Stella Dimoko EX Beauty Queen Anna Banner Says She Was Suicidal And Wore A 'Fake Smile' For 6 Years To Hide Pain, Shame And Sadness.


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Tuesday, February 02, 2021

EX Beauty Queen Anna Banner Says She Was Suicidal And Wore A 'Fake Smile' For 6 Years To Hide Pain, Shame And Sadness.

EX Beauty queen Anna Banner took a walk down memory lane on her Insa story on Monday and the path was a painful recap....
She detailed the pain and shame she went through after she became pregnant at 20 years and had to drop out of school..

She talks about wearing a fake smile for 6 years but guess what?
she has healed and this post is to encourage someone who might be in her 'old shoes'

"Fake it till you make it was my hashtag.
But I have to make a personal decision to make myself happy by myself!
And it feels so good!
My birthday this year is a huge reminder of how I've been able to pull through!
I felt like I've been caged for almost six years of my life!
Honestly, no one sees the silent struggle and pain we all go through!
All we get on social media are "likes" and "comments" from people who likes you, admires or even hates you!
And yes!! we post beautiful pictures to feel good sometimes!
We post family perfect pictures too!! But we struggle to sleep at night!
We don't have it all figured out!
I was suicidal at some point in my life!
I never knew what depression was until I experienced it!
It wasn't pretty at all!
I was ashamed of my body,I was ashamed of certain decisions I made, I lost my self confidence, I literally lost myself!
I screamed silently for help but no one but God could hear me!
I had a beautiful baby girl at 20(unmarried, young and a school drop out)
And 5years later, I am a graduate!
I thought about quitting school many times! Trust me, I didn't care anymore!
it was too much
for me to handle!
Mentally, I was exhausted!
At some point, my daughter couldn't recognize me! She called her grandma mummy instead! I was shattered!
These are not even half of the #silentstruggles
But guess what, I came out stronger and wiser!
You might be going through worse but I can confidently tell you that you will be fine!
Just don't give up!
God is working silently for your sake!
Joy cometh in the morning!
Is like I'm done!




  1. We have all made mistakes. It is well with you.

    1. One of my colleagues then when i was working after nysc will always say..IN EVEN THING YOU DO! EXPECT THE CONSEQUENCES. Good or bad. Thats the outcome of certain decisions we make in life. We learn as we live every.

    2. That silent struggle and pain when your otele is been lashed, kwantiniu

    3. Light and love Anna,🌺 u overcame. Some married women bashing u r not even aware they r too deep in depression until dey commit d ultimate
      Depression is Real! Grow from here and allow only lights in ur life, quickly shut down darkness once u observe it. Good luck πŸ’ž

  2. This is her truth. She went to alot that year. Well done babe.✅πŸ‘

    1. Eyya
      But we all told you on stella's blog to move o
      Wo nothing is easy
      My major concern now is money bo jare.
      My focus year

    2. Congrats to her.
      She has a new man.

  3. This a lesson to younger girls, if you see a man that is already entangled with child don't go and shook your head thinking that you will make a difference. Good luck to you Ann

    1. You’re still blaming her then? What of the so called man? He’s the one that was in a committed relationship, not Anna. He’s more to blame.

    2. Some of you are so judgemental, I wonder how you sleep at night.

    3. But her child and Sandra's child are so close in age. They are only months not like he was entagled with child..he dated both same time

    4. Too many ass lickers in this blog, condemn a bad attitude so that other girl child will not fall prey, they are there pampering the situation

    5. I feel for her sha,she was so young and u will be surprised the lies men tell. As a lady you just have to be extra smart and do ur findings.
      Let other young girls learn from dis. STAY AWAY from men dat have new born kids, 9 out of 10 they are still VERY involved with the baby mama. Sandra and her baby were even livn with Flavour; maybe she thot eventually Sandra will get tired and move for her.
      Youre a beautiful girl dont let this issue define you,u wont be the first or last baby mama to find love,u still have age and beauty on ur side.

