Stella Dimoko Marriage Dissolved Through Redemption After Lady Filed For Divorce Citing Husbands Infertility Issue..


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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Marriage Dissolved Through Redemption After Lady Filed For Divorce Citing Husbands Infertility Issue..

Can someone read through and help explain what it is to divorce via Redemption?

A young housewife in Kaduna, Marwanatu Muhammad has asked a Shari’a court sitting in Rigasa, Kaduna State, to dissolve her 10-year-old marriage to Iliyasu, on the grounds of infertility.

Marwanatu told the court on Monday that her husband, Iliyasu has been unable to impregnate her since their marriage in 2011.

“He was married before now but the wife left him due to his infertility issues. I thought my case would be different but I was wrong.
I am okay and have no health issue. I am no longer interested in the marriage. I am ready to return the N20, 000 dowry he paid,” she said.

Iliyasu while defending himself said his wife, Marwanatu was owing him N17, 700.

He begged the court to assist him to recover the money from his divorce-seeking wife.

However, the judge, Malam Salisu Abubakar-Tureta held that the union had been dissolved through Khul’I (redemption) and adjourned the matter until Feb. 24 to enable the complainant to produce the N20, 000 dowry and to swear.

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  1. I need to know this too. I don't understand what it means

  2. Dissolving the marriage through redemption is by both parties forgiven each other and go there separate ways.

  3. I feel bad for the man though. It's not like he deceived her into the marriage. She knew of his condition but felt she would be different.

    It's like a woman unable to have a child been divorced by her husband even though he was aware of her condition from the beginning

    1. Anon 10:42,nothing is caste in stones ooh..People reevaluate situations and make corresponding decisions.
      It's better they go their seperate ways than being with him and cheats or treats him anyhow.
      Same with the woman in a situation that she's unable to birth a child like you stated.

      It's better the man divorces her and they both move on to other people than being with her, and abusing her psychologically and emotionally, treating her unfairly and even getting another woman pregnant while claiming it's all her fault!

      Sometimes, some sob stories in marriages could have been avoided if only the parties were strong willed enough to take the right decision that will favour each of them in the long run.
      But no, people choose the easy way out and start telling sob stories later.

  4. What happened to "for better for worse"? Can't they adopt children?

    The comments section would have been active if the man was the one divorcing the woman for her infertility. Double standards much

    1. It's ALWAYS gender WAR for you and your kind.

      Give it a rest, and stop the unhealthy competition.
      It's kinda getting tiring and boring.

    2. If I truly loved someone I would likely not do it, and would look into other options like using donor sperm and raising the child as my husband's. But it is likely that love is not present in this marriage, so it is just easier to divorce and go find a complete package elsewhere.

  5. Maybe the repayment of the dowry is the redemption.


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