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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Wordless Post



  1. Criminals are being given preferential treatment. Smh

  2. Buhari shielding his killers brothers while arresting the innocent protesters.

  3. This is sad... We need to wake up... May God give us courage and strength

  4. Naina and pursuing shadows....

  5. This is stupid. The second pic is the meeting between Gumi ( an Islamic scholar) and some bandits. Gumi is not a politician, he didn't go to the meeting to represent the government. He went there on his own. It is foolish for anyone to give the impression that government frolicking with bandits because of the pic. Gumi is a known critic of the government of Buhari. You guys believe any trash you see on net.

    1. Alexander there's nothing stupid about the post.

      Gumi is an Islamic scholar who has gone on a negotiation cum meeting with these ragtag mujihadeens pleading on them to cease fire. Yeah, we agree we argue.

      Now, take a good look at them:
      Fully kitted in army camouflage and vests.
      Wielding arms and ammunition in their full glory.
      Barefaced as bush guerrillas without face shields.

      And I ask you, if there's nothing wrong with this APC administration,isn't this the right time to swoop in on them and arrest them all?

      These are terrorists not bandits.
      God save Nigeria.

  6. One Nigeria my foot, Fulani Nigeria is more like it and as matter of fact they walk around with their cow bearing it in mind that they own the country and can commit any crime and there will be no consequences. I hate to admit it but the truth is no matter what crime this Fulani herdsmen commit, you can never find them being locked up and the keys thrown away like they treat our brothers from other part of the country.
    This country is long due for division as far as I am concern, Nigeria is beyond redemption.

  7. Are we sure those bandits are not collecting allowances sef. SMH

  8. I can tell you in all honesty and beat my chest in all certainty that Nigeria is gone forever. It's a matter of time before its collapse. Nothing can remedy Nigeria. It's beyond redemption. All thanks to the Fulani Janjaweed.

  9. I wonder why Niger-Delta militants are it because they signed the amnesty treaty? Talking of arms and ammunitions these bandit don't even come close be it charms or weapons.Yes I know the resurrection of Niger-Delta militants will result to more chaos but sincerely at this point, I don't care 'cause truly I DON DEY TIRE FOR THIS COUNTRY alot of you will murmur under your breath "if you are tired leave nau" that's my business! If I choose to leave or stay. Sigh according to the famous word on Twitter "be like Na ment"

  10. Replies
    1. Zoo of a country , someone said Ibadan zoo is better than Nigeria . Sad but true 🦋

  11. Welcome to Nigeria where criminals are justified/respected while harmless protesters are being humiliated!

    Joe Biden, these are things you should lend your voice to and not legalization of gay.


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