Stella Dimoko Governor Ganduje Says Cattle Movement From North To South Should Be Banned


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Monday, February 01, 2021

Governor Ganduje Says Cattle Movement From North To South Should Be Banned



  1. I agree. If you won’t respect people’s properties and wouldn’t hesitate to kill them even though you’re literally encroaching on their land, it’s best you stay in your zone.

  2. Who will be given the contract to build ranches????.

  3. Good Morning Ganduje.. .. If not the pressure from the ESN and Amotekun guys, ,you all won't be saying this. It's clear now that the people and host communities are no longer taking it lightly with your errand nomadic herders. It's no longer business as usual.

  4. The first time truth came out from Gandu dollars 👄 mouth.
    Alot of northern leaders are misers of truth reason they are behind time despite holding power longest,
    Very few says the truth
    Nigerians should endure all the rubbish till 2023
    For now it’s auto pilot of impunity..subjugation and expansion of Fulani hegemony.
    Nature has a way of fighting back regardless of time and destruction already meted ‘prepare Nigerians’
    President thinks we are still in the dark age that’s why he does what he likes not minding whose ox is gored…the bad precedent must boomerang 2023 and beyond ..100% sure we are AWARE!
    Dementia is old peoples illness so they old should not create problems for the young because no tribe has monopoly of violence/Ak47

  5. I am in total agreement.

    They should stay in their region and rear them there.

    Only transport them down for sales only.

    It will curb alot of things.

  6. Ganduje don dey wise up.

  7. Poli-tricksters statement. He is angling for a presidential or VP POST IN THE next election.
    That is poli-tricks 101 for you.😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

  8. Till it's implemented. Political statement

  9. Ganduj,that's the main solution.; better to set up ranches up north for these nomads. The north has vast expanse of arable land for ranching than anywhere else in the country.


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