Stella Dimoko Nigerian University Staff Commits Suicide


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Friday, March 26, 2021

Nigerian University Staff Commits Suicide



  1. The guy was tired of living πŸ˜”
    What a terrible "place" to be in.

    May God accept his soul, and console his family, amen

    1. @Obioma
      Suicide is a tragedy especially to those he left behind.
      But that issue of God accepting his soul when he took a life
      he did not create is ????

  2. What ever it is, ending it shouldn't be an option! Seek help.

    1. Seek help

      Shut down

      Go for a stroll
      Take fresh air

      Don't allow the stress accumulate and compound

      Was he addicted to gambling?

      That is the ticking time bomb in Nigeria amongst other issues like drug addiction

    2. Talk is cheap my friend...

    3. When ure that depressed, you see it as the only & best option, research has proven that a good number of them fight to stay alive before losing it all.

    4. Hmmm,the spirit of depression is so stubborn, it takes the grace,mercy and the blood of Jesus to take you through whatever you're going through.
      See, its not easy to be depressed and no one understands what is going on inside of you even if you tell someone. Let's pray we don't get depressed, I've been there,it was just God.

  3. Oh my God. Suicide is not an option. I feel sad for his mother, wife and kids

  4. May God give the loved ones he left behind the fortitude to bear the loss

  5. Meaning no one could run to rescue him before he killed himself, 2 hours was long enough to save someone.

    1. So true.

      Means he's been in communicado for long.

      Goodnight Mr Oyeniyi.
      So sad.

  6. People are going through a lot, but even at that, suicide shouldn't be an option. I've been there, i was depressed to the point of committing suicide twice, but God came through for me.

  7. Suicide has an evil spirit to it biko.
    How can someone feel free to take his/her life.
    The devil just becoulds you and makes you feel like you can't succeed again and suggest that suicide takes you to a place of rest, which of course is an illusion.

  8. Suicide was clearly an option for him which he took. Let’s stop saying that phrase : suicide is not an option. Instead say : if suicide every becomes your best or only option, promise you will talk to me face to face first before taking that route.

    When a person suffers from cancer and end up committing euthanasia, we are able to understand that they no longer want to live with their pain. Same with people suffering metal illnesses, the pain can be great, unrelenting and sometime you can not really see a way out of your anguish.

    The best thing we can do for anyone around us suffering from metal illness is to love them like they are truly suffering and try to ease some of that suffering.

    1. Seriously, I don't really blame them. I've been and is still in that phase but anytime I remember the pain I'll go through when committing the suicide, I'll just decline.

      Let me keep surviving. Sometimes I just tell myself 'na wetin dey make people commit suicide be this o'.
      Imagine going through school, being a chartered accountant, smart and all that but no job after 5 years of graduation. It's frustrating.
      No be everybody get that strength to keep moving. Some will just see themselves as failures and end it.
      I don't blame them. It takes a lot of courage to kill yourself.

  9. So sad, alot of people are going through stuffs, that's why when you call your friend insist if she is fine and if you are the high flyer give her cash, gifts often, don't wait for her to ask.
    At the end of the day we will still leave the world empty.Be kind!!

  10. This is just sad. One soul gone forever. We need to intensify our message of love which Christ represents.

    To you:
    Hi, how are you? I know it seems like no one cares but guess what, Jesus cares and I love you. Please don't take your life, the world will not be the same without you.
    Hang in there.
    You are loved.


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