Stella Dimoko Herdsmen Activist Sunday Igboho Begs Ooni Of Ife After Accusing Him Of Betraying The Yoruba Race


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Thursday, February 04, 2021

Herdsmen Activist Sunday Igboho Begs Ooni Of Ife After Accusing Him Of Betraying The Yoruba Race

Hours after attacking the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, popular Yoruba freedom fighter, Sunday Adeyemo (known as Sunday Igboho), has begged the leading Yoruba monarch for forgiveness.

Sunday Igboho, had during a virtual meeting, accused the Ooni of betraying the Yoruba race, saying he visited President Muhammadu Buhari to collect dollars.

He came under heavy criticism on Wednesday for calling Oba Ogunwusi unprintable names and in a video on Wednesday evening,he said he had spoken with the monarch on phone and had begged him for forgiveness.

“I have called our father, the Ooni of Ife and I have apologised to him. When I said those things, I was carried away by my emotions. The killing of my people by Fulani herdsmen and the way our fathers in Yoruba land are handling the issue is giving me great concern.

“I am a Yoruba man and I know it is not in our culture to insult the elders. I have called the Kabiyesi and I have apologised to him. You can call him to confirm.
Once again, I want to beg our royal father to forgive me. It was a slip of tongue,” Sunday Igboho said.
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  1. When a hooligan is given microphone 🎤 he shows his idiocy. I hope those egging him on are ready to fight. Stirring up tribal conflict will never end well.

    1. Shurrup..
      They should stay idle until they're all killed abi?
      Why weren't you saying same when those terrorist herdsmen were killing, raping, kidnapping and destroying their farmlands, in their own land oh.. is that not already enough to cause tribal conflict.
      You won't blame the action but blame the reaction..


    2. This was how Kanu started and only to botch his chances with certain actions and unguarded utterances. Igboho has done well and people are praising him including the Ooni. The king only cautioned him not to do oversabi but na insult follow am. It's good he apologized but sha... I don't know

      Because something is illegal does not mean it's wrong. Asking Fulani herdsmen to vacate Yoruba land is illegal coz they are Nigerians and can stay anywhere within the country. But since their head no wan correct, to chase them away is not wrong. But constituted authority must be allowed to function (stupid constituted authority). If not, kasala go burst.

    3. The killer/kidnapper/rapist herdsmen should have been expelled sooner. What about Chief Falae beaten on his farm in old age? Chief Fasoranti whose daughter was killed by so called killer herdsmen on the highway, Dr Aborode that made the local oba of ibarapa to personally call Sunday? Dr Aborode was supposedly a German returnee who was murdered after they raided his farm in ibarapa. Tales of his being tied to a tree and murdered plus countless tales of rogue Fulani abductors on highways we read on a daily basis making people afraid of travelling all over Nigeria should have made a “Sunday Igboho” appear sooner. Nature abhors a vacuum and Yoruba leaders are either consumed with political ambition or endless Owanbe planning, relying on political thugs to win elections.

      That a lot thrive on shallowness does not mean there are no deep thinking southerners. Naijas sing praises of looters and get dollar notes from looted funds sprayed on them while college graduates remain unemployed for years! You appropriate policemen that should be defending a village to your family’s entourage rendering the people defenseless and turning cops into purse carriers for madam! I am not a fan of the gofundme convener with her unsubstantiated rants against genuine Children of God like Pastor Olukoya on social media for hours like she has nothing to do and assumes she has audience members all on the dole watching 3 hour asinine videos. However the Fulani killer herdsmen must be tamed or the south will disappear into a Fulani territory as the Hausas have.

      What is needed is to solve it from the root. Climate change and global warming have dried up lake chad that supplies water, driving trailer loads of these herdsmen into unplanned Yoruba and eastern town, the massive sale of timber and deforestation has caused erosion and meant fewer grazing areas. They then come to the only fertile areas in the south and graze their private cattle on farmlands of other businesses. This is wrong. These cattle’s are sold for money so it’s a private business. They cannot infringe on private property. You don’t see cows on American & London streets because cow owners build their own ranches, fence it, buy food meant fir cows, hire veterinary Drs, milk the cows and make daily money from the milk and afterwards they sell it.