    6. Abeg. The anon is not being judgemental. She's saying the truth. Anna knew Flavour was in a committed relationship and the lady in question was pregnant yet she willingly chose to shook her head.

      You think she'll be filled with regret if Flavour had dumped the other lady and chosen to be with her? No.

      The world on a normal day is not favorable to women. If men cheat, the girlfriend or wife would be blamed. But even with this knowledge, some of you will choose to be the knife a man uses to stab his girlfriend or wife in the heart because you think you're better and more deserving.

      Besides, this is not the first time she's claiming regret. She did some years ago only to jump back in the same situationship and flaunting it online.

      Go and sin no more. Shikena

    7. Pls dont judge... you have no clue what she was going through.

    8. be kind with word... ode

    9. What is this one saying...

      And... what makes you think the first babymama that allowed herself get pregnant for 2 times is living a happy life and never feels depressed?

      Why must she (1st) fall pregnant for a guy that isn't married to her and expect he'll be loyal/faithful to her for life?

      You people always blaming Anna and making Sandra look holy like she did the right thing.

      Abeg, clear road jare.

  4. True, no one understands your struggles, you have to sort it out yourself and seek help when it is needed . Good to know you're out of that phase, continue being a strong woman.

  5. I am happy she admitted her mistakes and her truth. We all saw it from her pictures and the way she kept chasing after Flavour. I always wondered why a very beautiful girl like her will allow a man mess her up and still keeps treating her like a non-entity. She lost her self esteem and stooped so low to fight for a man who doesn’t even deserve a single drop of her tears. Well! Thank God she said she is better and I sincerely hope it’s true because we will still know which ever way.

    1. Hmmmm you see this life you never can tell what route it will take you through! I was doing so well
      got pregnant and lost it all. Down went my self worth. So many times I would think of suicide and remember my son cos I knew he would suffer. When I read her posts yesterday I cried cos I knew that was me! Running after the man and all. Gosh I went through hell! Lost my cars, money, business. It was like bad luck went with me everywhere! You can never understand until you go through this. I decided it’s over and I pray God to help me. I know it’s a dawn of a new day for me and believe my God will turn all my private tears into testimonies and grant me his grace, mercy and favour. Amen

    2. Anon 11.14. Like we know, what God can't do does not exist.
      You'll come up better, stronger and wiser.πŸ€—πŸ€—❤

  6. But she was making tweaking videos, abegi

    1. Keyboard warrior do you have sense at all? It's obvious your life isn't better yet you come here and spew all manner of nonsense because you know people don't know you. ode oshi

  7. See what one small penis can cause...
    Never underestimate the power of a flaccid dick. It is well with u

  8. Rooting for you babe!! So proud of you completing your education!
    I like that you are re-writing your future devoid of ...... You will make it nne!
    Don't stop at that, look at internationally recognised certifications in the career you want and take them. Leverage online courses too.
    Your beauty will open doors for you while your brain will keep you there!! Always remember this slogan!
    Utilise all the God given potential in you and soar!
    Look into business/investments too..
    Have you thought of relocating to a western country ? Look at what options are available to you!
    Canada, Australia, etc!
    Go Anna!! I love this new you!!

    1. Why do we think the result is going to a western country...such mentality!

    2. Tiwa, davido, psquare etc kids are not abroad and they will give kids raised in the UK or US a run for their money...these kids are even more likely to attend better schools than the so called kids abroad..haba. Besides I live abroad so dont come saying ignorance..

    3. You think she will get these game abroad??? look at davido, cuppy, naira who knew them abroad? There is a reason they are in naija...Anna will be fine.

  9. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  10. Sorry dear, there is a reason God said we should close our legs before marriage and I hope you have really learnt your lessons cos a while ago, a certain blogger called you out for opening your leg waaah for a married man. I hope you really learnt your lessons Anna

    1. Thank God she has learnt her lessons. I pray her daughter will not make same mistake she made.

  11. Glad you're in a better place Anna. All things both good and bad choices will work together for your good as long as you hold onto God.πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—❤

  12. Nice and soft spoken lady
    And yes , full of smiles

  13. She really went through a lot, I remember d bashing. But the other 2 in d triangle πŸ”Ί️ also did. So people, always remember to ask ursef 'what love got to do' when u are faced and have to make decisions on situations that can negatively affect ur sanity at any point in time.

