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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Tuesday In House News...



Good day Stella, something happened around my formal neighborhood today, so I thought to share with my fellow BV'S if person tell you say ancestors no dey, abeg slap the person, you see eeeh, There was this couple that was staying around my neighborhood, this lady fell in love with her cousin (first cousin for that matter ooo), and it was the talk of town then, people talked, mocked, did practically everything to separate them but them no send::

They moved from the junction into my street and were high class love birds, they can kiss and smooch for road sef, I once tried to kiss the way they were kissing for my doll-baby body, my Papa flogged me till I pee'd on my body, but fingers were still pointing, one day their family members came to separate them, performed a lot of rituals, but hanty no gree go, that was where the lady told them that the guy made her lose her womb and it's impossible for her to allow him marry another woman while she's still alive, hmmmm 

She continued to live with this guy, they gbensh, do everything that'll make your beautiful ears and eyes tingle, sometime last two years, the guy disappeared and we later heard that he moved to Germany.

 December last year, the lady died out of depression, after more than 20yrs of fu*king her brother, the next week, the guy too was brought back home, very sick, he died a week after, no child, nothing nothing, now juju has started killing the siblings, they said they need to perform some rituals fast or more people will die.... The story is a true life story...

Ewooooooo, For real?....I have cousins that are Biracial. They are so fine, especially one of them.. Hmmm years back na God save me oh...That thing is a demonic attraction oh....

If you are reading this and having an affair with a blood member of your family, repent abeg...

But wait wait wait....

In some Tribes cousins are allowed to marry and they dont die, so why should it kill in other tribes?


Rona Symptoms

Bikonu market people that sell vegetables is there something you do to yours goods that make them fresh and sweet looking? Because I can't understand how vegetables I bought will begin to look scruffy once it lands my house, abeg make una tell me una secret abi na because of the nylon wey e don enter? 

Na wa o.

So my past weeks have been eventful, okay let me start from the beginning lol  when people began to complain of lose of sense of smell I thought they were exaggerating their experience, I mean you can't perceive that horrible waste bin stench abeg tell me another story. 

 I am very sensitive to smell, so I couldn't relate to their ordeal until it happened to yours truly. Not only did I stop perceiving stuff I also couldn't taste anything, I really cannot say when exactly I lost my sense of smell but I found out about it when I was not able to perceive the ogiri Igbo I used in my soup neither did I perceive the soup. 

At first I thought something was wrong with the food until I realized that I haven't been greeted by the normal everyday smell that is both in and outside of the house.  I grinded ginger and garlic together then mixed it with hot water and drank it while it was still hot, did it for days.

I had to stop my wig making classes, so that I won't expose others to what ever it was and I became the face mask mama. I social distanced the much I could, I wasn't terribly sick only felt like someone that had malaria which I treated and I am happy to announce to you guys that I'm fine now and my sense of smell and taste are both gradually returning, thank God for his healing.

I missed the smell of the world both the good and bad, always appreciate your sense organs because without them you are lost in this world.

One quick question 

what would have happened if symptoms of Coro were to be blindness, deaf and dumb? God forbid oo. Please protect yourself and your loved ones, wear your face mask and most importantly eat healthy, it will help boost your immunity and resistance to viruses and diseases. ...

I dont understand this writeup...Did you have Covid 19 or not? You made everything sound like a Joke and it is lost on me.





Is this what I think it is? This was dropped in Todays Spontaneous post.



  1. Good afternoon everyone, I have received the numbers of 50 BVs from my boss to send MTN data to & I promise to successfully send all data to the 50 recipients before the end of today, so please bear with me my lovely BVsπŸ™πŸΎ.

