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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative..



I don't even know if I'm angry, sad or confused. Like how do you live your life freely without holding a grudge on someone and they don't like you for no reason? Like how? How?

I started working in a place around late February and infact last months salary was the first i have received.

 I was Hired as an auxiliary staff and I most times have free time on my hands doing nothing, I sometimes just read through stuffs on my phone when I'm less busy or just sit there doing nothing. 

My boss prepared a timetable where I get to assist two particular staffs with their work so I won't be completely useless in the work place. And so far I have been following it and doing my work the best way I know how to.

Some days back a meeting was called and our boss made mentioned of the fact that some complain was brought to him about how some of us don't do our jobs and we spend most of time on our phones instead of working. I didn't even think much of it because I know I do my work and I only use my phone when I'm not working. There's this particular security guy who works with us and while I was inside the office, he called me outside and was telling me to be careful with the way i roll with people in our work place ,and that the reason why the boss mentioned the phone issue was because a particular staff reported me to him, and he mentioned other things the staff said.

He said a particular cleaner told him how the lady who reported me held a meeting during closing hour on Friday with other 3 female staffs ,who they work in the same section with her, and were talking about how I just sit down doing nothing and still collect the same salary as them. And all I do is lazy around looking through my phone doing nothing, and a lot of other things. The cleaner said he should come and warn me to be careful and that if not for the fact that I Av been nice to them, she wouldn't have told him to tell me.

I don't even know how to handle all of these things really, I don't like trouble, infact I mind my business a lot, I try to smile, greet and just go my way. The people I'm close with are just the two guys my boss designed a time table for me to work with them, the rest staffs are females and they all work in a different section, so I don't always hang out with them during lunch break,I just sit in the office or sometimes go out alone and to get what to eat.

How can you irritate someone without doing anything to them? And to think while I was walking into the office today, I saw the said staff that reported me walking in and we walked in together and we were even talking about weekends, I even told her I fell ill during the weekends and I'm still on medications and she was even sympathetic o.

I was so upset when the security guy was telling me. And while he was at it ,my boss's assistant saw heard how my voice was shaking and he asked if anything was wrong and I said nothing and just walked away. He called the security guy and he told him everything she said. 

 The boss's assistant called me and was saying I should take things easy and calm down, he said it is just gossip and since I am doing my work religiously I should just continue with it and not mind any side talk. That since it is not the administration that complained, then I shouldn't feel bad about gossip or side talk.

How can you tell me not to worry when Someone is trying to rubbish my hard work? I am barely 2months in this place and you want to give them a bad impression about me, You don't like me and you're recruiting other people to do the same. Haba!  What have I done to you? My work load is lesser and I'll always have more free time to relax . We don't work In the same section so why the hate? God knows I have been doing my work the way it was designed on the time table, so why the hate.

 I don't know how to deal with this thing, I don't know if I should report to our boss tomorrow ,confront her, or just let it slide. I don't know what to do.
Please if there is any error, correct me with love, because I didn't edit anything, I'm just upset.

*Report what to your boss? Report that she reported you? Are you for real? you are so NaΓ―ve!!.. 

You are Employed as an auxiliary and this might mean that you are not really needed there so please be careful!

She has every right to report you and you can lose your job if you are not careful...

STOP USING YOUR PHONE at the work place, It is not right at all and it does not matter whether you used it when you were free or not, if you try it in anywhere you work abroad, you will lose that Job...

Stop gossiping with the cleaner and the security man.. Drop this petty attitude and learn how to do things properly..... If they come to tell you, tell them how busy you are OK? They are not telling you because of how nice you supposedly are, they are telling you because they gossips and I am sure they would told the other Lady what you said or didnt say.....

If you continue like this you will be sacked SOON!


  1. I don’t even think this person hates you the way you are going off, you are even getting off easily cos a serious company would have queried your ass. Do you know how unproductive and lackadaisical you look caught staring down continuously on your phone?

    It’s a workplace, there are etiquette and you are making a mockery of it. I know it can get boring for you so instead of phone, use the PC if you work with one..that way you can give the illusion of working hard. Lol

    1. Stella said it all. If you worked in my company, you would have gotten query, my MD na no nonsense woman.

    2. Unknown query say who die? Abeg this is Nigeria, and down here, our gadgets are our company when we are done with work while waiting for 5pm to carry bag and go home.

      Poster, the question is, do you do your job diligently true true? If you do, it will speak for you without you blinking an eye.

