Stella Dimoko Media Personality Toke Makinwa Sends A Memo To Those Who Age Shame People Online..


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Saturday, March 06, 2021

Media Personality Toke Makinwa Sends A Memo To Those Who Age Shame People Online..

 There are many people on this Table on this Blog....

When a Birthday post or so comes,they will be acting as if they were there when this person was born and claim they are lying about their age...

Read your memo!



  1. If growing older is not a crime, then why do you and your colleagues lie about your real ages?! Why not be bold about it?! Why not proudly proclaim it?! Why do all your Wikipedia pages have only your day and month of birth, but omit the year of birth?

    Growing older is a blessing!!!!

    PS. Her Twitter posts would have resonated more, if she wasn't one of the liars! The same Toke that stated in an interview that she started working in radio at the age of 19, in still claiming to be in her 30s! SMH.

    1. God bless you. You have said it all.

    2. *Me looking at Stella*
      Stella I think you got this one wrong. It is a fact that many of them lie on their birthday posts, the way many of our footballers have their "special" ages. I think Toke's post is about people who try to shame women because of their ages, especially those who are not married, calling them aunty gwe gwe and other stupid names. Making fun of them and automatically assuming they are desperate for marriage. Some bad comments are from some married women who find joy in bringing down their fellow women, others are men who find it savory bringing down a woman's ego by alluding to her single status in a derogatory manner. In all I say live and let live.

    3. There are many celebrities like that, they're trying to win more business portfolios as young chicalas,if not hunger will set in.

      It becomes worrisome when the age reduction is eyepopping. Like 10years? Kimon!

      In video music production for Yvonne Maha's Omalicha(that line,"imaramma, ishigu perempe ee")haha, some said it was for Merit,wayback in 1984 o, in Portharcourt, famous actress Merit,Nnenna Nwabueze-Okonta and Muma Gee were dancers,today Aunty Merit is celebrating her 50s and Muma Gee is claiming 42years,2 people same age group, different dates. Haba mana. The tape no dey lie na.

      Welcome to Nigeria anyways.
      Permit them to flex their youth.

    4. Toke isnt lieing about her age,why must u ppl think everyone is lieing. Are there not people dat know her from unilag? I have mutual friends with her senior sister Ope. And Ope is she now older than her elder sister ?

    5. First off, @B&E, its LYING! If you are going to be combative, you should at least learn to spell correctly. Secondly, who cares if you have mutual friends with her?! What makes you think the older sis is also not lying?

      I really wish some of you would stop using school year groups as a determinant of someone's age! It's a flawed way of thinking!

      When I graduated from secondary school in 2007, the average age of my year group was 18. We went to a British school, so we did 13 years of schooling from Class 1 to Upper 6 (Sixth Form). Even though we were mostly 18, there was one student who was 16 and two students who were 20. There is a whole 4-year difference between them, YET they belonged to our school's "Class of 2007".

    6. Miss E you better save your nerves and ignore BEDS and ROSES, a lot of things about her are skewed.

      Some questions Beds and Roses;
      In 1993 when the Makinwa family had an in-house fire incident that took their parents and left their brother Femi with bad scars, how old was Toke?
      She was in FGGC Ogbomoso and she had classmates you know?
      2. She was preparing to write an exam, which of the exams?
      3. In 2000 Ope came into Unilag from another University and did Matriculation with many others,how old was she she?
      You think Toke is not smart by wiping her educational records off the net?

      And finally, that Toke's voice, does it sound like a young 36 years old voice to you?

      No one is fighting her for age reduction, many women do that but when the gap is too much, it becomes a ridicule.

    7. Come these venomous SNAKES,Miss E and the other one. Who is fighting with you??? Over someones age. See how you are all hyper-ventilating over ur fellow womans age.
      I dont get,even if shes 40. What does it remove from u? Pls make me understand this... Why all d explanation.