    Below are the names of all 50 recipients;

    2. Ibadan shopper

    3. Chemo_lala

    4. Osundi

    5. Dahrare kinda BV

    6. Push

    7. Wendy

    8. Black slimzy

    9. Temmy tee

    10. Obechidil

    11. Spicy Cynthia

    12. Blesso

    13. Lora

    14. Chioma Eti

    15. Gracious Jessy

    16. Jules

    17. Zeexa Love

    18. Laneminder

    19. Eno

    20. Shea

    21. Bloosom

    22. Uyai

    23. Rosy and kids

    24. Ellaelle

    25. Koolchic

    26. Abdulganiyu

    27. Bianca

    28. Happy

    29. UGGirl

    30. Sandra

    31. Darajah

    32. Mary Jane

    33. Lucid media

    34. Esther Francis

    35. Zendaya

    36. Jessica

    37. Seun

    38. Glory bosschic
    39. Olivek

    40. Olamee

    41. Pascal

    42. Ursula

    43. Jechix

    44. Amazon Barroness

    45  Floxy vine

    46. Josephine

    47. Glorious

    48. Ijeoma Ph

    49. White Angel

    50. Gem


    1. You too Isaac, Congratulations on your sister's wedding.

    2. Thanks Stella,PA,Isaac. You've done noble. Coincidentally,my data is expiring todayπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

      God forbid such evil Attraction. But how is it that the both died and whatever it is is now killing others? I don't understand that part

    3. Thanks Stella
      God bless you Isaacbaba

    4. My neighbor has Covid and she likes to come to my house at the slightest chance she gets. She is isolating at home and stays alone with no help. If she's fleeting her house she will come over to mine with the little energy she has left and some other scenarios like that. The problem now is that I have kids and me send get high blood pressure which can pass for underlying sickness and when I talk she go say the Covid has gone that what she has is post Covid weekness but my spirit is telling me otherwise. What can I do to keep her away completely cos I can't shout.

    5. To the lady asking for how to resolve the conflict in her name, I think your best bet right now is t depose to an affidavit, stating that all the said names belong to you. Then, take the affidavit to a local newspaper to publish same.

      With your affidavit and newspaper publication, you should be legally covered.

    6. Isaacbaba thanks for the data last week, may God reward you

      Keep doing what you doπŸ‘Š

    7. Awww,i see my email adrdress,thanks to sdk PA for chosing me and thanks Isaac for the benevolence,may celebration be nonstop in your dormain.cheers.

    8. Thanks Stella and blog PA for the data

    9. Thanks a lot Stella... Isaac baba you are appreciated.May God bless you both

  2. Divine Health Confessions!!

    I live above this world and its corrupting influences. No sickness, disease or infirmity can thrive in my body, because I have the divine life—the indestructible, unconquerable life of God, in my spirit! I’m conscious of my divinity and immortality in Christ Jesus. Blessed be God!

    1. Amen! No sickness can thrive in my body. I declare divine healing. Thanks Rhapsody.

      Good afternoon blog Fam πŸ’•
      Stella babe πŸ’•

      Harmattan February 🀨

  3. Good afternoon everyone

    1. Make sure you have change of name that covered the one with your father's name and divorce certificate that warrants changing back to your maiden name.
      If you dont have divorce cert,change back to being married till its sorted out.So keep answering your husband's name.

      CV poster this is for you.

  4. God is handling what you’re struggling with!_RealTalkKim

    So I recently cut my hair ,and I went to get some items from the market today. On getting to a particular shop,I told the man what I wanted to buy, and as he handed the item over to me,I could hardly believe the question he asked me.... ''Which church do you attend,this one that you barbed your hair like this"?. I no even know whether to laugh abi wetin sef . Abeg wetin concern church concern sey I Barb my hair (what business does the church have to do with me having cut my hair?)
    Now this is the sentiment of the age we live in, where the church is being directly or indirectly accused for the irresponsibilit
    y or short comings of an individual . Where snide remarks are being made towards the church even on issues it clearly has no connection with,where the church is being picked on by individuals looking for where to vent their anger/
    frustrations(especially on social media).
    Why do we always think the church is to blame when people take wrong actions,decisions and misbehave?
    we are quick to blame the church when an individual is suddenly faced with severe challenges which keeps defiling every solution he/she has tried... and some will be like ''ahn nawa oo,upon all the church make e Dy go,e never still get solution.... which church e Dy go sef"?(despite all her regular church attendance,she hasn't gotten any solution?.... what church does she attend?)
    Am so grateful that none of us humans were made the builder of the church,lest our hands would have grown weary from trying so much to keep the church standing despite the vile attacks of her enemies .
    The Church is not your real enemy,the Church is not necessarily the cause of your problems,and the Church is not to blame.
    # # Xtiana Elias Cares##
    # # Words of Renewal##

    1. Of course, the Church is not our enemy but just like we blame a parent when a child turns out bad, because parents are supposed to nurture and mould the child’s character, same way people blame the Church for our shortcomings as adults because of the power we perceive the Church and its doctrines has on us. An example is the Deeper Life Church, the effect of its teachings on its members goes a long in shaping its members behavior and personality, so if we see any shortcomings in them, who do we blame?