      You are not supposed to be pressing phone when you still have work to do, otherwise, ignore them and work harder at your job to shut them up. Na the salary dey pain them and it is not your fault that God is good to you jare.

    3. Gbam @ no one is your enemy and no one is your friend. The most costly mistake you can make regarding work is to confide personal information to a co-worker. Separate your personal life from your work life. The less they know about your personal life, the better for you. Someone I know was denied a managerial position because the person she thought was a friend told them she had too many personal issues to be able to take on the role. She heard about it after the role was given to someone else. The painful part is that she thought because the person was an expatriate and was considered a friend, she was good but he was the one that stabbed her in the baback This happened in 9ja.
      Never engage in office gossip, it will mess with your head and the way what you said will be amplified with salt and pepper will leave your shocked to your bones. Mind your business and do your job. If you are like me that work really quickly, learn to ask the guys that assign work to you the timeline/when they need it completed so you can pace yourself to meet the deadline. Also ask them if you could help with anything or shadow them(i.e. observe them work) to learn beyond the activities assigned to you.
      The next office gossip you would hear is that you are sleeping with oga which is why you get same pay with less workload, that gossip is so common in Nigerian offices, every successful lady's success will be attributed to any oga she gets along with even when the rumor mongers know in their heart that it isn't true. So brace yourself and be tough for all these gossips. Best way is to avoid partaking in them.

      How did your co-workers know how much you earn? Isn't that confidential information?

    4. Stay away from your phone ,use it during your break time is that simple period.

  2. Poster, kindly stop pressing your phone in your office/workplace no matter how free you think you are. How about asking them for work to do and not just sit there waiting to be instructed/told. Girl, be proactive!

    Also, try to know some workplace etiquette, discussing/gossiping about anyone is a "No-No."

  3. Poster tread carefully, keep everyone at arm's length except when it concerns work related issues.
    Don't allow anyone to jam your heads together. Do your work diligently and don't give anyone room to find any fault in you.
    Also pray about this. I beg you please, keep your personal details to yourself. Sick or not, she's not entitled to know what's going on in your life.

    Wishing you the best there.

  4. There's no smoke without fire. Let it go because these are people you will see at work every day. Keep your phone and only pick when necessary.

  5. As a domiciliary assistant put away your phone to avoid germs.

    1. Who be this anon???
      I no fit Laff sef

    2. Domiclliary staff ko, dormitory ni

  6. Firstly, Staff not staffs
    They gossip not they gossips

    Stella's advice today is πŸ‘Œ
    Just to add there's always a way of silently/subtly dealing with people if you are smart

  7. All these shenanigans are part of the work experience in a working environment. Happens in work place without strict policies and standards.
    Continue to mind your business.
    Find better things to do than being on your phone.

  8. Some of you ladies have phone addiction which is a serious psychological problem and you do not even acknowledge it.πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  9. Thank you Stella. Nothing else to add.

    Poster, better stop trying to justify your action. In every workplace there are antagonists, don't use your hand to give them ammunition to use against you.

  10. Since you like reading go with books or novels instead of using your phone. Once pple see you with phone, the normal assumption is you are just scrolling n playing with phone. Besides reading books looks more professional and the gossips will find something else to distract them

    1. Even reading books is against company's books , no phone, except it is your break time or lunch break

    2. Exactly 18.35, imagine reading a book or novel in an office.

  11. W!!!
    I saw how bothered and disappointed you were when you posted this on Friday. Try not to have so much expectation as not everyone will like you.
    Please take it easy, I know how you feel. You have to toughen up and don't let them see that you are bothered about it or anything at all. More will still come but the way you handle this will determine how you will handle the next Issue that are yet to come up. This happens a lot of times at the workplace, I've been there and please Stop pressing your phone o r you go to the restroom to press your phone before returning back to your seat.
    Also, if you feel try not to rush your activities n take your time while working. It will keep your mind busy so as not to turn to your phone at every moment.

  12. I will advice that you adhere to Stella's advise. She said it all, don't give room for the security guy and cleaner talk again. You only know your mind and not theirs.

  13. Drop phone, read newspaper, inspirational books etc

  14. Dear poster, stop using your phone in your workplace!!! You are an auxiliary staff instead of finding ways to add more value that is expected of you, you are using it to press phone!!

    When you are free go and assist those other 3 females that she said that has more workload than you but receiving same salary.

    How do you want to improve your chances of getting a permanent job if you are not diverse? This should be a learning period for you and you are pressing phone instead of learning all that you can? You think she is the only one seeing you ba? Even your boss is seeing you.

