Stella Dimoko Couch Convo - Defining Flirting And Cheating...


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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Couch Convo - Defining Flirting And Cheating...

 When you flirt with someone, does that amount to cheating? Your view is needed!


  1. It depends on the intent. Some people flirt because they are awkward/nervous, some flirt when they meet new people, some flirt because they are just charming and it's in their long as it is harmless and platonic.

    But if your partner finds it disrespectful and you keep doing it then you re crossing the line leading to emotional cheating.

  2. If I flirt with you that means to a certain degree I'm feeling you. In other Words I don dey reason your matter. If I'm in a committed relationship and then start reasoning being with some one else then I will say its Cheating.

    To some others they do harmless flirting. People differ.

  3. Flirting is the same as cheating because when you flirt you then to use words or action that is supposed to be for your partner alone and that's you crossing the line

  4. Cheating is as it says but flirting can be teasing in a playful non-sexual way or being charming with sexual intentions. Years back, my Naija self jokingly called a manager by his surname and he joked back that “Mr so and so is my dad”. A colleague said I was flirting with him. Omo...I learnt my lesson o

  5. Coming from a chronic flirt..😂 to me, it's not cheating o, I can flirt with you without any intention, pure charm, if u come after me coz I flirted, I turn you down 100%...its just my nature and I get judged a lot for it, don't care anyway. but people dat know me will just be saying "I need deliverance" 😁

    1. If they think you need deliverance then it's not a good thing so in other words flirting is cheating

    2. Me too I am naturally a flirt and even a tease but I may not necessarily want's not cheating bo.
      It just makes me feel good.

  6. It's the same thing to me. I won't like it if I see my partner doing the same thing with another lady.

    If I can't take it, I shouldn't be doing it.

  7. flirt
    gerund or present participle: flirting

    "behave as though sexually attracted to someone, but playfully rather than with serious intentions."

    The definition above presupposes physical contacts and interest verbally expressed.

    Do compliments qualify as flirting?

    Flirting is a step in the wrong direction.


    "to break a promise made to (someone, such as one's wife or husband) by having sex with someone else."

    The art of cheating includes sex, which is not limited to physical contacts. Phone sex and erotic chats engaged by parties involved.

    Flirting may be a one sided event if the other party is passive or unresponsive. Cheating, however requires two or more active participants.

    The above is a simplistic approach to the subject.

    In the cyberspace interactions, some people use endearing words to address others online. Words such as darling, sweetie, dear, etc. What do we call that?

    On a spiritual moral scale, affection entertained for, or expressed to, the opposite sex apart from one's SPOUSE, is cheating. But the effect(s) to the spiritual well being depends on the depth and duration of the act.

    There is a grey line between temptation and sin.

    No human is immune to temptation, but how far we go to act on the fleshly desire is a reflection of our moral compass or spiritual condition.


    Cheating MUST involve two or more consenting parties, but flirting can be a one sided event.

  8. As long as preek and toto no meet, flirt in peace😂😁😂😂😂😂

    1. It's sometimes starts from flirting to preek and Toto clashing so Stay there make pant dey wear you

  9. It depends on who you’re dealing with o.

    I think with Nigerian men, it’s different. Oyibo dey different. Haha

    I confided in a male friend about my family and how my mum’s ill health was taking a toll on me because I didn’t want to bother my husband. He works so hard and he will drop everything to help me.

    He said it was emotional cheating o 🙆🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️. Cheating bawo! 😳

    No hug, no kiss, no meet up sef. In fact, the friend is in nigeria, thousands of miles away. He said we must share all highs and lows.

    When you’re used to our kind of dating in Nigeria, where you’re dating someone and still kind of alone, sharing every joy and every problem seems like a chore.

    I’m getting used to it sha.

    1. Who is the naija, who is the oyibo? Everything just mixed up and garbled up here.

  10. An occasional bout of flirting is generally not considered cheating...It's human nature.
    However, some actions that signal interest in someone outside of the relationship — such as obsessively checking another person’s social media or sharing private information with that person could be considered CHEATING.
    Me I flirt a lot and my girlfriend knows. I have desired other women while still with her and the only reason I haven't strayed is because I don't have the opportunity yet and have chosen to respect her and be loyal. But do I crave for sex with other women, YES.

  11. My husband can flirt with a goat, still chatting all his exes, asking them about their sexual life. Flirting will surely leads to cheating, my husband was flirting with a girl and before you know it, they started dating within less than a week that they met, bought something from her and started chatting and flirting, the day he asked her out was the day she agreed, despite telling her that he's married. Once my husband meet new lady, flirting starts immediately, I'm dropping his sorry ass soonest but he's still not aware, it will be like film trick

    So to me, flirting is cheating, if you flirt with someone and the person reciprocate, then cheating will set in

    1. Maybe he was a goat in his former life, but now a reincarnated he-goat.

    2. If you a chronic flirt marry your fellow flirt and if you can live without cheating don't think of getting married to a faithful woman.

    3. Does your husband's name starts with a "U" and ends with an "A"?
      Short, fair, generous & from Okija??
      If yes, madam no too wine yourself abeg!
      We both knew that he can hit on anything that moves,so don't pretend now as if you married a saint.
      You will marry an unrepentant cheetah with your korokoro eye then starts crying that he can never be faithful to you.
      Exes are just collecting their pensions from him, nothing more!

  12. Flirting is disrespectful. If you value your relationship why would you want to flirt/pass wrong signal to another person? I don't welcome such.

  13. I wouldn't flirt with you if I'm not interested in you or have taking any liking to you..
    So in my dictionary flirting is cheating if you are in a serious relationship or marriage.
    What if you say you are playing while flirting and the other person takes it serious & now wants what you are offering? Its like offering sex or whatever you are at. Whatever your intention is
    Besides fornication starts from the mind.

  14. Flirting is clapping while cheating is dancing and na from clap, it dey enter dance, shikena

  15. I so hate my husband, dealt with him and he will never believe i did just to punish him for his several flirtings. Then he made me look like a fool if I complain, he will say he's not having the lady in his heart, and swore he can't leave his exes but today I smile whenever I remember how he was humbled

  16. Cheating or flirting is not good everybody maintain your love lane for peace to reign


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