and motivations have changed, maybe even the way she interacts with them. If she had always wanted and dreamed of marrying a certain kind of an then hooks up with a river rat that is far from what she has dreamed for all her life then yes, it would seem bizarre. If the man did speak those words about tying down any woman he wants then yes their concerns are valid. Someone who is tied down does not have the coconsciousness to think they did not choose that person out of their own mind. Only prayer and divine intervention can break those diabolical bonds.

    I wouldn't introduce that guy to my friend either. I am exactly like him with respect to not sharing food and drinks. But I am not sure what you mean by brother-in-law, do you mean he is your step-brother? But him not cleaning that young child raises serious red flags, letting a child sit in their own feces for hours just because you do not want to have to clean them to me is a huge red flags because a child cannot clean themself, if you cannot push pass your own discomfort to assist an innocent child you who is unable to care for their own hygiene is not someone I could trust. I support you not introducing him to your friend, you don't need you friend hating you later in life. Life is not only about success and "doing well" there is far more to this life than just the material and our personal ambitions. He needs to grow up!

  19. Your sister has to be strong and brave. I believe I was jazzed once. There is nothing this guy says that I will not do. Even when I know deep down that I can not marry his type. I will just find myself doing stupid things and he’s always on my mind 24/7 consistently for many years. Reluctantly like forced to just be on my mind and my sole focus. Like I live to think of him. Me that is a very smart and driven person, plus very strong mind too.

    Even when I need to concentrate on other things, the thought will just forcefully intrude and take over my life for the whole day. It’s like during those times he was renewing or calling my name somewhere.

    Well one day, water pass garri, he did something so bad that I suddenly developed the will to resist him. He called me on video and was weeping hysterically. Like screaming. It was so STRANGE! This is someone that will behave anyhow and I will not be able to push him away. Even if I wanted to. It’s like he will be waiting patiently for me to run back, no matter how hard I tried.

    He was so confident that I was not going anywhere. I eventually gathered so much will to block him. He’s been desperately trying to reach me and I say a traditional Yoruba prayer over my Ori. That no body will be able to control me anywhere.

    I can safely say that whatever he tied down has backfired. He’s a pathetic shell of himself so desperate to get me back to like him or even be friends but I HATE him so much now. Physically I would never ever have gone for him. I am a player and very beautiful with so many prospects. That guy will be bottom of my list any day. I have no proof that it’s jazz but I am experienced enough relationship wise, to tell you that no matter how I loved anyone, I never had such reaction to any man except that guy! And the reaction was unnatural that I was crying and running everywhere to be free. She has to develop the will power to resist his evil deeds and free herself. You have to fight traditional power for traditional power.

    1. Can evil power win evil power, can a kingdom be divided against itself?
      Only the power of Christ, the creator can fight evil power.

  20. Poster 1
    Daily fasting and prayer
    Talk to Jesus if you want your sister to be free indeed๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  21. honestly, I don't like people dipping hands in my food ohhh. doesn't make sense to me, if you need some, get a plate and eat from your plate not sharing mine! I can clean babies up but I also get irritated by the "akamu things and mucus dripping from the nose"


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