    Upgrade yourself and learn all you can even if they are not in your unit, you do not know the unit that will need a permanent staff and it might not be your boss that will be in the position to make that recommendations. Be humble and learn.

    Do not confront or talk to anyone about it. Do the needful and make an impact!!

    Anty Caro

  15. Pay no attention to everything people say before you hear your servant cursing you. Ecclesiastes 7:21

    Do you understand that? πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

    1. God bless you dear Anonymous... This has been my scripture All this year's to help me maintain peace in times of gossip.

  16. If you must use your phone do that during break time

  17. Ah Stella your advice is good but too harsh. I also disagree that the colleague in question has every right to report her. She doesn't! They do not even work in the same section.

    That being said, Poster I feel your pains, some people are naturally joy killers and you don't need to cross their path before that nature shows up. I'll advice you to use your phone less and do it when no one is around so they don't have what to use against you. Be careful of those who quickly come to your table with gossip. You're a new staff and so many will want to warm up to you, not all faces that smiles care. The office environment is not where you make friends... I learnt that the hard way.

    Lastly, her pain is that you have plenty time on your hands, she doesn't and you still collect the same salary. Press ignore button let her continue to be pained. There's no use reporting or trying to tell your side of the story by explaining how hardworking you are. Your hard work will show itself!

    1. Every time n so so press ignore button but you go dey give that person nasty attitude or keep malice based on what you heard. What’s wrong with poster approaching the lady in a professional way ehn? You people with keep quiet but boiling inside. Mtscheww

    2. Does he sound like a hardworker? Abeg call a spade a spade. He is a lazy person who counts how much work he does and does not do anything more than he has to!!!

  18. To this poster:

    These things are inevitable. Don't take it to heart.

    My advice: When you are less busy engage yourself with other work, don't restrict yourself to the people you've been assigned to work with alone, ask questions e.g How can I help you? Be nice to them, sometimes buy stuffs ang give to your colleagues like orange, snacks, be friendly with everyone, even the ones that gossips you, do t be confrontational, engage yourself generally like a normal staffs, ignore any negative vibe. Then, you are good to go.

  19. Lastly, the rule is " Work Smart, not work hard"

  20. My dear, drop your phone oh, instead look for a novel and be reading. Where I work, I'm not paid monthly, we just do some contracts, when contracts are not there, we just stay like that, doing nothing

    When I carry my phone, my boss will complain and complain, he hates it, it shows un seriousness. Please look for Newspaper, novel, some enlightenment books to be reading

    1. This is beyond silly. So you are expected to go to work and sit there while being unpaid? Nigeria is really something else. When you don’t have contracts and you are not being paid, you should not be expected to go in to the office. That’s the whole point of being a contractor. You don’t get the benefits of a monthly salary but you don’t get the obligations of an employee either. Your boss is having his cake and eating it. Ridiculous!

    2. You are another entitled fool that will never get on well at work and keep blaming everyone for your bad luck. You have read all the advice where he is being told to stop sitting around doing nothing/looking unprofessional and instead of learning that yourself, you are telling him his boss is wicked? Why does he not leave the office whenever he is not working? Fools like you drag people diwn. There has been a lot of solid advice telling him to grab the opportunity to learn from others and you are here telling him how he has not done anything wrong. You are obviously in the same boat with him, a lazy bum of a straggler, whi drags the team down with his attitude. This is the sort that if was a doctor will say he i
      having his lunch break so cannot help the man in fromt of him who is having a lunch break.

  21. Obviously you think you are there to play. Why would you be using your phone when you are less busy! It means you are not engaged enough and surely not needed at work.

    Are you paid to be using your phone? You are paid to dedicate 8 hours of your time daily to the job you do. So you want to give 5 hours and receive pay for 8. Don't tell me you are less busy, engage in activities that will portray you as extra busy.

  22. Minimize the way u are always with your phone.
    Even if you have a timetable to work, show more interest in learning more from thoae you have been assigned to work with or even from any other department/unit that might interest you.
    In the work place, one has to be extremely careful, no one is ur enemy and no one is ur friend. Be smart.
    No create enemiti

  23. I didn't even finish reading. Your type is the ones I sack fast; so because you are an auxiliary employee, you think it's your right to be on phone. The only thing that matters to you is your salary and people like you are the ones that shout the most if salary delays a little bit.

