Stella Dimoko Governors Bello And Buni Photographed With Controversial Former Minister...


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Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Governors Bello And Buni Photographed With Controversial Former Minister...

 What a rare photo........


  1. APC - PDP share one thing in common - Lack of Ideologies, lack of directions (scalar quantities), Afo Dimkpa politics (Na belle dey important), Ekukes that return to their vomit..What else again..I am not surprised..There will be more from now till 2023...

  2. Trust Naija politicians at your own peril. It's a photo of if you can't beat them you join them 仄

  3. The belly is the compass, sorry for those who ever thought this guy had anything to offer the dream of change.

  4. A dime a dozen mstchewww btw,dear anon aka Google helped me with answers I hope a dime a dozen is correct in this context? Or you'd like to laugh your last tooth out some more? That aside, Fani kayode I'm really disappointed at you despite all your hate online for this party Ashe they've given you "egunje" atenu oshi! You are a woofing toothless bulldog,insignificant keypad warrior Chile,if you don't wipe that stinking little smile offa you this minute stupid man. Look at him!. Jesus Christ I can't believe this.

    1. My dear no vex too much because more is coming

    2. @end swat... exactly save your anger ..but come o why would you people ever believe this kind of man ..8 years of apc has caused severe hunger to professional politicians ..some have started begging up and down

  5. This one has no credibility now, shameless man.

    Who takes him serious?

    Mr Short fuse has been ranting and criticising this government so that Buhari can at least toss an appointment his way.

    Bunch of lousy jokers.

  6. Ffk sluming it. Oju gba mi ti. With all his noise

  7. and they were all not wearing face masks o. see them.

  8. FFK... Old hoe. I have gotten your contact Sha, and I yellow wella. I go come see you one of these days 不


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