    8. Miss E, I was born in 1990, I look younger than my age .there has been several times I have to defend my age .

      On my last birthday I’ve heard few weird remarks(mostly from older women ) on how it’s not possible I’m 31.. I’m either 34-36 based of my experience(career path and travels ) even when you show your I.d they’d disagree with you .

  2. She has asked very valid questions

  3. Nobody is age shaming any celebrity. What people have a problem with is clearly lying about thier age. Frankly I dont understand why someone will celebrate 30yrs birthday when they are 45. Why not just celebrate your birthday and not say your age?

  4. Aunty toke will you fem your mouth, nobody is age shaming nobody its the deceit. Be proud of your age and stop deceiving people. Imagine Juliet claiming 35 the same Juliet I watched as a little girl. You people don't have fear of God abeg. #spotremover#

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. na lie shaming we dey not age am not on the table..

  6. Anon 13:53, Julie own shock me, I was like for real. Me will start telling people am 28,then. Will be 36 this year but look like one secondary school girl, if not my stomach you won't know sef(mummy tummy).
    Now na 28 I be.

  7. Instead of you insulting them for lying about their ages, how about you confronting the reasons they lie about their age? Isn't it sad that their very livelihood is threatened when they get to a certain age or that society judges their marriageability when they get to a certain age?

    Women who age shame others should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. You misunderstood the bone of contention.

      If they fix their real ages, they'll lose out on many work portfolios but minus 10years? Oh common!

      Go to gainerbase on Instagram and watch some old Nollywood films and see where actresses who played motherly characters in 1998 are celebrating 35 years today. Haba 23 years ago she was mum to Somadina Adimma, now same babyboy Somadina has grown into a man,is 31 and the lady is doing 35th? She was 4 years older than Soma who was her kid?
      Haba mana.

    2. Lemmeeo! XP this your analysis ehh. Very funny. I'm One of those children of the world that gives zero fk about people lying through their versions nose about their age. I'd just look at them, smh and move. I guess most of them wants to remain a baby girl forever, forgetting that everyone isn't dumb or blind.

  8. Well said, Toke! πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

    When did it become a crime to age or get older? Everyone is different, and God blesses people in their own time. As women grow in wisdom, there is no need to shame those who are not married or have children yet.

    1. In a few years people will be going to deliverance at MFM for curses they got online

    2. Alot of people are miss using the words age shaming? When did it become a crime to tell someone to act their age. I tell my daughter to act like a big girl when she start to behave childish like her baby is same thing as act your age. Certain behaviors are usually outgrown at certain age and when you see adult doing things that when kids do will fetch them punishment, you tell them to act their age cos you can't punish them. Not like saying they are old or whatever. More like you should know better. Why can we mention a number again without it being age shaming.maybe they should sue the person that made spoke these words "a fool at forty is a fool forever or Life begins at forty. These are entirely different from calling someone old woman, no man will marry you and other mean ones. We have copied everything from the west including not wanting to be called old. I would rather be old and look young and still be accorded due respect because of my age unless of course I'm disgraciblng my age.

  9. All of u saying u don't age shame in this naija are bloody liars. In this same naija we dey?.don't act dumb. Naija peep we use someone's age to abuse them. See what nengi did to that lady on bbn for example. Or how wathoni was called agbaya and old cargo for just being 29. 29 o! Meanwhile the people abusing were lying about their own ages cus they know naija people like to use age of someone to abuse them. Some people are large bloomers and make it very late in life and/or get married late but naija people will abuse someone with it during fights it's unfair. Also many men prefer their ladies younger. So if I was in their shoes I will lie my ass off about my age too especially if i know my true age will make me miss out on opportunities.

    You all lie to gain opportunities, jobs, visas too so this is no different. You stinking hypocrites! Plus most of these people lying about age have the skin care and regimen to look like the supposed age they r lying to be. I don't blame them at all. Frankly I don't think anyone age is anybody's business


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