  14. Beautiful Anna i am glad you are okay now.😍😘

  15. Good you in a better place now.

  16. This girl that is dating her boss..a married man..
    Rubbing the whole stuff on the face of the wife..
    Useless thing!...
    Depression kee you there!..

    1. The problem is greed ... she needs money to sustain the baby girl life style. Its very addictive and most single guys are still struggling

      As favour no dey, it would be to leech on to the next married man but with contraceptive this time

    2. Ha! If this is true, na wa for her o!

      If this is false, na wa for you o!

    3. Ah Queen and boss even you?

      You that encourages young girls to fuck married men *except your hubby* for money?

      Oh I forgot! She's not Igbo!

    4. You can date a married man codedly!...
      Collect enough money from him and flee!..
      I don't encourage breaking of homes!..
      This girl likes dragging men with her fellow women!..
      As beautiful as she is,she cant get a man of her own..

    5. Linda Linda always knows all the hidden gists about celebrities

  17. I hope she is in a better place. Life experiences sometimes are built to make us stronger.

    I do want to have someone who had a child in their twenties as a single mum on my podcast. Incase, someone here is willingly to share their story.

  18. Taking responsibility for your actions should be a made a compulsory subject in schools!

  19. Anna and Snowhitey, same whatsapp group
    U see red flags, but u still enter; cos u feel u are better than ur predecessors

  20. I love you anna. I will never forgive flavor for ur matter. Dont let anything dim ur light.. Shine baby girl, shine...

  21. Seems like the story of Flavour being married to Sandra is true o

  22. Seeing that she is still displaying breasts, she has apparently learnt nothing.

  23. Your past does not define you and I'm so happy you won over the spirit of depression and have also gotten your degree, I believe with your beauty and brain you will surely conquer.

  24. I always say once u can take responsibility for your actions then you can go ahead to do what you like.
    When you tell them, them no go hear but they will come back either to play the victim or crying with regrets.
    I honestly don't pity women that wash eyes and enter drama. I remember I used to admire ugegbe and flavour drama till boom Anna began to post this flavour guy all the time. Before I knew what was happening, she's pregnant. Pregnant? For who? Flavour? My Sisters and I were devastated. Before she got pregnant, her fans were warning her on her page plus telling her that this man just had a baby but she no hear. Few years later, she talked about being deceived by flavour bla bla and how she has received sense but before we knew it, she had gone back to posting him left, right and centre. At that point I just wouldn't take her seriously anymore.
    Even now because if flavour calls her, she would forget all these suicide stories and run back. My dear, nobody cares if flavour deceived you or not, once you are 18, you are a full grown adult and entirely responsible for your actions. The earlier you forget that I was young narrative, and dust yourself from anything flavour, the better for you. The guy even tried for you. He sent you back to school, got you a house, and is taking care of his child. Chioma assurance did not get house sef. You should be very thankful that flavour did not marry you. You think it's cupcake to be married to someone like that? small girl like you wan get hbp at this young age? There are women who can handle randy men, it's not everyone. From the way you cry out from time to time, my dear, I know you can't cope. You are 25, still young, pretty and now a graduate, you will see someone. He may not be rich like flavour but you will be loved and have peace of mind. But if you allow flavour to continue to use u as a rebound whenever he falls out with ugegbe, na you sabi. Just don't disturb our ears again. Take care

  25. I won't judge you for sinning differently.
    Lessons learnt.

  26. It is well dear
    God's strengthπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ upon you

  27. Eyah,that's life,We live and learn...

  28. Lol. But she's seeing another married man under the guise of 'employment'?

    She'll go another round of depression if she doesn't leave someone else's husband. You finally moved on from Flavor and you're jumping in bed with another married man again. Is it a curse?

  29. If only she waited and didn't have a child for Flavour, Ned would have married her.
    (Going by comments up there that she might be into married men)


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