  6. God has a plan for your life no matter how confusing the road may get.
    Calm down!_UnclePamilerin

  7. Eka Joy Abeg serve us the one have written so far.
    Since you starved us with wedding night Bruohaaa
    please send labour room drama
    I want to know how your husband's actions when you were in labour, cos you are acting like a last born.

  8. Good afternoon to y'all on here and hope everything is absolutely fine wherever you are at? Candy sweet,hope you are fine now? Tbabe,longest time and what's popping? I pray that God be kind to Paris Savannah and Chocolate Noir.#InspirationalTuesday

  9. Good afternoon FAM blog.
    Na wah ooh what my ears heard today still baffles me.
    Imagine ooh on my way to pick my kids from school,so I decided to shop in one supermarket ,not less than 5 mins a lady walk up to me with a smile on my face ooh and said pls can I give her few of my time?? And I replied hope nothing serious and she said nothing much ,just that she loves me,I replied to what level naa.
    Hmm no be small thing oh!!
    Famblog!! Dis woman begin toast me even with tears ,that this the third time she's seeing me and she can't get me off her mind. So I quietly told her pls I'm not into woman to woman thing that I'm sorry .
    Chineke mu ooh this woman begin to promise me heaven on earth. Dubai ,Paris etc trip if only I can be her lady.
    Na so security pulled her away 4rm me.I managed to escaped from this mad lady. Odi kwa egwu.

    1. Lesbians are now everywhere o.

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ Wahala be like bicycle

    3. Don't take it lightly. Report her officially. One thing about all these same sex attracted people,they can be very wicked of their advances are not reciprocated. Their own love is like obsession before she will harm you later. To them,if I can't have you,no one else can

    4. Na wah, dem no dey hide again?

    5. hahahahahaaa... see madness ooooo.... Nigeria my country

    6. Wonderment😲😲😲😲 things dey happen.

    7. We are going back now to arrest her.
      My husband is very angry,he canceled his flight to PH just to come deal with this mad lady.
      Tufiakwa I hv never experience this before.

    8. Make sure you report fully to your husband and a person of authority

      Vindictive petty jealous wickedness are these people's names

    9. Fabu

      Cancelled flight indeed

      Your fellow woman?

      Begging you like that?

      Create another fantasy tale.

      No lesbian will act that way.

      They are extremely careful with their moves.

      There must be some green lights from you after they show signs before they go vocal .

      Madam sama, rest!

  10. Anonymous poster, please hold on to God everything will eventually make sense. Please don't hurt yourself.

    Good afternoon to you all.

  11. Nobody should come and drop subtle suicide notes here pls I'm begging you all, it's not easy anywhere, we all are hustling it, we have been depressed one time or the other, suicide is not an option, beg if you have to but say no to suicide after hardship comes ease that's the promise of God.

    I couldn't even comment on Sara's chronicle update, I was so devastated, it was as if I know her in person nobody should come and mess us up with suicide notes pls.

    1. Aswearugod!! Like I can't even type my lighthearted fun piece again whenever I read dem depressing ass comments. I just go into sombre mood. πŸ₯Ί

      Please, it's too much. Gosh!

    2. Honestly please I beg you guys..Me I am open to be your friend (just click on my ID)..Yesterday going home I was just thinking about Sarah, I say a silent prayer for her everyday..I was listening to ''Summertime Sadness'' and ''Everything I wanted'' and I was close to tears..Poster Nitori Olorun don't kill yourself

  12. Covid 19 is real. Stay safe to protect yourself and your loved ones.

  13. Please BVs, I am an old boy that loves Naira Marley's songs. Does that make me a Marlian?

    1. How old? Are you are baby boomer cos if so, I'm getting second embarrassment on your behalf. 😩

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚,nawa oo.