    1. Thank you very much, I weed out such people from my team without batting an eye lid. The mentality is appalling.

  24. Poster, please don't use your phone at work except during your lunch-break.

    Find other ways to fill up idle hours - ask the two staff you are assigned to or your boss for extra work.You could also form the habit reading up on work-associated topics from your PC. That would help your appraisal rating and could earn you a better or permanent job position. You could even be recommended to another company by another staff for your diligence.
    *BE SEEN to be working.*

    Well, I don't totally agree with Stella about office gossip. I used to be 'unaware' of office gossip and politics but over the years, I've learnt they have their place in your career. Just sift through for facts and keep your tongue in check.
    There are always underground plots, petty jealousies and backbiting in any group but also goodwill.

    Take the advice of your boss' assistant and keep at your work without distractions.


    You write fairly well but for some grammatical errors.

    Please, grammatical corrections:

    Plural - Staff not *staffs*

    Past tense - made mention of not made *mentioned* of...

    Sentence construction - the rest 'of the staff'... - not... *the rest staffs are females*..

    ... with other 3 female 'staff who work' in the same section with her...- not...
    *with other 3 female staffs ,who they work in the same section with her,*

    1. There's politics everywhere including the office. I learnt early in my career that you need to know how to navigate such waters. It's no use aligning yourself with people who do not matter in the scheme of things. Align yourself with people who can make decisions to advance your cause or those who have the ears of those that can make such decisions. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

    2. I Love you, chop kisses 😘❤️πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ’‹

    3. Sweet aproko, reliance on human beings brings disappointment in the end. Align with God and be neutral to men.

    4. Sweet Aproko is right. Align yourself with the right people.
      God will use men to advance your course or career.

      I was stagnated at one position for 6 years and learnt the hard way!
      All the while, I knew executive management staff I could have talked to.

      It took some people both junior, senior management, a friend at my workplace and even a client to get my promotion.
      Coincidentally, they all took my case to the GMD within the same period. My promotion was effected immediately.

      Correction in my earlier comment:
      "You could also form the habit *of* reading up..."


    5. 19.26 So you think it's because of you ALIGNING yourself with those people, you were promoted? Better don't give God's glory to man.

  25. Poster just leave them, don't gossip do your work ask for more work if you r free and if you don't feel like doing more work read the newspaper better still use ur computer to read news n other educative n entertaining stuff.
    With experience you will know gossiping in the workers a constant just ensure whatever you say at thier back make sure you say it in front if them so that they would know you are not a coward. Seive your words most especially, cleaners n securitybguards are good at gossiping don't join them

  26. Stop using your phone. Face your work. Act busy. Simple

  27. I wonder how Stella comprehends chronicles sometimes. If you've never worked with people who are jealous of you for no reason, you won't understand this chronicle.

    Poster, don't report to your boss because if you do, everyone would want to know how you heard that a complaint was brought against you and the security man and cleaner will look really bad.

    Some people tell you things other people say about you because they want you to be extra careful, not because they want to join heads. If I knew someone who said nasty things behind your back, but played with with as if all was well, I'd definitely warn you to be careful. It's not gossip. I genuinely want you to be careful, and I'd appreciate anyone who warns me about a frenemy in my space.

    Don't confront the lady, but stop being friendly with her. She will guess that you heard about what she said. I don't pretend that I care about people who don't wish me well. Stop gisting with her about your weekends. Anyone that is jealous that you have a job that puts food on your table can kill you.

    If possible, stop using your phone at work. If you must use it, take a bathroom break.

    1. How about advising him to be professional and proactive at work? To stup surfing the net on his phone and carefully counting the duties he performs? To work as part of a team and help eveyone where he can? Stop encouraging him/her to blame others for his shortcomings. He is lazy and if he worked for me I would fire him in s flash. He seems to have a chip on his shoulder believing everyone is after him. What does he have that he thinks they are jelous of? This is the tupe that a pastor will corner and tell your enemies are pulling you down and instead of learning to work hard he will spend all his time praying and reading the bible at work and blame his enemies when he is sacked.

  28. Take the advise of some bv's here. When you have so much time in your hands, go ask other staff how you can be of service to them.

    See! Don't see the office as a place to work and earn rather a place to learn. Watch how your boss handles the company. Try and get close to top employees, be polite and tell them you want to learn from them, trust me you will grow faster in that company that way.

    When they see how inquisitive and curious you are to learn they will teach you the ropes.

    With that you gain more experience faster than the people you met there.

  29. **** I should also add that companies are looking for people that are dedicated to learning as they work.

    They pay more attention to the employee that is growing and committed to the job. Not the ones that wait to be told what to do.

