Stella Dimoko Pastor Adeboye Reveals When He Wants To Die....


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Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Pastor Adeboye Reveals When He Wants To Die....



  1. I claim it for me and my family in Jesus name...amen.iam so scared of death

    1. Revelation 12:11

      They overcame the devil by:

      1. the blood of the Lamb...

      2. ...the word of their testimony (affirmation)...


      3. ..they loved not their lives unto DEATH.

      Believers in Christ who maintain right standing with God should not fear death.

      Death does not have dominion over us.

      I pray the LORD would help you to rise above the fear of death, in Jesus' name. Amen!

    2. Thank you @Proudly foodie,

      The other thing is to give your life to Jesus. By that you know you have eternal life because you have believed in Jesus and you have a right standing like Proudly foodie said.

      Maybe I will send a post on the chance my Dad had as he passed on.

    3. Please do.Anticipating it. You can even put it here on comment session so as not to forget

    4. My Dad passed away in Dec. Just before Christmas.

      HE wasn't really sick even though he had BP issues and Diabetes which my Mum had helped him manage as long as I can remember.

      So he wasn't feeling and decided to take him to the hospital for tests. I don't remember my Dad ever been on hospital admission in spite of his health issues. But this time they went. His sugar level was almost normal the day before.

      But when they got to the hospital things changed and his sugar level was said to be over 200, that was dangerously high. In any case they were trying to crash it when things started to spiral out of control.

      HE started to get restless. And was struggling with his breathing. Then God gave Mummy strength and wisdom. She led him to rededicate his life. And she was repeating after her. When she was done, on his own he kept ask the Lord for mercy as his voice died down and he couldn't speak. But my Mum told him to keep saying it as a person's hearing is the last that shuts down. And that was it. It was all over. He had a chance to. Pray as he passed not everyone will have that chance.

      But we don't need to be afraid of death once we have Christ. So it's up to you and I to prepare while we still have the chance.

    5. Lady T I'm glad that he had the chance. May his soul rest in the Lord

    6. LadyT thanks for sharing. Thank God for that opportunity for your Dad

      Hmmm.. So a man's hearing is the last to shut down... Interesting

  2. Amen, so shall it be and I tapped into longetivity for me, my family. No untimely passing

  3. I receive this prayer for my family and my sister family. No life shall be lost. Amen

  4. Amen. For me and mine. According to ur word oh Lord!

  5. I receive this prayer for me and my family in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ Amen. Long life and prosperity shall be my portion.

  6. Amen for me my Mum and siblings

  7. I tap into this.My family and I will not die untimely in Jesus Name


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