    3. Agadi nwoke marlian

    4. Hahahaha. This blog is pure cruise. Inukwa marlian.

    5. chai!! stella ur BV's are something else. See boy, see Malian. hahahahahaa.... Nigeria ooooooo

  14. I need to get clean tattoo here in Lagos

  15. I just had my lunch now but I’m still feeling hungry.

  16. BV asking what she can do about her NYSC certificate bearing her ex’s Name. The first question is do you have a divorce certificate to prove that you are now single? If you do, take both the divorce and NYSC certificates to a court (If you are in Lagos, go to the High court in Igbosere, Lagos Island) to swear an affidavit for a name change, and you are good to go. You can do a newspaper publication as well(Punch is quite affordable). Your NYSC certificate is valid regardless.

  17. That anonymous 08:11 up there.. I've to gather all my energy to drop this comment for you because you are important.

    I know how you feel right now.. Trust me I know! I know it's looking like all the pain and hardship you are going through right now will never go away, it's hard to see the light.. Yes I know! But you have to shake those thoughts away, you have to be your own motivation, inspiration, support because sometimes those around you sef won't understand what's going on in your head but rather add to your pain. Cry when you feel like, cry a lot to relieve to those heavy pain in your chest.. Try hard.. Try harder.. Hold unto hope.. No matter how down you are manage to say something to God.. He's around you always! Take it one step a day anonymous please.. Do not give in to the thoughts of the devil because "fa innama Al-yusri yusroh, innama Al-yusri yusroh (after every hardship comes ease)". Ease will come and you shall live to give great testimonies! Stay with us

    God be with you ❤️

  18. Meanwhile, whoever that sang that "everybody like pawpaw" children song is scam. All the children I know hate pawpaw. 😩

    My child even asked me today why I keep feeding him papaya when I don't even like it. 🀣

  19. Candy Hope you are better now? Sorry dear I saw your post late..I speak healing to everyone ill in one way or the other..God will come through for you..Blessed day

    1. It is well with you my candilicious candy,divine healing is ur portion IJN.

  20. Can adults take Tom brown pap for children?

  21. Another suicide note? Suicide is not an option oo. If you're dead, people will mourn and forget about goes on oo, yorubas will say ' eni to ku ni tie gbe' rather be closer to God, only Him can solve all your problems, trust Him, have faith that he will do it and dont give up cos When there's life, there's hope.

    Good afternoon from here.

  22. Most northerners marry their relatives.
    it is well with the family members

  23. Yayy πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ saw my name among the data recipients,God bless you more ma'am Stella,thanks our able blog PA for selecting me,God bless u real good.ive been managing with the free data from opera mini since o.

    Good afternoon everyone 😍
    It can only get better, e go surely be ✌️

    1. Data received, thank you Stella, able PA and Issac. That anonymous up there, please be fine,I decree peace in your heart, I decree healing on you spirit, soul and body.

      The devil can never win this battle, it's of the Lord's, you will come out Victorious. Amen

  24. I suggest this: everyone with gruesome stories that ended in praise can please, write and send it anonymously to Stella so that those discouraged about life will compare and see that their situation is nothing compared to what others are passing through.

    Stella, you can make it weekly. The spirit if depression is obviously on rampage.

    Dear depressed bv, trust me when I say your condition is not that bad. You need to see what some other people are going through. Just wait on God

  25. Good afternoon everyone
    Candy dear how you feeling today,I hope you are getting better please stay strong πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  26. Hello everyone! Saw my name for data recipients thanks Aunty Stella more Grace and able PA thanks.

  27. Yaaaaaayyyyyyy. I’m sooooo excited, I have never won anything before. Thank you so much blog PA, thanks a lot Stella, and thanks to you Isaac. I deeply appreciate this gesture. May God reward in 100 folds. ... koolchic

  28. God bless the giver and receivers o... Abah which soap I dey use bath wey make me never receive here or for more than 6yrs.. but wait o? I never give o.. okay I won't beef again.. make I try do "giving practical" God bless me..


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