  30. Let it be "drink water and mind your business" at your work place from now on. Do your job judiciously and be cordial. That's it! Don't even give room for people to be reporting gossip back to you. Do your work and face your front. No need to report or confront anybody.

  31. I taught in a school where pressing of phone was prohibited. I presently work at a place where I don't get to use my phone till I close and I'm on my way home.
    I believe you can also do without your phone while working.
    Just imagine your self employing people who are always on their phones, would you like it?
    Do something worth while while at your work place and do away with the gossip


  32. Thanks Stellz you told her the truth and she sounds troublesome too. The way you walked out on the assistant person was not necessarily even when he was just trying to help. Learn to control your emotions poster. You are not a Saint without flaws.

  33. I don't trust the security man. Keep your head.

  34. To be honest, when I was an auxiliary staff at the bank then, when I finish my work, I go to other desk and ask what they do and how I can help because I really needed the experiences to boost my CV. That is what you should be doing. It help me to pass my oral interview to secure entry level

    1. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    2. You will definately go far in life. Unlike some people that will be complaining ‘this was mot on the job description’or ‘this is not part of my duties’. Even if it is to help clear away and wash mugs after a meeting, do it to the best of your ability. The day your boss is giving a reference hr will say xyz was the best business analyst and the best at supporting eveyone in the office. Your boss will give more to you than was officially agreed but even if he/she doesn’t, they will still appreciate you.

  35. Poster i will advise u to get a laptop, in that way people will hardly notice that u are not doing anything.

  36. I really love this blog because it's educative. you will definitely learn from few wise persons...someone said don't see the work place as a place to work and earn but rather see it as a place to learn. I've learnt a lot of office etiquette since I started working last here but I don't have the energy to type an epistle. Avoid gossip like a plague and stop being overly friendly with secretaries, receptionists and other support staff. Mind your business and work

  37. My dear..u r younger than my son, more like grandson levels. I'm giving u advice as a mother & hardcore professional woman abroad.
    * please learn immediately how to present or behave professional in the work place with how u talk to colleagues, spend ur free/ down time in the sight of ur coworkers.
    * free time doesn't mean to use ur phone in their presence, free time doesn't mean to roll up & sleep, and don't ever gossip!!!
    Please smarten up!!!
    U r not behaving professional at all. This is the problem that most people have with finding work, keeping jobs or successful in the workplace.

  38. Madam ..face ur job and avoid the cleaner and security guys.. sure it's not proper to press ur phone at work but we all do this thing but be like ur own carry overload..

  39. I cannot blame you bc you are a product of the country you live in. There is a tometable so you do only exactly what is on the timetable and nithing else right? You yourself admit there is not much work and so it is clear you sut there fir long periods of time just reading rubbish on your phone.
    Has it iccured to you thst there is a reason why your boss is paying a salary for you and if as you are showing, there is not much work, them really he should sack you as he can do with just the other ladies that were employed before you. Even if you have done the things on the timetable and there is nothing to do, you look for things to do to be usefull/helpful because you are being paid for the time you are spending looking at your phone. Do you realize how unprofessional it makes a business look when staff are busy surfing the net on their phones or making personal phone calls? Have you ever tried to put yourself in the place of the owner of the business? If most of the time you are free to surf the net on your phone then really it means your job is not really relevant and he would be better off sacking you amd paying another member of staff to do your job. I have walked into shops to find shop assistants on their phones or gisting with colleagues. They act as though customers are pests and forget thst if there were no customers there would be no money for their salary and if there were just a few customers there would be less need for many sales staff. The smart ones that know this are polite and welcoming to everyone and very helpful because even the customers that do not buy anything help to give s shop a busy athmosphere and encourage others to come in and buy. A customer that does not buy today could come back to buy tomorrow. Or is it the drivers that will be complaining about their boss not driving themself forgetting they should not sllow their boss drive himself bc he might decide he doesn’t need a driver. Or is it the clerks in offices complaining about people bringing new files to br filed forgetting if there are no files for filing or if people do the filing themself, there is no need for a clerk. Or is it the cleaners cursing and complaining about people messing up the place forgetting that if nit for the work they generate there would be no need for a cleaner. My friend you need to humble yourself and make yourself indispensible by doing anything you are anle to do to help when you have finished the things on the schedule. If your boss needs to get rid of someone, I trust you will be the first because you also sound like the type that will be out of the door at exactly 5pm because that is what your contract says. Good luck in maturing and learning there is dignity in labour and making yourself indispensible.


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