      Give these guys land to fence in their northern homeland, including Sambusa forest, let them buy food use in feeding the animals, teach them how to hygienically produce dairy to supply the nation fresh milk and even make cheese out of it instead of arming them with aK 47s to terrorize regular foes on their father’s land, kidnap travelers and raise money from ransom while the politicians and traditional rulers who own the cows do not pay them salaries, expecting them to hand over the proceeds from cows sold. The hungry looking herdsmen do not own those cows. The owners and traitors are beginning to speak up when it appears a leader of the anti violence by herdsmen has emerged. Your dad like everyone has a past, you cannot judge Sunday on his past involvement in another war, 4 fingers are pointing at you. Sunday emerged to fill a vacuum of leadership in the midst of corruption and unbridled ambition in Yoruba land where some elites will party for like 7 days in the midst of poor subjects. Nature abhors a vacuum. Your dad and those at whose parties he plays and is sprayed dollars is oblivious of the suffering of the masses and Yorubas always had a history of fighting Fulani expansionist incursion into Yorubaland. Go and study history, life is not so shallow that it’s all about parties. Cursing those you do not know. The dollars they spray your family is under threat? Tell him to speak to his hirers to do their jobs and there will be no leadership vacuum for Sunday to selflessly fill! Please publish my commend

  2. This Sunday no get sense at all. Opening his mouth waaoh. Coconut head. Even if ooni is wrong, you can put it in a way.

    This man him juju no add wisdom give am?

  3. Be rational too in this fight against Killer Herdsmen. Do not be emotional all the way.

  4. Sign of weakness.
    If you can't own it and stand by it, don't say it.

    1. There's no sign of weakness there.. he's still on track.. both the outburst and apologising are on point. Tell them the truth, then apologize for the insult but still letting them see the truth..

      All join.. would Sultan be quiet the way onii was if people from the south goes to the north and start perpetrating evil?

      Use your head, at least try engaging it once in awhile

    2. God bless you Dante

    3. Sign of strength rather.. He did the correct thing.

    4. God bless you Dante.Everything is fair in love and War

  5. @Anon 4:7.abeg is that we are saying here?Didn't you read where he said he was carried away by emotions. They are killing his people and you are facing another direction cos they haven't killed your family members!

  6. @Anon 4:7.Abeg is that what we are saying here?Didn't you read where he said he was carried away by emotions. They are killing his people and you are facing another direction cos they haven't killed your family members!

  7. small power we e get. he has started showing himself

    1. Showing himself how? Maybe because you have not lost anyone dear to you to the hands of this evil herdsmen, so you wouldn't understand how he feels.

  8. Awww bless him good thing he apologized.

  9. It's good that he called the monarch out and I believe it was never a mistake, he has passed his message across and has also comfortably apologize that was his aim.
    I hope those in position will stop being selfish and take all necessary measure to make sure their people are safe.

  10. He was basking in the euphoria of his new found popularity.
    He better use the opportunity well because this can make or destroy him

  11. In sane climes this will never happen but Nigeria isn't a sane clime.

    Now that Sunday Igboho has taken laws into his hands, maybe this docile government will seat up and act.

    For how long will this continue? The useless cows they are grazing is not even healthy, Fish is healthier. You cannot forcefully graze your cows on people's farmlands so enough is enough.

    Farmers can no longer go to their own farms in peace without being killed, raped or their crops destroyed.

    And yes he is right, our leaders, governors and traditional rulers are a bunch of selfish failures.

  12. He just displayed strength! For your information, this exactly is how to drive your point home. Drag them for their weakness first, then apologize later. At least you’ve shown the world how selfish and cowardly they are. If the Obas in yoruba land are not careful, what happened in Ilorin will happen on their soil too. This kidnapping and killings is war in disguise! There are people that has been killed without a trace! You kidnap people, their families pay, yet you still kill them, is that rational? That’s evil!
    Nigerians abroad can’t come home without having to hire security services to watch over them, is that ok?
    Nigeria has slipped into war and the elimination is strategic and gradual.
    El-rufai brought this people in because they thought Goodluck won’t hand over power, now that they’ve not given them a job to do, they start engaging in tactical elimination. God will visit all the evil men in Nigeria with death! They shall not escape God’s wrath, including their children and families!

    1. You just spoit this beautiful write up by including El rufai.

  13. @Beautiful Wifey, there is a write up that chronicled the role of El-Rufai in importing the Mercenary into Nigeria because they thought Goodluck was not going to hand over power in 2015, El-Rufai too never knew he would win Kaduna State. They brought the fighters in, paid them to start war in Nigeria, but unfortunately, the American intelligence knew all these and they prevailed on Goodluck to hand over power. After he did, there was nowhere to exert energy again! the plan to start a war failed, so now they have to face the aftermath. Part of the compensation is that rail to Maradi. See, Nigeria is a failed state and if you are privy to the top security information in Nigeria, you will jump out of the sinking boat as far as your wing could carry you.

    I am not in Nigeria, neither is my family there, but Nigeria is where the bulk of my business interest is, hence my concern and interest in this matter.


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